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IJITKM Volume-5 Issue-1 Jan-June 2012

SN Paper 
1 Correlation studies of PPG finger pulse profiles for Biometric systemDr. Mandeep Singh, Spiti Gupta
2 Comparatively Analysis of Agile Software Development

Ajaydeep, Lekha, Kavita dawra, Vipul Sethi, Manisha

3 Motion Analysis in Video using Optical Flow Techniques

A.S.Khobragade, K.D.Kulat, C.G.Dethe

4 Some Problems of Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations, Conflicts and Legal Considerations – An Overview

S.K. Khola, Dr. O.S. Yadav

5 Fast-NCC based Strip Super-Resolution Video Mosaic Creation

Kantilal Rane, Sunil Bhirud

6 Issues and Challenges involved in Multipath Routing with DYMO Protocol

Dr Yogesh Chaba, Dr. R. B. Patel, Rajesh Gargi

7 An Overview about Cloud Computing

Anandhi, Dr. K. Chitra

8 Revised AES And Its Modes of Operation

Mohan H.S, Dr.A.Raji Reddy

9 Application of Knowledge Management In Education Industry

Prajakta C. Dhote, Chandrakant N. Dhote

10 A Study on the Usage of Knowledge Management Practice in Avasarala Technologies Limited (ATL)

A.Mani Maran

11 Impulse Noise Removal in Images Using Morphological Set Notation

Motiur Rahman, Abu Naim Uddin Rajiv, Ziaul Haque, Abdul Aziz, A.S.M Delowar Hossain

12 Implementation of Enhanced Modified Hill Cipher by P-box and –M-box Technique

Shurabhi Khare, Prof. Niket Bhargawa, Prof. Rajesh Shukla, Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Shukla

13 Advanced Image analysis Based System for Automatic Detection and classification of Malarial Parasite in Blood Images

Neetu Ahirwar, Sapnojit. Pattnaik, Bibhudendra Acharya

14 Implemented Encryption Scheme Using Even(10’s and 2’s) Complement with Binary Addition Approach

Sharad Patil, Dr. Ashok Patil, Dr. Ajay Kumar

15 Examining of Reconfiguration and Rerouting approaches: WDM Networks

Sushil Chaturvedi, Manish shrivastava, Aditya Goel

16 Modification of Adaptive Logarithmic Method for Displaying High Contrast Scenes by automating the bias value parameter

Sumandeep Kaur, A.P Sumeet Kaur

17 Existing trends in intrusion detection - a comparative analysis

Manish Shrivastava, Shubha Mishra

18 Malware detection using data mining techniques

Raviraj Choudhary, Ravi Saharan

19 Implementation of Object Tracking and Velocity Determination

L.Koteswara Rao, K.SivanagiReddy, K.Pradeep Vinaik

20 DCT-Based Reduced Face for Face Recognition

Vikas Maheshkar, Sushila Kamble, Suneeta Agarwal, Vinay Kumar Srivastava

21 DWT-SVD based Robust Image Watermarking using Arnold map

Sushila Kamble, Vikas Maheshkar, Suneeta Agarwal, Vinay Kumar Srivastava

22 Analyzing the Ambiguity in RNA Structure using Probabilistic Approach

Rajesh Kr. Varun, Sunil Gupta

23 Multimodal Biometrics in Identity ManagementJaya Lakshmi, I. Ramesh Babu, P. Sai Kiran
24 Reusability of Software Components using SVM Based Classifier Approach

Upasana Sharma, Parminder Singh, Sandeep S.Kang

25 An Analysis in Comparison Related to the Problem of Developing Web-Based Information Systems

Sudesh Kumar, Dr.Ela Kumar

26 XML based Information Management in Healthcare, Data Mining and Distributed Systems

Sudesh Kumar, Deepak Sinwar

27 Information Management with Applicability using XML

Sudesh Kumar, Dr.Ela Kumar

28 Managing intellectual property rights in software engineering


29 AETC: An Automated Electronic Toll Collection Using ZigBee

Surendra S. Dalu

30 Secure Routing in MANET

Budesh Kanwer

31 Study on Mobile Adhoc Network Routing Protocols


32 Statistical Filter to Remove noise in Digital Images


33 Control plane design issues of IP over WDM networks for interconnection

Anshu Oberoi, J.S.Sohal, R.S.Kaler

34 An improved statistical filter for spam detection combining Bayesian method and regression analysis

Srikanth, S. Ramakrishna, K.V.S.Sarma

35 A Review of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Naveen Garg, Kiran Aswal, Dinesh C Dobhal

36 Comprehensive Study of Association Rules in Data Mining

Amandeep Mehta, Dr Vivek Chandra

37 A Survey on Connectivity Monitoring and Maintenance for Wireless Sensor Networks

D.G.Anand, Dr.H.G.Chandrakanth, Dr.M.N.Giriprasad

38 Leakage current controlling mechanism Using High K Dielectric + Metal Gate

Abhishek Kumar

39 Interval Type-2 Fuzzy System for Autonomous Navigational Control of Non-holonomic Vehicles

Satvir Singh Sidhu, Jasbir Singh Saini, Arun Khosla

40 Sensing the Sixth Sense Technology

Aastha, Rashmi, Sakshi Bhatia, Geeta Rani

41 Measuring Software Reusability using SVM Based Classifier Approach

Ajay Kumar

42 Making Biometric System more Robust with Multibiometrics

Darshan Lal, Bharat Bhushan, Chander Kant

43 Wireless Networks for Next Generations

Sachin Garg

44 Intelligent Mobile Environnements Recovery Techniques

Apekshit Sharma, Chandrakant Sharma

45 Processing Of Management Information System With In Small And Large Scale Enterprises

Kanta Jangra, Kavita Dua

46 An Nested Encryption Scheme For Secure Electronic Transaction

Dinesh Kumar, Kavita Dua

47 Economic Phenomenon In Computer Technology

Manju Lata, Karan Singh

48 Health Care Management Information Systems with Object Oriented Methodology

Kanta Jangra, Kavita Dua

49 Analysis of Different Congestion Control Formats for TCP/IP Networks

Gesu Thakur