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IJEE Volume-10 Issue-1 Jan-June 2018

SN Paper
1 Distribution Substation Monitoring System Using Lab view

Pallavi Maruti Mudgal, Prof. D.G.Chougule, Prof.A.S.Mali

2 Simple & Scalable Resource Scheduling in LTE-Advanced Network

Anwar Ahmad

3 Performance Parameters of E-waste Management in Indian Industries

Harshit Vishvakarma, Dr. Saurabh Agrawal

4 Concepts and health monitoring of ZnO Surge Arresters

Koli Pradnya Pramod, Dr. Uttam L. Bomble

5 Optimization of Transmission Power for AODV and DSR to Reduce Control Overhead

Shivani Yadav, Mehajabeen Fatima

6 Tensile Strength Testing for Foundry Sand Brick

Manasi V. Magdum, Prof. A. S. Mali, Prof.Dr. B. T. Salokhe

7 Current Conveyor based RC Oscillators-A Review & Bibliography

Dinesh Prasad

8 Theft Intimation of Electrical Power over SMS

Pruthviraj P. Patil, Dr. B. T. Salokhe, A.S. Mali

9 Unified Utility Function for Resource Allocation in 4G Communication Network

Neeraj Kumar, Dr. Anwar Ahmad, Dr. M.T. Beg

10 CDTA Based Analog Multiplier

Anwar Ahmad, Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, Mayank Kumar, Ravendra Singh

11 A Low-Power Broad-Bandwidth Noise Cancellation VLSI Circuit Design for In-Ear Headphones

Nagalaxmi Kadiyala, Dr.Kezia Joseph

12 Performance Comparison of LEACH, SEP and Fuzzy Logic based Cluster Head Selection in WSN


13 Recent trends in state-of-art QoS-Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)

Amber Khan

14 Analytical Study on Structural and Elastic Property of ZnO Nanotubes

Manoj Kumar, Vijay Kumar Lamba

15 Automated Unified Trolley System for LPG leakage detection with safety measures and Refill booking

Ms. Shraddha Suresh Tanksale, Prof. A.S.Mali, Dr. B. T. Salokhe

16 Smart Stick For Blind Person Assisted with Android Application And Save Our Souls Transmission

Ms. Pratibha Shantaram Pawaskar, Prof. D. G. Chougule, Prof. A.S. Mali

17 Telecommunications and ICTs: Drivers of Innovation

Nayarah Shabir Khan

18 Transformer Parameters Monitoring and Controlling System using Matlab

Ashish C. Jangam, Prof. D. G. Chougule, Prof. A.S. Mali

19 Anti-Symmetric Aperture coupled E-Slot Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Broadband Operation

Nagraj Kulkarni

20 Linearly Polarized  Proximity Coupled S-Slot Back Fed Rectangular Microstrip Antenna

Nagraj Kulkarni

21 Dual L-Slot Aperture Coupled Rectangular Microstrip  Antenna for Intensified Gain and  Broadband  Operation

Nagraj Kulkarni

22 U-Slot Back fed Ground defected Two-Element Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna

Nagraj Kulkarni

23 Inverted U-Slot Back fed Two-Element Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna

Nagraj Kulkarni

24 Dual-Element Linearly Polarized Broadside Radiated Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna

Nagraj Kulkarni

25 Bi-Element Linearly Polarized Rectangular Array Antenna for Triple Frequency Operation

Nagraj Kulkarni

26 The impact of real time global SST update on the Hudhud Tropical cyclone track simulation over the Bay of Bengal region using the Advanced Mesoscale Weather Research and Forecasting Model

P. Janardhan Saikumar, Dr. T. Ramashri

27 An algorithm for Estimation of Rainfall over Chennai using Spatial Gradient Method

P. Giri Prasad, S. Varadarajan

28 Planar Antennas for UHF RFID Reader Applications-A Review

Naveen Kumar, Garima Saini

29 Water Body Extraction Using Images From Two Different Satellites Over Chilika Lake

B. Chandrababu Naik, Prof. B. Anuradha

30 Dispersion Management in Photonic Crystal Fibers

Satish Khatak, G.P. Singh

31 A Reconfigurable Micro-Strip Antenna Structure Embedded with VariCap for Adaptive Wireless Communication systems

Sharanagouda N Patil, P.V Hunagund

32 Numerical simulation and comparison for computing dark and bright soliton in the optical fiber

Rajeev Sharma

33 Analytical Study and Simulation of TOD in Non linear Dispersive fiber

Rajeev Sharma

34 Analysis of fiber optic voice in commercially available optical fibers


35 Applications of Radio-wave over Fiber (ROF) in Modern Network


36 Implementation of Association Rule on Distributed Database in Data Mining

Srikanth Bethu, Suresh Mamidisetti, R Aruna Flarence

37 A Novel Approach for Design and Analysis of an Iterative Flip-OFDM receiver with Reduced PAPR

P. M. Kondaiah, Dr. G. A. Sathish Kumar

38 Fuzzy Rulebase Generation: Three New Soft Computing Based Approaches

Kamaljeet Kaur, Shakti Kumar, Jyoti Saxena

39 A Review Paper on Real Time Approach to Detect Multiple Lost Vehicles

Sujinder Singh, Karamjit Kaur

40 A Real Time Approach of Vehicle Detection Based On Feature Extraction

Sujinder Singh, Karamjit Kaur


Sonia Sharma

42 Design of low power VCO based on current re-used topology in 0.13 µm CMOS

Amit Kumar, Vikram Singh, Neeraj Tripathi

43 Narrowband Beamforming Using RLS Algorithm for multiuser environment

Dioline Sara, Sunita Panda, Saranga Mohan

44 An Empirical Study on Performance Evaluation of NoSQL Databases


45 Area and Power Efficient Design of CMOS Decoder Using 90nm Mode

P Limameren Chang, Rajesh Mehra

46 Frequency Control Method by Integration of PVs and EVs in Power industry

Rakesh Kumar, R. K Bansal, Surya Prakash

47 Queue Length and Channel Quality based Proportional Fair Scheduling Algorithm for LTE Network

Swetha, Mohankumar N M, Devaraju J T

48 Validation of MST Radar Signals Processed Using HHT with GPS Radiosonde Data


49 Study of Techniques of Underwater Image Enhancement

Rythem Sisodia, Ms. Vipra Bohara, Mr. Laxmi Narayan Balai

50 Closed form solutions of Functionality of Windshield Wiper

K.P.Naveen Reddy, Y.Geyavalli, D.Sujani, C.S.K. Raju

51 Privacy Protection in Big Data: Fundamentals and Challenges


52 Design and analysis of Wideband Triangular shaped Dielectric resonator antenna

Shailashree S., Dinesh B Ganure, S L Mallikarjun and P M Hadalgi

53 Breast cancer detection through support vector machine classification

Dr. Anupam Bhatia, Vikash Khobra

54 Classification of Watermarking and Its Applications

Jasvinder Kaur

55 CYBORG Classification and It’s Application Areas: A Review

Jasvinder Kaur, Manju

56 Improving Data Integrity Using Blockchain Technology

Manisha, Dr. Jasvinder Kaur

57 Investigation on Microwave Absorption property of Co2+ and Cr3+Substituted M-type Ba-SrHexagonal Ferrite Synthesized by a Ceramic Method

Jasbir Singh, Charanjeet Singh, Dalveer Kaur

58 Study of Microwave Absorption Properties in Co –Sn dopedM-type Ba-Srhexagonal Ferrites

Jasbir Singh, Charanjeet Singh, Dalveer Kaur

59 No-Reference Blur Detection Methods: A Survey

Gurwinder Kaur, Ashwani Kumar

60 Biometrics in Modern World: A Review

Surender Kumar, Dr. Rajan Manro

61 Development of Biometric Cryptosystem Using Fingerprint Authentication

Hariom Tyagi, Dr. Sarvottam Dixit


Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Dr. S. Dixit

63 Spam Detection using Neural Network (NN)

Sanjeev Kumar, Sunila Godara

64 Yield Prediction using Machine Learning: A Review

Sunila Godara, Sanjeev Kumar

65 Expansion of Search Terms using Overlap Similarity Measure

Jaswinder Singh

66 Performance Analysis of Search Engines based on Similarity Score of Web Pages

Suprity, Jaswinder Singh

67 Harmonic and Voltage Unbalance Compensation in an Islanded Microgrids using Parallel Neural Digital Filter

Jaipal Saroha

68 Effect of Thickness on Structural Optical and Electrical Properties of ZnO: Al films prepared by laser ablation

A. V. Singh,  S.K.Yadav