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IJEE Volume-9 Issue-1 Jan-June 2017

SN Paper
1 Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System: A New Paradigm to Solve Ambiguous Problems 

Manoj Sharma

2 On Prime Ideals, The Prime Radical and M-Systems 

Prabhjot Kaur

3 Comparative Analysis on Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Sachin Lalar, Arun Kumar Yadav

4 Simulation and Comparative Analysis of AODV, DSDV, DSR and AOMDV Routing Protocol in WSN 

Sachin Lalar, Arun Kumar Yadav

5 Overview of Different Clustering Techniques in Data Mining Field 

Divya Shree

6 Simulation and Comparative Analysis of AODV, DSR, DSDV and OLSR Routing Protocol in MANET 

Sachin Lalar, Arun Kumar Yadav

7 Comparative Analysis of Different Pulse Triggered Flip-Flops for Low Power and High-Performance Applications

Bhawna Vij, Priyanka Anand

8 Migration and Decision-making using data mining in cloud computing environments

Divya Shree

9 Extending Support of IFML to RIA Constructs

Ravi Kumar Sachdeva, Rajesh Kumar Singh

10 The Fixed Points of Mobious Transformation 

Prabhjot Kaur

11 Design and Implementation of the Proposed Composite Security Protocol Architecture for Wired and Wireless Devices 

Kamini, Rajiv Mahajan

12 Analyzing Risks of Security and its challenges in E-Commerce 

Divya Shree

13 Survey of growth of Mobile Technology in computing sector 

Divya Shree

14 Writer Independent Offline Signature Recognition based upon HOGs Features

G. G. Rajput, Panditkumar Patil

15 Digital Inequality among the Rural People of Amritsar (A STUDY)

Dr. Ranbir Singh, Balbir Kumar

16 Expert System for Data Region Extraction and Semantic Integrated Graph of Named Entities

Babita Ahuja,Anuradha, Dimple Juneja Gupta

17 Fabrication and Simulations of Screen Printed Silicon Solar Cells

Seema Rani, Priyanka Anand, Hitender Kumar Tyagi

18 Fuzzy-PID Controller for Interconnected grid with PV-EV DG system Using Soft Computing Techniques

Rakesh Kumar, R. K Bansal, Surya Prakash

19 Enhancing Storage Efficiency Using Distributed De-duplication For Big Data Storage Systems

Naresh Kumar, Preeti Malik, Sonam Bhardwaj, S.C. Jain

20 Investigation of 80GBPS Optical Access System for 1600 Clients

Ankur Singhal, Charanjeet Singh

21 Critical Review of Cognitive Radio & Spectrum Sensing Techniques

Sangeeta, Vijay Pal Singh, and Munish Verma

22 A Review on Foundation of Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (NIDPS)

Aaruni Goel, Dr. Ashok Kumar Vasishtha

23 Short Circuit Current Assessment for the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in Distributed Systems


24 A Hybrid-Neuro Computing Approach for Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification

Abrol Ajay, Pattnaik S.S.

25 Performance Evaluation of Multi Radio Reactive Routing Protocols in CRAHN

Pooja Bansal, Shiraz Khurana, Prof. K.K. Paliwal

26 Tracking of Ship by using Ordered Weighted Averaging Method

Ruchika, Munish Vashisht, S.Qamar

27 A Novel Image Self-Adaptive Encryption Algorithm Based On Composite Chaotic System

Dhanalaxmi Banavath, Srinivasulu Tadisetty

28 Survey on Reconfigurable Architecture and Computing

Satrughna Singha, Amitabha Sinha

29 Design and Analysis of 16-bit Carry Select Adder at 32nm Technology

Sumanpreet Kaur, Neetika

30 Experimental Study of Time oriented and Referrer oriented Session Identification Methods in Web Usage Mining

Mitali Srivastava, Atul Kumar Srivastava, Rakhi Garg, P. K. Mishra

31 Fault Tolerant Clustering Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network

D. P. Mishra, Ramesh Kumar

32 Photonic Crystal Fiber: Construction, Properties, Developments and Applications

Shefali Singla, Poonam Singal

33 Sentiment Analysis of Twitter and Facebook Data Using Map-Reduce

Shruti Gupta, Ashutosh Pandey, Prof. K.K.Paliwal

34 A Study of Sensor Interoperability Problem in Biometric System

Pooja Chaudhary

35 Design of new ultra thin Single Electron Device using TCAD

Tarun Singhal, Vijay K. Lamba, Rishi Pal

36 Role of Solar Power Technology for Generation Electricity

Karambir, Kalyan Singh, Sandeep kumar