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Volume-3 Issue-1 June 2011

SN Paper
1 Impact Of Node Mobility On Route Lifetime Distribution In Manets Using Qualnet Simulator

Rewa Sharma, Anuj Sharma, Meha Sharma

2 EEG Signal Preprocessing Using Wavelet Transform

Arun S. Chavan, Dr. Mahesh Kolte

3 A Beam Scanning UWB Antenna System for Wireless Applications

Deepak Bhatia, Dr. Mithilesh Kumar, Amitabh Sharma

4 Suspended Plate Antenna with Dielectric Strips for Improved Gain Symmetrical 3-D Beam Width

Kaushik Malakar, S.M. Danish Abbas, Sudipta Chatopadhyay

5 A Novel Design of Two Element Slot Loaded Square Microstrip Array Antenna for Wide Band Operation

Kishan Singh, S N Mulgi

6 Development of compact Microstrip Array Antennas with DGS for Broader Bandwidth and Beam

S L Mallikarjun, P M Hadalgi, S A Malipatil, P V Hunagund

7 Problems of inefficient routes in network mobility in wireless multihop gateway networks and their resolution

Neeraj Sharma, Naveen Sharma, Dimple Malik

8 A Novel Design of Complementary-symmetry Back-fed Microstrip Antenna for Wide Bandwidth,High Gain and Linear Polarization.

N M Sameena, S N Mulgi

9 Comparing Speech Compression Using Waveform Coding and Parametric Coding

Shijo.M.Joseph, Firoz Shah A, Babu Anto P

10 Study on Design and Development of Inclined Slot Complementary Antenna for dual-band Applications

S A Malipatil, S L Mallikarjun, P M Hadalgi, P V Hunagund

11 Printed Rectangular Monopole Antenna with Slots for UWB applications  

Naveena S. M, Vani. R.M, P.V. Hunagund

12 A GUI for IIR Digital filter design using Analog to Digital Mapping

Ranjit Singh Chauhan, Sandeep K. Arya

13 Synthesis and optical properties study of Rare Earth (RE=Nd, Eu) silicates in silica matrix by the solgel process.

Sunita Devi, M.Srivastva

14 ECG Beat Recognition using Principal Components Analysis and Artificial Neural Network.

Amitabh Sharma, Tanushree Sharma

15 Study of major geomagnetic storms influence on Tec over Hyderabad station

N. Venkateswara Rao, Dr.T.Madhu, Dr.K. Lal Kishore

16 A Comparison of Kalman Filter and Extended Kalman Filter in State Estimation

Vishal Awasthi, Krishna Raj

17 CPW-fed Sierpinski Fractal Monopole Antenna with Varying Scale Factor

Dheeraj Rathee, Javed Ashraf

18 Improved Fractional Digital Delay Filter

Kamlesh Kumar Singh, Umesh Chand Verma, Shri Bhagwan Singh

19 Security and Risk Challenges of Voice over IP Telephony

Anuj Kumar

20 Mobile Number Portability Decision Using Fuzzy Logic.

Ajay Malik, Sunita Malik, Vijay Pal Singh

21 Effect of optical nonlinearities in wave equation in Kerr-type nonlinear non-dispersive medium

Mohit Kumar, Manjeet Kumar, Upneet Deol

22 Automatic Test Data Generation Approach Using Combination of GA and PSO with Dominance Concepts

Sanjay Singla, H M Rai, Priti Singla

23 Security Solutions in VOIP Applications

Anuj Kumar

24 Multi-band Microstrip Rectangular Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications

Wael Shalan, Kuldip Pahwa

25 Removal of Baseline Wander and Power Line Interference from ECG Signal – A Survey Approach

Ravindra P. Narwaria, Seema Verma, P. K. Singhal

26 Performance Enhancement of Recangular Microstrip Patch Antenna by Loading Complementary Split Ring Resonator in the Patch

Vikas Gupta, B.S.Dhaliwal

27 Broadcasting in AODV Routing Protocol of MANETs: A Novel Approach

Mahesh Kumar Yadav