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Volume-4 Issue-2 Dec 2012

SN Paper 
1 Agro-waste Based Power Generation–A Review

Mandeep Singh, Jagmohan Singh

2 Three Dimensional Modeling of Boron Diffusion Into Silicon

F. Rahman

3 Mulching with Agro-waste: An Alternate to Agro-waste Based Power Generation

Mandeep Singh, Jagmohan Singh

4 Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for GSM and WiMAX Application

Parminder Singh, Danvir Mandal

5 Optimising Mulching vis-a-vis Moisture Retention in Soil

Mandeep Singh, Jagmohan Singh

6 A High Performance Novel PMOS Wilson Current Mirror

Raj Kumar Tiwari, Sachin Kumar, G R Mishra

7 Alternator – The Alternate way

Mandeep Singh, Virk Jitender Singh

8 Implementation of Mushroom-like EBG Structure for Performance Enhancement of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

S. M. Shaka, Vani R.M., P.V. Hunagund

9 Where there is Jugaad, there is a way

Mandeep Singh, Virk Jitender Singh

10 Commercial Comparison on Use of Paddy Straw:Electricity Generation versus Mulching

Mandeep Singh, Jagmohan Singh

11 Security Risk Management with Networked Information System: A Review

Puja Gupta, Rakesh Kumar

12 Handoff Decision Using Fuzzy Logic

Priyanka Jain, Preeti Aneja, Vijay Pal Singh

13 Performance Analysis of a Separately Excited DC Motor Using Neuro Fuzzy Controller

Pardeep Rahar, Kumar Dhiraj, Vivek Kumar

14 Size Reduction and Multiband of Rhombus Shaped Slotted Fractal Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications

Jagadeesha S., Vani R.M., P.V.Hunagund

15 Estimation of Fat Contents in Milk: A Review

Amit Salunkhe, Mahesh Chavan

16 Implementation of PWM Technique Using Artificial Neural Networks over Wireless Medium

R. Devasaran, Pankaj Roy, A. K. Singh

17 A New Algorithm for Numerical Distance Protection of Series Compensated T- Model Transmission Line

Kumar Dhiraj, F. Ansari

18 Design of a Low Cost ECG System

Imteyaz Ahmad, F. Ansari, UK Dey

19 Hardware Implementation of LMS-ANC for Stationary Environment

Deepak Nagaria, Shubhra Dixit

20 Power System Oscillations suppression using Extended Automatic Voltage Regulator

Karambir, Prof. Kumar Dhiraj, Dr.H,D.Mathur