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IJITKM Volume-7 Issue-2 Jan-Jun 2014

SN Paper
1 Promising Trends in Rural Marketing in Indian Economy

Aastha batra

2 Cryptography by Swapping Bits: Algorithm SKG 2.0

Satish Kumar Garg

3 An Integrated Symmetric Key Cryptosystem: Algorithm SKG 1.1

Satish Kumar Garg

4 Secure Identity using Multimodal Biometrics

Meenu Mittal

5 Design and Fabrication of a Creep Testing Machine & Analysis of Creep Behavior of Soldering Wire

Ritu Sharma, Rajeev Rajora

6 Protecting Identity using Multimodal Biometrics


7 Impact of attribute selection on the accuracy of Multilayer Perceptron

Niket Kr. Choudhary, Yogita Shinde, Rajeswari Kannan, V. Venkatraman

8 Compendium of Software Cost and Effort Estimation Techniques

T.M.Kiran Kumar, Dr M.A.Jayaram

9 Implementation of Two Steps Clustering Using Telecommunication System

Kanchan Chaudhary, Dr. Anuj Sharma

10 Cognitive enhancement Techniques

Mandeep Singh, Mahak Narang

11 Cognitive Enhancement using meditation as intervention

Mandeep Singh, Mahak Narang

12 Changes in Brain wave rhythms during tasks involving Attention and Working memory

Mandeep Singh, Mahak Narang

13 A pilot study on Cognitive Enhancement using Meditation as Intervention

Mandeep Singh, Mahak Narang

14 Cognitive Assessment Techniques

Mandeep Singh, Smiti Sachdeva

15   Cognitive Enhancement using Odor

Mandeep Singh, Smiti Sachdeva

16 Changes in Asymmetry of Brain Wave Rhythms during Different Emotions

Mandeep Singh, Smiti Sachdeva

17 A Pilot Study on Cognitive Enhancement using Odor as Intervention

Mandeep Singh, Smiti Sachdeva

18 Data Acquisition Technique for EEG based Emotion Classification

Mandeep Singh, Mooninder Singh, Ankita Sandel

19 Emotion Classification along Valence Axis Using ERP Signals

Mandeep Singh, Mooninder Singh, Ankita Sandel

20 Emotion Classification along Valence Axis Using Averaged ERP Signals

Mandeep Singh, Mooninder Singh, Ankita Sandel

21 TCP Traffic Based Performance Investigations of MANET Routing Protocols Using NS2.35

Amit Nain, Punit Kumar, Sudesh Kumar

22 A Review on Optimizing COCOTS model in Component based software engineering approach

Dr. Gundeep Tanwar, Anshula Verma

23 Survey of Meta Clustering Algorithm

M Santhosh kumar, Dr.Supreethi K.P

24 Comparison of Random Based Mobility Model using TCP Traffic for AODV and DSDV MANET’s Routing Protocols

Sunil Kr. Maakar, Sunita Kukerja, Sudesh Kumar

25 A Survey on Optimization of APRIORI Algorithm for high Performance

Sunita Sihag, Dr. Gundeep Tanwar

26 Enhancing security by Authenticating the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Algorithm using RSA

Ritu Makani, Navpreet Kaur

27 Routing Information Protocol Using OPNET

Prashant Chaudhary, Dr. Sanjay Kumar

28 Literature review of Wide band code division multiple access (WCDMA)

Sonal Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Kumar

29 Strategy Development for Globalization of India in SME (Small Medium Enterprises) in ICT (Information and Communication Technology)


30 Test Automation Framework

Rajesh Popli

31 Financing Pattern of Companies in India