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IJITKM Volume-9 Issue-1 Jun-Dec 2015

SN Paper
1 A Novel Technique to detect a black hole attack on the malicious Immediate Dissemination Node in Cooperative Caching based scheme

Kirandeep Kaur, Ranbir Singh Batth

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.901

2 Analysis of Urban Customer Purchase Decision Making parameters in Organized Retail Sector in India

Ritu Jain

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.902

3 Time based Synchronous Global State Determination Algorithm for MDSs

Raman Kumar, Parveen Kumar

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.903

4 Resource Allocation Policies For Cloud Environments: A Review

Anil Kumar, Nalini, Arun Jain

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.904

5 Data Mining Techniques for Fault Detection in Mobile Communication Networks

Poonam Chaudhary, Vikram Singh

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.905

6 GA Based Balanced Clustering Approach for Energy Efficiency in WSN

Jasjot Kaur, Arun Kumar

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.906

7 Serial Dictatorship with Ties

Moon K Chetry, Dipti Deodhare, Sumer Sobti, Kshipra Gurunandan

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.907

8 Migration Improved Scheduling Approach In Cloud Environment

Ashu Rani, Jitender Singh

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.908

9 A Survey on Query Optimization for Databases

Swapan Kumar Samaddar, Supreethi Pujar

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.909

10 Analysis of Successive Over Relaxation Method in PageRank Computation

Atul Kumar Srivastava, Mitali Srivastava, Rakhi Garg, P. K. Mishra

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.910

11 Analysis and Prediction Framework: Case Study in Fast Moving Consumer Goods 

A. Aponso, K. Karunaratne, N. Madubashini, L. Gunathilaka, I. Guruge

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.911

12 AVL and TRIE Look Up time in Implementation of DOGRI Spell Checker 

Shubhnandan S. Jamwal

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.914

13 Garbage Collection Time due to Major Collection

Shubhnandan S Jamwal, Nitan Singh

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.913

14 Rural development through Microfinance

Vivek Mittal

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.912

15 Enhancement in ZRP Protocol for Load Balancing During Link Failure in MANET

Nidhi Rani, Sonal Rana

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.913

16 Refactoring: Risks and its Effects on Software Quality Attribute

Ramesh Kumar, Dr.Rajesh Verma

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.914

17 Data Mining Tools and Techniques used in Banking Sector

Divya Shree

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.915

18 A Novel Technique to Improve Sorting Procedure

Karamjeet Kaur

19 Biometric System: An Overview


20 Emotional Maturity among Woking and Non-Working Women

Suman Kumari

21 Estimation of Transmission Coeffcient of Water Waves striking with Verticle Barrier

Naveen Kumar

22 Estimation of Reflection and Transmission Coefficients of Water Waves by the Finite Element Method

Naveen Kumar

23 Exploratory Study of Organized Retailing Industry in INDIAN context

Rohit bhagat

24 Social Influences and Psychiatric Illness

Anita Singh

24 Psychological Assessment of Attention deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Case Study

Anita Singh