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IJITKM Volume-4 Issue-2 Jan-Jun 2011

SN Paper 
1 Online Operationalisation of Processes in E-Management System for a University

Ashok B. Kulkarni, Valeri Pougatchev

2 Rudalics Distributed Copying Collector: Analytical Study

Shubhandan S. Jamwal

3 Preprocessing Algorithm of Prediction Model for Web Caching and Perfecting

Dharmendra Patel, Atul Patel, Dr. Kalpesh Parikh

4 Quality Estimation Analysis of High Speed Networks with Controllable Arrivals

Sanjay Sharma, M.P.Thapliyal

5 The Enhancing Technique For Data Mining To Web Usage Mining

Sudhir B. Jagtap, Subhendu K. Pani, G. N. Shinde

6 The Role of Automatic Dynamic Update to Improve An Operating System Availability

Rajeev Kr.Sharma, Rupak Sharma, Shailendra Raj

7 Bengali Beatzzz – A Web Based Application Portal

Rajdeep Chowdhury, Chiradeep Mukherjee, Abhijit Kundu, A.Bhattacharjee

8 An Appraisal of FDI with Special Reference to India and China

Dr. Shuchi Gupta, Dr. Shelly Gupta

9 Retinex Image Processing: Improving The Visual Realism of Color Images

Anjali Chandra, Bibhudendra Acharya, Mohammad Imroze Khanv

10 Cubic graphs with equal two domination number and chromatic number

G.Mahadevan, A.Selvam avadyappan, A.Mydeen bibi

11 Fuzzy-Neural techniques for short term forecast of food grains production  

R. K Srivastava

12 Modeling the Data Stream of a Vehicles Network and its Compressing By The TSVD


13 Spectral Domain Analysis, Filtering and Characterization of Statistically Independent Components of Musical Notes

Ch. Srinivasa Kumar, P. Mallikarjuna Rao

14 A Study of Change Detection Algorithm for Medical Cell Images

Soumya Dutta, Madhurima Chattopadhyay

15 Perception of Agriculture staff in the implementation of ICT in Agriculture and Rural Development in J&K state (India)

Sanjay Jamwal

16 Artificial neural network modeling for tensile strength of paper in paper manufacturing process

Navita Sajwan, Kumar Rajesh

17 A Survey of Congestion Control Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

G.Srinivasan, Dr S.Murugappan

18 Cryptography Using Chaotic Neural Network

Harpreet Kaur, Tripatjot S. Panag

19 Mammogram Image Segmentation Using Watershed

Jaya Sharma, Sujeet Sharma

20 Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition using PCA

Kiran Jain, Sukhvir Singh

21 Index Based Multiple Pattern Matching Algorithm Using DNA Sequence and Pattern Count

Raju Bhukya, DVLN Somayajulu

22 E-Governance: Promises and Challenges

Ravinder Rathee

23 A Web-based HL7 Validation System Architecture

Kulvinder Singh Mann, Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Prabhsharan Kaur, Hardeep Singh Kang

24 Impact of E-Governance in Geographical Information System (GIS)

Ravinder Rathee

25 Neural Network Approach for Adaptive Noise cancellation

Ramanpreet Kaur, Simarpreet Kaur

26 Punjabi to Hindi Statistical Machine Transliteration

Gurpreet S. Josan, Jagroop Kaur

27 Efficient Model for Attack Verification in 802.11 WLAN using Filtering Mechanism Based Media Access Control Protocol FMB-MAC

Piyush Kumar Shukla, Sanjay Silakri, Sarita Singh Bhadoria

28 Fuzzy ANN based detection and analysis of pathological and healthy tissues in FLAIR magnetic resonance images of brain

Nandita Pradhan, A.K. Sinha

29 Real Time scheduling with Virtual Nodes for Self Stabilization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Deepali Virmani, Satbir Jain

30 Live-Marker: A Personalized Web Page Content Marking Tool

K S Kuppusamy, G.Aghila

31 WDM Optical Network: Examining of rerouting approaches

Aditya Goel, Manish Shrivastava

32 Fuzzy Double Domination Number and Chromatic Number of a Fuzzy Graph


33 Coupling Complexity Normalization Metric-An Object Oriented Perspective

Amitabha Yadav, Raees Ahmad Khan

34 A GUI for IIR Digital filter design using Analog to Digital Mapping

Ranjit S. Chauhan, Sandeep K. Arya

35 Chaffing and winnowing without using Steganography and encryption technique

Amitabh Maurya, Pankaj Kumar Saini, Navnish goel

36 Distributed Algorithm for Multi-Agent Environment

Manish Arora, M. Syamala Devi

37 Adoption of neural network approach in steganography and digital watermarking for covert communication and copyright protection

Divyakant T. Meva, Amit D. Kothari

38 Comparative study and Analysis of AODTPRR with DSR, DSDV and AODV for Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Amit D. Kothari, Ashok R. Patel, Divyakant T. Meva

39 A Cross Layer Design for Route Maintenance in Dense MANETs

Sharmila Sankar, V. Sankaranarayanan

40 SENTRY: Transforming phishing detection into automatic fraud protection

Inturi Sirisha, Dr. C.Shoba Bindu

41 A Forward Secured Authentication Protocol for Mobile RFID Systems

M.Sandhya, T.R.Rangaswamy

42 Printer Based Document Counterfeit Detection Techniques-A Review

Jagdeep Kaur

43 New Paradigms in Check-pointing Techniques in Distributed Mobile Systems

Ruchi Tuli, Parveen Kumar

44 Attacks on Wireless MANet

Nikki Devi

45 COTS components usage risks in Component Based Software Development

Amandeep Kaur Johar, Shivani Goel

46 Semantic Snippet Construction for Search Engine Results Based on Segment Evaluation

K.S.Kuppusamy, G.Aghila

47 Design & Development of Color Matching Algorithm for Image Retrieval using Histogram and Segmentation Techniques

Krishna Kumar Pandey, Nishchol Mishra

48 Management Faculty Performance Evaluation with Signed and Unsigned Student Feedback Using Linear Regression Technique

Chandrani Singh, Dr. Arpita Gopal, Santosh Mishra

49 Reliable Robust and Real-Time Communication Protocol for Data Delivery in Wireless sensor Networks

Deepali Virmani, Satbir Jain

50 Face Recognition using LDA with Wavelet Transform Approach

Neeta Nain, Akshay Kumar, Amlesh K. Mohapatra, Ratan Das, Ashok Kumar, NemiChand Singh

51 Detection and Prevention of Flooding type Intrusion for any Enterprise Information System

K.P.Singh, Yogesh Chaba, Gaurav Lodha, Yudhvir Singh

52 Merging of Object-Oriented Paradigm and the Software Product Measurement Process: An Overview

Shubha Jain, Praveen Kumar Tripathi, Prof. Raghuraj Singh

53 Hue Preserving Enhancement Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform and Human Visual System

Kartik Sau, Amitabha Chanda

54 Analyzing Indian Websites

R.B. Kulkarni, Pooja R. Rajeshwarkar, S.K Dixit

55 Improving Web Search Ranking through User Behavior Information

Er. Dheerendra Singh

56 Adoption of e-commerce in mountainous region of Jammu and Kashmir

Shubhnandan S. Jamwal

57 A New Framework for Semantically Interoperable Hospital Information System

Kulvinder Singh Mann, Dr. Harshsad awarti , Meenakshi

58 A Novel Remote User Authentication Scheme using Smart Card with Biometric based on ECDLP  

K K Goyal, M S Chahar

59 Life Detecting Robot for Rescue Operations

Anjali Maggu, Kiran Rana, Mitesh Kumar, Mohit Dahiya, Soni Chaurasia

60 Configuring Hard Disk Drives on Nodes of A LAN to Improve Capacity and Efficiency of Network Storage

K.N.Honwadkar, Dr.T.R.Sontakke

61 Defect Analysis using Texture

Neeta Nain, Shweta Singhal, Kranti Arora, Harish Dalmia, Paras Sharma, Nemi Chand Singh

62 Optimized method for indexing the hidden Web Data

Priyanka Gupta, Dr.Komal Bhatia, Ms. Kalpna Gupta

63 e-MCES: Security Issues and Preventing Hackers’ Attacks

Ashok B. Kulkarni, Valeri Pougatchev

64 Three phase iterative model of KDD

Simmi Bagga, Dr. G.N. Singh

65 Emerging trends in rural marketing

Parveen sharma

66 Hierarchical Tile Model for Frequent Item set Mining

Rajeshwar, Dr. Vivek Chandra

67 GA based Capacitor Placement for Voltage Optimization in 33-BUS Radial Distribution System (A REVIEW)

Sitender Kumar

68 A Process Model for Workflow Mining

Dr. G.N. Singh, Sandeep Aggarwal

69 A study of Customer Relationship Management in Iranian banking Industry  

Mehdi Rouholamini, Dr.S. Venkatesh

70 A Preamble approach of network congestions over a TCP/IP networks

Gesu Thakur