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IJITKM Volume-3 Issue-1 Jun-Dec 2010

SN Paper
1 A Review of Cooperative Cache Management Techniques in MANETs

Prashant Kumar, Naveen Chauhan

2 A Review of On-Demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Vivek Sharma, Sujit Jhare, Divakar Singh

3 A survey on wireless communications-beyond 3G

Amit Tiwari, Preeti Diwan

4 Performance and Analysis of CSMA, MACA & ALOHA to Support Quality of Services (QoS) under varying conditions of no. of nodes in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

Neeraj Agrawal, Prof. Sanjeev sharma

5 A New Clustering Protocol Based on Energy Band for Wireless Sensor Networks

Prabhat Kumar, M. P. Singh

6 Comparative study of Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Preetam Suman, Dhananjay Bisen, Poonam Tomar, Vikas Sejwar, Rajesh Shukla

7 Defense Mechanisms against Hello Flood Attack in Wireless Sensor Network

Siddhartha Choubey, Abha Choubey , M.Abhilash, Kamal K Mehta

8 Effect of Pause Time on DSR, AODV and DYMO Routing Protocols in MANET

Dhananjay Bisen, Preetam Suman, Prof. Sanjeev Sharma, Rajesh Shukla

9 An Efficient Location Aided Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

Hardeep Singh and P.K.Singh

10 Interoperability issues for E-Governance Framework

Shailesh kumar Shrivastava, Amar Nath Pandey, Prabhat Kumar

11 Intrusion Detection Using Network Mapping Tool

Ms. Priya P. Ravale Ms.Shrutali V. Narkar

12 Probabilistic Approach for Selecting Stable Path in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Sudeshna Gorai, Titasi Ghatak, Avijit Bhowmick, Bappaditya Das

13 An Efficient and Secured Data gathering using Data Aggregation Techniquein Wireless Sensor Network

Siddhartha Choubey, Abha Choubey , Anil Magendra,  Ashay Rajimwale

14 QoS Provisioning issues in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Monika Jena, Julie D. Abraham

15 Network Simulator-3: A Review

Ashish Mohta, Sonali I. Ajankar, M. M. Chandane

16 Unicast and Multicast Routing Protocols for Manets: A Comparative Survey

Kamal Kant Lalit K. Awasthi

17 Comparative Performance of Hierarchical Fault Tolerance Protocol for Mobile Agent Systems

Heman Pathak, Nipur, Kumkum Garg

18 Development of Quantum Cryptographic Techniques for Enhancing Security

Swapnil Jain, Jayant Shukla

19 Simulation Analysis of STAR, DSR and ZRP in Presence of MisbehavingNodes in MANET

Amrit Suman, Ashok Kumar, Nagar, Sweta Jain, Praneet Saurav

20 VLSI Architecture and FPGA Implementation of ICE Encryption Algorithm

Mrs.Laxmi Tiwari, Mrs.Babita Verma, Mr.Saurabh Singh

21 A Distributed Algorithm for Deadlock Detection and Resolution

Bharat Singh, Akash Bansal, Anshu Garg, Krista Chaaudhary

22 A Performance Comparison for Adaptive-based Distributed Call Flow for Multi-hop MANET

Bharat Singh, Mr. Akash Bansal, Ms. Anshu Garg, Neel Mani Das

23 Attacks and their Counter Measures in Wireless Mesh Networks

Anil Kumar Gankotiya, Sahil Seth, Gurdit Singh

24 Variable Key: A new investigation in cryptography and results there-off

P. Chakrabarti , LMISTEC.T.Bhunia , B. Bhuyan

25 Side Channel Attack Using Power Analysis

K. Rahimunnisa, Kavya T.S , Anoop Suraj

26 Cross Layer Design for Routing In Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

Mr. S. R. Lahane, Prof. G.R. Bamnote

27 Minimization of Hand-off Failure Probability and False Hand-off Initiation in Low Latency Next Generation Wireless Networks

Koushik Kumar Nundy, Himanish Mukherjee, Debabrata Sarddar, Mrinal Kanti Naskar, Utpal Biswas

28 Hybrid Authentication Protocol to Address the Issue of Authentication

Julie Dilip Abraham, Monika Jena

29 Wireless ECG Monitoring System

Ms. Kanwade A. B., Prof. Dr. Patil S. P., Prof. Dr. Bormane D.S.

30 Impacts of Distributed Generation in Restructured Power System: A Review

Anuprita Sandeep Mishra, Ganga Agnihotri, N.P.Patidar, Madhu Agrawal

31 An Efficient K-Means Cluster Based Image Retrieval Algorithm using Learning: An Innovative Approach from Relevance Feedback

Jayant Mishra, Prof. Nishchol Mishra, Prof. Sanjeev Sharma

32 Content-Based Image Retrieval -A New Emerging Trend For Image Description

Manish Pundlik, Kavita Choudhary