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Volume-3 Issue-2 Dec 2011

SN Paper 
1 Effect of Load on the Characteristics of Linear Motor Used In Free Piston Free Displacer Miniature Cryocoolers

Radhey Sham, TK Jindal, B S Pabla

2 Electrical Energy Audit in Textile Plant: A Study

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Jatin Gupta

3 Determining trajectory of charged particle in electrostatic scrubber - A simplified approach

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Kriti Jain

4 Period Doubling Routes to Hyper Chaos in A New Non-Source Free Nonlinear Circuit With Diodes

A Balamurugan , V Sengodan

5 Variation of Particle Collection Efficiency of Electrostatic Scrubber With Coulomb Number

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Kriti Jain

6 RF MEMS Switches: Fabrication, Key features, Application & Design Tools

Rekha Yadav, Rajesh Yadav, Vijay Nehra, KJ Rangara

7 Efficiency of Rewound Induction Motors in a Textile Plant: An Analysis

Dr.Mandeep Singh, Jatin Gupta

8 Review on Chaotic Sequences Based Cryptography and Cryptanalysis.

Mina Mishra, Dr. V.H. Mankar

9 Effect of collector radius on collection efficiency of electrostatic scrubber

Dr.Mandeep Singh, Kriti Jain

10 Development and Study of a Planar Inverted-L (P-I-L) Patch Antenna with Tapered Width for Dual Band Operation

G.A.Bidkar, P.V.Hunagund, R.M.Vani

11 Power factor improvement in a textile plant: an analysis

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Jatin Gupta

12 Analysis of Cascaded Integrator Comb (CIC) Decimation Filter in Efficient Compensation

Vishal Awasthi, Trishla Devi Gupta

13 Microstrip Radiating Structures: Improved Gain and Broader Band Width

Kaushik Malakar, S.M. Danish Abbas, Sandip Banerjee, Sudipta Chattopadhyay

14 A novel method for establishing collection efficiency of electrostatic scrubber as a function of stokes number

Dr.Mandeep Singh, Kriti Jain

15 Simulation of Non-autonomous Chaotic Circuit on LABVIEW Using Nonlinear Electrolytic Device

Mrs.J Gupta, Dr. S P Kosta, Dr. P Mor

16 Effect of Open Stub Slots for Enhancing the Bandwidth of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna

B Suryakanth, S N Mulgi

17 Development of a Self-Affine Fractal Multiband Antenna for Wireless Applications

Jagadeesha.S, Vani R.M., P.V. Hunagund

18 Speed Control of 3 Ф Induction Motor Using Volts Hertz Control Method

M.S. Aspalli, Sunil Kalshetti, P.V.Hunagund

19 A New Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controller Realization By Using Current Conveyor

Javed Ashraf , Mohdd. Shahbaz Alam, Dheeraj Rathee

20 Simulation and Modeling of 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor using Digital Controller

Kiran Srivastava, B. K. Singh, K.V. Arya , R.K.Singh

21 Design Analysis of Mathematical Model to Investigate Cross Layer Issue for Wireless Sensor Networks

Kanika Sharma, Dr.T.S Kamal , Dr. R.S Kaler

22 Performance Comparison of RS Code and Turbo Codes for Optical Communication

Reena Tyagi , Puneet C. Srivastava, Mahendra Kumar , R.K. Singh

23 Voltage Mode Second Order Biquadratic Filters Using Single CCCII 

Jai Parkash, Pradeep Kumar

24 Consideration of some aspects of electromagnetic waves scatterings from rough surfaces

Sumit Sangwan, R K Khola

25 Enhancement in Gain and Interference of Smart Antennas ,Using two stage Genetic algorithm by implementing it on beam forming

T.S.Ghouse Basha, Dr.P.V.Sridevi , Dr.M.N. Giri Prasad

26 Design and Development of inverted U-slot Corner Truncated Tunable Rectangular Microstrip Antenna

Nagraj Kulkarni, S.N.Mulgi, S.K. Satnoor

27 Reduction of Noise from enhanced image using Wavelets

Ashok Saini, Mohit Bansal, Deepak Sethi

28 Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Receiver for Smart Antenna System

Md.Bakhar , Vani R.M., P.V.Hunagund

29 Role of Clusterhead in load balancing of clusters used in wireless Adhoc Network

Gopindra Kumar, K.K.Tripathi, Neeraj Tyagi

30 Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna by Changing the Micro Strip Dimensions

Mukul Shrivastav, Pankaj Gupta, Dr.Poonam Sinha

31 Good Performance RF-MEMS SP2T Switches in CPW Configuration for Space Applications

Sarla, Punam Boora, Shelej Khera

32 Signal Intensity In Optical Fibers Under The Influence Of Dispersion And Non Linearity

Satish Khatak, Dr.Mukesh Kumar, Rajeev Sharma, Kamal Sardana

33 Error Probability of RS Code over Wireless Channel

Moh. Aftab Alam Khan, Mehwash Farooqi

34 Research Survey of load balancing clusters in wireless Adhoc Network

Gopindra Kumar, K.K.Tripathi, Neeraj Tyagi

35 A Study On Environmental Factors That Adversely Affect The Propagation OfVery High Frequency Electromagnetic Waves In Space Communication Systems

Anita Khola, S. Niranjan

36 Design and Development of Multi Band Microstrip Antenna withOminidirectional Radiation Characteristics

M. Veereshappa, S.N. Mulgi

37 Design of Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Using Cooperative MIMO Techniques

Vibhav Kumar Sachan, Syed A. Imam , M.T.Beg

38 Performance Analysis of Compensated CIC Filter in Efficient Computing Using Signed Digit Number System

Vishal Awasthi , Krishna Raj

39 Performance of Two-Level Two Pulse Position Modulation Scheme in Optical Communication

Puneet Chandra Srivastava, R.K. Singh

40 Review of various QoS multiple paths/trees based routing protocols in Mobile ad-hoc network

Kadambri Agarwal, D.K. Lobiyal

41 Efficient Generation Of Electricity By Photovoltic Systems For Water Pumping In Rural Areas

Manoj Kumar, Dr.F.Ansari, Dr.A.K.Jha

42 Wiener Filter using Digital Image Restoration

Neeraj Kumar, Karambir, Kalyan Singh

43 A Novel Design of Square Microstrip Antenna for Dual Band Operation 

Kishan Singh,S N Mulgi

44 Design of 8GHz Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna

Khalid Muzaffar