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IJITKM Volume-5 Issue-2 Jan-Jun 2012

SN Paper 
1 A Framework for Enhancing Security and Performance in Multi-Tenant Applications

Simarpreet S.Gulati, Sakshi Gupta

2 Implementation of Public Key Cryptographic System: RSA 

Punita Meelu, Rajni Meelu

3 Security issues of banking adopting the application of cloud computing

Sunita Rani

4 A Systematic Way of Affine Transformation Using Image Registration

Jimmy Singla, Raman Goyal

5 Explosives Detection Performance Of γ-rays Interrogation for Robots and Vehicles

S.Rizwana, S.Swathi, S.Ramakrishna

6 Cloud computing as a tool for Infrastructure Management

Balwinder Kaur, Dr. Rajesh Verma

7 A Component-Based Approach for Test Case generation 

Shaveta Gupta,Jimmy Singla

8 Technique of Image Registration in Digital Image Processing - A review

Jimmy Singla

9 Applications’ Of Cloud Computing In Academic Institutions

Simarpreet S. Gulati, Aman Malhotra, Prince Kumar

10 Implementing Map-Reduce to enhance the Computational abilities of Cloud Computing Platform

Shivdev Singh, Jimmy Singla, Gurdev Singh, Raman Goyal

11 Wireless Real Time Electronics lab

Keshavamurthy, Dr.Dharmishtan K Varughese, Dr. N.J.R Muniraj

12 The Computational Facets of Normalization Strategies for the Recognition of a Language

Indu Chhabra

13 Confection of Fuzzified Uncertainty and Randomness towards Deception Detection in Video Yakking Using Anschluss Techniques


14 A Case Study on Regression Test Automation for Data warehouse Quality Assurance

Manjunath T N, Ravindra S Hegadi, Yogish H K, Archana R A, Umesh I M

15 Comparative Study of Classification Algorithms

Sunita B Aher, Lobo L.M.R.J.

16 Integrated Knowledge Management Model For Transportation Of Sugarcane To Sugar Industry

Dr. Rahul B. Hiremath, Narendra.S.Katikar, Mahesh P. Thorat

17 A Knowledge Based Approach to Enhance Software Architecture Review Process

P.Shanmugapriya, R.M.Suresh

18 The Impact of First Aid awareness course through Knowledge Management-Based E-learning System

Dr.S. Prakasam

19 Path Exploration in Inter-domain routing using Echolocation

Anupama Sakhare

20 On-Demand Routing Protocol For Manets Using Flooding Distance With Neighborhood Nodes

Shweta Jindal

21 A Novel Optical Mark Recognition Technique based on Biogeography Based Optimization

Parul, Himanshu Monga, Mnupreet Kaur

22 Image Quantization using HSI based on Bacteria Foraging Optimization

Dharminder Kumara, Vinay Choprab

23 A Study on a Routing Protocol SPIN in WSN

Geetu, Sonia Juneja

24 Intelligent Clutter Rejection for Vehicular RADAR

Kandar, S. Padma Prasana, J. Revathy, R.A.KalpanaA. Guchhait,Anujit Adhikari, B. Maji

25 Development of MIMO – WIMAX based Communication System for Transportation

Kandar, R.A.Kalpana, J. Revathy, S. Padma Prasana, M. Chakraborty, A. Guchhait, B. Maji

26 Face Recognition Techniques: Classification and Comparisons

Sanjeev Kumar, Harpreet Kaur

27 Novel Reconfiguration Technique for High Capacity WDM Network

Dr. Manish Shrivastava, Dr. Aditya Goel

28 Empirical Analysis of Fault Predication Techniques for  Improving Software Process Control

Kamaljit Kaur

29 Analysis of Resilient Back-propagation for Improving Software Process Control

Kamaljit Kaur

30 How Cloud Computing will affect college Libraries


31 Enhance the Managerial Planning using Probability based Decision tree.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay kumar, Ashish Jain

32 Distributed Power Control with Energy Efficient Forwarding Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

Basavaraj S. Mathapati, Dr. Siddarama R. Patil, Dr. V. D. Mytri

33 Mathematical Approach of Decision Support System For Customer-Based Problem

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay kumar, Sunil Kumar Mishra, Samir Asthana

34 Parametric Estimation of Inverse Response Process comprising of first order system and a pure capacitive system

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Dhruv Saksena

35 Graph pattern mining: A survey of issues and approaches

B.Bhargavi, K.P.Supreethi

36 Architecture and System Design Aspects of RF Front-end Blocks for an Advanced CATV STB Converter

Rabindra K Mishra, Ajit K Panda, S. K. Patro

37 Prioritized Region Scheduling based QoS Routing over WMSN

Jayashree Agrakhed, G. S. Biradar, V. D. Mytri

38 Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform

Er.Kirandeep Kaur, Er. Rishma Chawla, Er. Inderdeep Kaur

39 The Effect of Modeling the Near Wall Zone on the Flow Behavior

Sabah Tamimi

40 Implementation of Back Propagation Algorithm using MATLAB

Amit Goyal, Gurleen Kaur Walia, Simranjeet Kaur

41 Inverse Response Compensation by Estimating Parameters of a Process Comprising of Two First Order Systems

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Abhay Sharma

42 A Detailed Comparison of Switching Median Filters

Ashima Mittal, Akash Tayal

43 Algorithm for Research Paper Recommendation System

Megha Jain

44 Unique Identification System In India: A big Challenge

Parveen Kumar Dr Chander Kant

45 PSO based Neural Network Approaches for Prediction of Level of Severity of Faults in NASA’s Public Domain Defect Dataset

Riju Kaushal Sunil Khullar

46 A comparative study of traffic padding schemes to prevent traffic analysis in sensor networks

Pooja Sharma

47 Safe computing in the era of cyber crime

Hitesh Ahuja, Dr. Rajesh Verma

48 Challenges in handling uncertainty in data mining research

Abhishek Kajal, Isha Kajal

49 Globalization’s impacts on accounting research

Ashok Sahi, Dr. Kavita Dua

50 Text Mining: How to Mining Knowledge from Text

Ritesh Kumar

51 The Role of Employee’s Satisfaction on the Progress of Service Industries

Preeti Rustagi, Dr. Kavia Dua

52 A 3-tier Heterogeneous Secure Routing protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

Dinesh Singh, Parvinder Singh, Vikram Singh

53 A Fuzzy Model for Object Oriented Testability & its Performance

Surender S Dahiya, Smriti Bhutani, Ashish Oberoi, Manjeet Singh

54 Empirical Evaluation of Metaheuristic Approaches for Symbolic Execution based Automated Test Generation

Surender Singh, Parvin Kumar

55 Novel approach for Software Inspection

Dinesh Kumar, Vijay Kumar

56 Cloud computing security and privacy concerns

Ashish Saravg, Dr. Chander Kant

57 Analysis of Security Criteria for Partner Network

Chaman Verma, Dr.Ashish Chaturvedi, Mandeep Singh Tinna

58 Bitmap Indexing Technique for Datawarehousing and Datamining

Naveen Garg, Dr. H.M. Rai

59 Standard Techniques and Guidelines for Optimized Web Development for User Friendly Websites

Mandeep Singh, Dr.Ashish Chaturvedi, Chaman Verma

60 A Genetic Algorithm for Clustering in Data Mining

Kalpana Gupta