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Volume-2 Issue-2 Dec 2010

SN Paper 
1 Transmission Network Expansion Planning with a Heuristic Approach

Mitra Mirhosseini, Aliakbar Gharaveisi

2 Design and Development of Dual Band Square Micro-strip Antenna and Effect of Corner Truncation on the Operating Bandwidth

Kishan Singh, N M Sameena, R B Konda, S N Mulgi

3 Designing a Fuzzy Logic Controller for Industrial Temperature Regulation

Mitra Mirhosseini, Zahra Izadkhah, Alikbar Gharaveisi

4 U-Slot Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wideband Applications 

R G Madhuri, P M Hadalgi , S L Mallikarjun

5 Fast Algorithm for underwater Video Compression.

Vishakha N. Nagrale, P. S. Kulkarni, N. K. Nagrale

6 A Combination of Wavelet and` Fractal Image Denoising Technique

B. Chinna Rao, Dr. M. Madhavi Latha

7 Design and Development of Rectangular Microstrip Array Antennas for X & Ku band Operation.

B. Suryakanth, N M Sameena,S N Mulgi

8 Performance Analysis of MUSIC and LMS Algorithms for Smart Antenna Systems.

Md. Bakhar, Vani R.M, P.V.Hunagund

9 Performance Comparison of Interleavers.

Amit Rai, Nagendra Yadav, Parvati Chauhan

10 Radiation Pattern Analysis and Synthesis of Antenna Arrays using Convex Optimization

Gurdeep Mohal, Jaspreet Kaur, Amanpreet Kaur

11 Detection of Iris Movement By Estimating Sclera Size And Sync It With The Caster Wheel of A Wheelchair.  

Danish Chopra

12 Low-cost USB2.0 to CAN2.0 bridge design for Automotive Electronic Circuit.

N. Abid Ali Khan, M. Shyam Sundar, S. Sambiah , P. A. Govindacharyulu

13 Study of Slot Inserted Inverted Patch - Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications.

P. A. Ambresh, P. M. Hadalgi, P. V. Hunagund

14 Monophony / Polyphony Classification system Using Fourier of Fourier Transform.

Kalyani Akant, Rajesh Pande , S.S Limaye

15 Fuzzy Control and Neural network control of limekiln process.

Pradeep Kumar Juneja, A.K. Ray, R. Mitra

16 Radiation Characteristics of Circular Microstrip Arrays in Weakly Ionized Dusty Plasma Medium.

Rabindra Kumar,  Vinay Pandey , Sunil Kumar Jha

17 Analysis of Scheduling Algorithm under Task Dependencies in a Networked System.

Santhi Sri Rukmini, Susanta Kumar Das, Solai Manohar S.

18 Comparative Study of Power Amplifier Frontier Recognition

Surekha Chauhan,  Prof. P.K. Ghosh, Neha Agrawal

19 A Low Complexity Antenna Selection Algorithm for MIMO System.

Sasmita Padhy, M. Santhi Sri Rukmini , Susanta Kumar Das, Swadhin Mishra

20 An Experimental Study on the Life Time of Commercially Available White pc LED For Indian Standards.

Ramendra Singh , Arnab Chakraborty, S. N. Shukla

21 Study of Forward Error Correction using Reed –Solomon codes.

MandeepKaur, Vikas Sharma

22 Efficient Signal Encryption Using Chaos-based System

V. Sengodan, A. Balamurugan

23 A Novel Approach for VHDL Implementation of Universal Line Encoder for Communication

Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Sahaj Saxena

24 Compound – Fuzzy Inference System for Temperature Controller

Amit Salunkhe

25 Estimation of Radiation Characteristics of an Annular Microstrip Antenna in Weakly Ionized Dusty Plasma Medium

Vinay Pandey, Rabindra Kumar, Sunil Kumar Jha

26 A way to implement BGP with Geographic Information

Neha Mangla, R.K. Khola

27 Interpretation and Estimating the Parameters of Transition Probabilities in Speech Recognition System

Rakesh Kumar , H. Parthasarthy, R.K. Khola

28 Designing A Framwork For Meta Search Engine: An Effective Way Of Information Retrieval

Yashwant Singh Sangwan

29 Spread Spectrum Image Steganography in Multimedia Messaging Service of Mobile Phones

Ritesh Pratap Singh, Mohd. Aftab Alam Khan, Mehwash Khan, Neha Singh

30 Modified Fractal Antenna for Wireless Communication

Kuldip Pahwa , Sandeep Kumar , Pushkar Mishra , H. P. Sinha

31 Designing A Frame Work For Web Application Information Security Architecture

Sumitra Sangwan , Yashwant Singh Sangwan

32 A Framwork For Analysis Of The Applicability Of Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis Technique In Meta Search Engine

Yashwant Singh Sangwan

33 Implementing A Web Services Security Model In Educational Application

Sumitra Sangwan, Yashwant Singh Sangwan

34 Synthesis of STS-3 Mapper and Demapper using FPGAM

Sanjay Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Dr. R.K. Khola

35 Analysis of Pitch Variation of an Aircraft in Presence of Lognormal Shadowing

C.K. Narayanappa,  D. Ganesh Rao