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International Journal of Computer Science & Communication

Special Issue December 2020

International e-Conference on Computer Networks and Soft Computing (ICCNSC – 2020) Organized By Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Tumakuru Maraluru, Tumakuru – 572 105, Karnataka, INDIA on 28.12.2020 - 29.12.2020
1. Dr. M.Siddappa (Editor) 2. Dr. Manjunatha Kumar B H (Associate Editor)  
SN Paper Title
1 A Review on Various Social Distancing Technologies to combat COVID-19 contagious disease

Mahesh G, Dr. Chidananda Murthy M V, Dr. M. Z. Kurian

2 Cross Layer Solution for QoS Guaranteed Efficient Transmission of Data in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Vidyalakshmi K, Dr.M.Siddappa, Dr.B.Shanmukha

3 Classification of Health Care Data using Decision Tree

Madhu H. K, Dr. D. Ramesh

4 An Insider Threat Identification and Access control in Cloud Environment

Badari Narayan V S, Dr.Siddappa M

5 Disk Balancer System for Distributed Big Data Storage in Hadoop

Rajashekar K J, Dr. Channakrishna Raju

6 Detection of Phishing Websites Using deep Learning Context

Poornashree, Sharmila S P, Chaithanya Prakash K P, Prajna N M

7 A Survey on Intrusion Detection System Using Deep Learning Approach

Raksha R, Dr. Sujatha S R, Dr. M Siddappa

8 Design of Decentralized Blockchain Framework to Authenticate A Product in Supplier Integration

Savitha K R, Dr. ChannaKrishnaRaju, Dr.M. Siddappa

9 A Survey on Machine Learning Techniques to Predict HeartDisease

Kavitha B S, Dr.M Siddappa

10 Survey of Cybercrime and its Detection Techniques

Navyashree.R, Dr. Guruprakash.C.D, Dr.M.Siddappa

11 Prediction of Cervical Cancer with Ontology Based Deep Learning Approach

Divakar H R, Dr. D Ramesh, Dr. B R Prakash

12 Effect of resizing images for Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

Karanraj Dundappa Sankeshwari, Shubham Swaraj, Dr.B.H Manjunatha Kumar

13 Cloud System Implementation using Block Chain with Authentication Security and Systematic Approach

Shobha Rani N R, Dr.Channakrishna Raju, Dr. M Siddappa

14 Safeguarding Solitude for Outsourced Data Mining

Naveen N, Dr. K. Thippeswamy

15 Security Consideration in Energy Efficient Resource Constrained Device Environments


16 Survey on Chaos identification in Social Data


17 A review on Lung Segmentation of CT Images using Different Techniques

Manjula.T, Dr. Ramesh. D

18 Online Voting System Using Python and Django

Darshan G, Jagansomaanna, Adithya P, Mohammed Fazil, Dr. Dinesha L

19 To provide a safe environment by identifying the people without masks and alerting the necessary authorities

Achyuth K P, Jayanth H S, Manoj A, Dr. Dinesha L

20 Survey on Predictive Modeling for Covid-19 and Pneumonia Detection

Srinidhi B, Rohan T S, Vishala G, Surabhi S, Dr. Manjunatha Kumar B.H