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IJITKM Volume-6 Issue-2 Jan-Jun 2013

SN Paper 
1 Ant Colony Optimization Technique : Robust Data Preprocessing Procedure Support Vector Clustering

Pradeep Jha, Krishan Kant Lavania, Deepak Dembla

2 Design, Implementation and Analysis of Efficient - AODV Routing Protocol in MANETs

G.L. Saini, Deepak Dembla

3 A Technical Analysis of Recommender Systems for Web Personalization based on Data Mining Methods

Renu Tilwani, Deepak Dembla, Dr. Surendra Sharma

4 Comparative Analysis of Time Synchronization Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network

Shikha Singh, Yogesh Chaba

5 Performance Analysis of WDM systems With FBG and DCF as dispersion compensators

Dr.Hardeep Singh, Abhishek Pal

6 Regression Testing Techniques: A Survey

Tanvi Agrawal, Vandana Sharma, Arun Prakash Agrawal

7 Ontologies for the Semantic Web

Banerjee, Sima Ghosh

8 Information Security By Interchanging Characters: Algorithm SKG 1.0

Satish Kumar Garg

9 Comparative Study of Speech Parameterization Techniques

Shri Lekha, Ashish Chopra

10 Regression Testing Tools for Testing Database Applications

Vandana Sharma, Arun Prakash Agrawal

11 Extermination of Blurring caused by Motion in Images using Iterative Blind De-Convolution Approach

Aman Goel, Dr. Ajay Rana, Dr. Sanjay Kumar

12 Fingerprint as Secured Biometric Traits

Garima Yadav

13 Detection and Classification of ST segment using WNN

Surendra Dalu

14 Information Security in Grid Computing

Pooja Gupta

15 Energy Efficient LEACH protocol for Wireless Sensor Network (EE-LEACH)

Dr. Deepak Dembla, Shivam H. Mehta

16 A Comparative Analysis of Outlier Mining Techniques with Emphasis on Density Based Technique: Local Outlier Factor

Aditya Dixit, Dr. Deepak Dembla, Sanjay Tiwari

17 Discovery and Ranking of Outliers using Weighted Association Rule Mining with Clustering

Deepak Sinwar

18 FPGA-based implementation of UART

Kamal Kr Sharma, Parul Sharma

19 An overview on 5G technologies

Kamal Kr Sharma, Chandan Kumar, Deepak Kumar

20 Can Soft Biometric Traits assist Face Identification System?

Dr. Sheetal Chaudhary