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IJITKM Volume-6 Issue-1 Jun-Dec 2012

SN Paper
1 A Novel Scoring system for Epilepsy Detection Using EEG

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Sunpreet Kaur

2 Epilepsy Detection Using EEG an Overview

 Dr.MandeepSingh, Sunpreet Kaur

3 Feature Selection for Epilepsy Detection using EEG

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Sunpreet Kaur

4 Frequency Band Separation for Epilepsy Detection Using EEG

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Sunpreet Kaur

5 Compensator Design for Taming Inverse Response

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Bharti Pant, Ruchika Lamba

6 A steganographic method based upon JPEG and quantization table modification

Ramandeep Kaur Toor, Ramanjot Kaur

7 Coherent Stegnography Using Segmentation and DCT

Ramanjot Kaur, Ramandeep Kaur Toor

8 E-Documented Agriculture System

S.G. Galande, Dr. G.H. Agrawal

9 Advanced 4 G Mobile Technology

Harisharan Aggarwal, Kirpal Singh Doad, Rajesh Kumar Sharma

10 Comparative Study and Performance Enhancement of Scaled out Cloud Architecture of Amazon Web Services

Rupali Dalpatia, Neeraj Mangla

11 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Karthik Hiremath

12 Comparison of the performance appraisal practices practiced in Indian companies with multinational companies: A study

S.C. Kundu, Varun Arora

13 Hierarchical Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Harneet Kour

14 Comparative Study on Load Balancing Techniques in Distributed Systems

P.Beaulah Soundarabai, Sandhya Rani A, Ritesh Kumar Sahai, Thriveni J, K R Venugopal, L M Patnaik

15 Design & Implementation of access the contents in the Data warehouse

Nirmal Sharma, S. K. Gupta

16 Secure and Scalable operational Model in Real Time Banking using Cloud Computing

Kamalpreet Singh

17 The Study of Multimedia Data Model Technology Based on Cloud Computing

Nimish Srivastava

18 Implementation of Data Analysis Tools for Business Purpose

Nirmal Sharma, S. K. Gupta

19 An Empirical study on organizational citizenship behavior on Knowledge sharing in private sector banks


20 Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols in WMNs

Parveen Sharma

21 Discovering Software Reuses Patterns and Scaling Requirement Using Data Mining

Prof.Manisha Shinde

22 A Study of teachers Attitudes towards ICT teaching process

Shabnam Mahat, Dr.P.P.Jamsandekar, Dr.K.M.Nalavade

23 A Study of students Opinion about learning with ICT

Shabnam Mahat, Dr.K.M.Nalavade

24 Comparison of the performance appraisal practices practiced in manufacturing companies with service companies: A study

S.C. Kundu, Varun Arora

25 On Complete Metric Space of Common Fixed Point Theorem

Rajesh Shrivasatava

26 DHMM Based Automatic Language Identification System

Sadanandam, V. Kamakshi prasad, V. Janaki

27 Cloud Computing & Rural Development

Kamna Choubisa

28 Challenges in Middleware Design in Distributed Systems A Comparative study: Web Services, Java RMI, CORBA and DCOM

Prof. Manisha Shinde

29 Mobile ad-hoc networks for wireless systems

Nishant, Vijay P. Agrawal

30 Efficient Testing Process for Modern Software Development

Deepak Kumar

31 Data Mining: Foundation & Techniques

Anish Soni