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IJITKM Volume-3 Issue-2 Jan-Jun 2010

SN Paper 
1 NewTCP: A Refined New Model for Efficient Explicit Congestion Reduction in High Traffic High Speed Networks through Automated Rate Controlling.

Satyanarayan Reddy, Lokanatha C. Reddy

2 Eye Motion Tracking for Wheelchair Control 

Poonam S. Gajwani, Sharda A. Chhabria

3 Extraction of Facial Feature Components for Expression Recognition.

S.P.Khandait, P.D.Khandait, Dr.R.C.Thool

4 A Novel Approach for Automatic Detection and Unification of Web Search Query Interfaces using Domain Ontology.

Anuradha, A.K Sharma

5 A Novel image Segmentation technique for Detection of breast Cancer.

Dr.L.S.S.Reddy, Ramaswamy Reddy, Ch.Madhu, Prof. C. Nagaraju

6 Soft computing techniques: an application to short term forecast of potato production.


7 Handling Grey Information in Object Oriented Databases. 

Praveen Kumar Shukla, Surya Prakash Tripathi, Shyam Kishore Bajpai

8 A Swarm Intelligence based Robust Excitation Controller Design in Power System Dynamic Studies.

R.Shivakumar, Dr.R.Lakshmipathi

9 A QSPS -PSR Approach on Differentiated TCP Flows for Internet Traffic.

Dr.S.Arumugam, Dr.M.Chandrasekaran, Y.Suresh, J.Senthilkumar, V.Mohanraj

10 Back up Cluster Head Determination in Wireless Sensor Routing using Supervisory Selection Time Approach.

Dr.R.Lakshmipathi, Dr.M.Chandrasekaran, J.Senthilkumar, V.Mohanraj, Y.Suresh

11 An Intelligent Agent Based Talent Evaluation System using a Knowledge Base.

Dr.R.Lakshmipathi, Dr.M.Chandrasekaran, V.Mohanraj, J.Senthilkumar, Y.Suresh

12 A Robust Optimal Morphological Filter To Remove Impulse Noise In Images. 

Dr. A. Nagaraja Rao,Srinivasa Rao, Sasi Kiran, Dr. L.S.S.Reddy

13 A Note on Cost Estimation Based on Prime Numbers.

S.P.Tripathi, Kavita Agarwal, S.K.Bajpai

14 Automatic Initialization of Means (AIM): A Proposed Extension to the K-means Algorithm. 

Samarjeet Borah, K.Ghose

15 A Framework on Typology of Software Agents.

Meenakshi, Mona Sehgal, Payal Anand

16 Grey Information in Spatial Databases.

 Surya Prakash Tripathi, Praveen Kumar, Shukla Shyam, Kishore Bajpai

17 Artificial Neural Network Modeling and Control of Retention Process in the Wet End.

Kumar Rajesh, A.K.Ray

18 Image Compression Techniques.

 Uchale Bhagwat Shankar

19 Comparative Study of Attribute Selection using Gain Ratio and Correlation based Feature Selection.

A.G.Karegowda, S.Manjunath, M.A.Jayaram

20 An Algorithmic Approach to Data Preprocessing in Web Usage Mining.

 Navin Kumar Tyagi, Dr. A.K. Solanki, Dr. Sanjay Tyagi

21 Study of Return Loss of an Array of Stacked Microstrip Ring Antennas.

Shikha Bhardwaj, H.P. Sinha, Sunil Khah

22 Genetic Optimization of Fuzzy Rule-base System. 

Mukesh Kumar, Ajay Jangra, Chander Diwaker

23 Enhancing the Scope of SEE by Incorporating Entrepreneurial Software Engineering into SE Curriculum.

Abbas T. P

24 Applications of Telemedicine in Biomedical Images.

LillyBeaulah, Dr. R. S.Ravindran, Dr. RM. Suresh

25 Comparison of Data Warehouse Architecture Based on Data Model.


26 A Comprehensive Survey on Intrusion Detection in MANET. 

Ms. Sunita Sahu, Prof..Shishir K. Shandilya

27 Lateral Transhipment-A Technique For Inventory Control In Multi Retailer Supply Chain System.

Dharamvir Mangal, Pankaj Chandna

28 Lattice theoretic approach to the study of irregular graphs.

Selvam  Avadayappan, Santhi

29 Relationship between knowledge inertia and organizational learning.

Mohammad Sadegh Sharifirad

30 Knowledge map as a tool to support the reuse of project related information.

 Monica Gahlawat

31 Classification of Kannada font using Hilbert-Huang Transform method.

Karunakara, Dr. B. P Mallikarjunaswamy

32 Comparative Study of Image Matching Algorithms.

Geetanjali Babbar, Punam Bajaj, Anu Chawla, Monika Gogna

33 Supporting Opportunities for the Growth of E-Payment In India .

Mr. Sabyasachi Pattnaik, Mr. Partha Pratim Ghosh, Ajay Kr. Bharti

34 Analysis of Security Issues and Performance Enhancement in Cloud Computing.

Mr. Herminder Singh,   Mr.Babul Bansal

35 A Survey: Issues of Semantic Matching for Indian Languages using Ontology.

S.M.Chaware, Srikantha Rao

36 Hybrid Focused Crawler - A Fast Retrieval of Topic Related Web Resource for Domain Specific Searching.

Achintya Das, Sudarshan Nandy

37 Innovative Scenario in Software Development Effort Estimation Based on a New Fuzzy Logic Model.

Rajender Bathla,Sukhdev Singh, Mittar Vishav, Rahul Gupta

38 Quality Improvement Schemes In Indian Engineering Education.

Rupesh Gupta,T.K.Garg, Sheifali Gupta, Ajay Goel

39 Comparative Analysis Of Fuzzy C-Mean and Hard C-Mean Algorithm.

Pawan Kumar,Ms. Deepika sirohi, Rakesh Sharma, Pankaj Verma, Dinesh Kumar

40 Vector Architectures for Matrix Operations.

Satya Prakash Singh

41 IMPLEMENTATION OF MTI BASED Pulse compression Radar System USING DSRC Communication Channel.

D.Kandar,S.N. Sur, Bhaskar, Guchhait R.Bera, K. Sarkar

42 DNA Compression Using Hash Based Data Structure.

Ateet Mehta, Dr. Bankim Patel

43 A Web-Based Public Accountability System for IHE

Abbas T. P, Dr. Asha S

44 Recent Priority Algorithm in Regression Testing.

Mrs. Amrita Jyoti,Yogesh K. Sharma, Ashish Bagla, Pandey

45 A Comparative Study of Transition Instants for Speaker Transformation.

Jaspreet Kaur, A.K.Mahajan, Parveen K. Lehana, Radhika Khanna

46 Developing INORGANIC EXPERT System to Automate Inorganic Chemistry

 Parul Kharub, Vinay Mathur, Yatin Malhotra

47 Impact of Dividend Announcement on Stock Prices

 Neetu Mehndiratta, Dr. Shuchi Gupta

48 Call Dropping Analysis in a UMTS/WLAN Integrated Cell

Sibaram Khara, Sajal Saha, Asish K Mukhopadhyay, Chandan Kumar Ghosh

49 Self Secured Authentication Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Network.

E.Venkat Reddy

50 Computer Security: SELECTING an Effective Business Security Model.

Dr. Binod Kumar, Dr. Kanak Saxena

51 Developing Brain Computer Interface using Fuzzy Logic

 Mandeep Kaur, Poonam Tanwar

52 Role of  Microfinance Institutions in Rural development

S.C.Vetrivel, Dr. S. Chandra Kumarmangalam

53 Algorithm For Synchronizing Data Among Biological Databases.


54 Isolated Word Recognition System for English Language. 

Er. Sukhminder Singh Grewal, Er. Dinesh Kumar

55 Genetic Algorithm: Review and Application.

 Manoj Kumar,Mohammad Husian, Naveen Upreti, Deepti Gupta

56 Implementation of Multivariate Data Set By CART Algorithm.

 Sneha Soni

57 Serial Communication Protocol for Embedded Application

Gade S S, Kanase A B, Shendge S B, Uplane M D

58 Router Control Mechanism for Congestion Avoidance in CDMA Based IpNetwork.

V.SUMALATHA, Dr.T.Satya Savithri

59 A Cluster Based Congestion Control Protocol For Mobile Adhoc Networks 

S.Karunakaran, Dr.P.Thangaraj

60 Text Independent Speaker Identification using Finite Doubly Truncated Gaussian Mixture Model.

V Sailaja, K Srinivasa Rao, K V V S Reddy

62 Parallel and Serial Garbage Collector in Multithreaded Applications: A Quantitative Analysis.

Shubhnandan S. Jamwal, Devanand

63 A New Hybrid Image De-Noising Method.

Sudipta Roy, Nidul Sinha, Asoke K. Sen

64 Comparison of Effectiveness of AODV, DSDV and DSR Routing Protocols inMobile Ad Hoc Networks

Sapna S. Kaushik, Dr.P.R.Deshmukh

65 A Multi Objective  Genetic Algorithm For Solving Vehicle Routing Problem.

Padmabati Chand, Bhabani Sankar Prasad Mishra, Satchidananda Dehuri

66 Recognition Techniques For Human Computer Interaction.

Dr. Raju M. Tugnayat, Dr. Nitin K. Choudhary

67 Computational Technique for Reliability Analysis and Design of Steel Beam.

S.D.Bhatnagar, V.K.Sehgal, Krishan Gopal

68 Quantifying Tail Recursion, Recursion and Iteration.

Shubhnandan S. Jamwal, Sunil Dutt, Devanand

69 An Inventory Model for Deteriorating items with on hand Inventory Dependent Ramped type Demand Rate.

D.Samal,A.Kalam, S.K.Sahu, M.Mishra

70 Performance Analysis of An Optimized Energy Efficient Data Aggregation  Protocol.

Virender Kumar Ranga, Jagan Nath, Mohit Dua

71 Algorithm of Back Propagation Network Implementation In VHDL.

Amit Goyal

72 Contribution of Information Technology in enhancement of Knowledge Management Practices.

Ritika Saini

73 Rough Definability on Knowledge Representation Systems.

Debadutta Mohanty

74 Performance Comparison of AODV, DSDV, OLSR and DSR Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks –Review.

Mrs. S. A. Ade, Prof. P.A.Tijare

75 Pervasive Computing–Intelligence In The Environment.


76 Optimal Combined Economic and Emission Load Dispatch using modified NSGA-II with Adaptive Crowding Distance

Biswajit Purkayastha1, Nidul Sinha

77 A Digital Investigation Tool based on Data Fusion in Management of Cyber Security Systems

Suneeta Satpathy, Sateesh K. Pradhan, B.B. Ray

78 Security ISSUE – A Metrics PERSPECTIVE

Mukta Narang, Monica Mehrotra

79 Image De-Noising Using Non Linear Filters

Arti V.Gautam, Prof .Mr..D.M.Dakhane, Prof.Mr. Vijay R.Tripathi

80 Training Multilayered Perceptions for Pattern Recognition: A Comparative Study of Three Training Algorithms 

N.V.N. Indra, Kiran M.Pramila devi, G.Vijaya Lakshmi

81 A Physical Modeling Approach for PC Based Softsynth - A Low Cost Solution 

Jagruti  Sanghavi, Dr.N.G.Bawane, Akansha Pilley

82 Secure Message Communication using Digital Signatures and Attribute Based Cryptographic Method in VANET 

Sandhya kohli, Rakesh Dhiman

83 Intelligent Character Recognition- An Emerging Pattern Recognition Technology to Minimize Human Intervention in University Examination System 

Dr. Vikas Sharma, Anjana Sharma

84 Robust Statistics Based Filter To Remove Salt And Pepper Noise In Digital Images. 

Gurpreet Chahal, Harminder Singh

85 Genetic Algorithm for Network Design Problem-An Empirical Study of Crossover Operator with Generation and Population Variation 

Anand  Kumar, Dr. N. N. Jani

86 Text Mining Process, Techniques and Tools: An Overview


87 Efficient Mining of Maximal Frequent Concepts 

Geetha M,  R.J.D’Souza

88 Impact of Knowledge Management Practices in Indian automobile industry – An Empirical Investigation

Dr.K.Karthikeyan, R.Rengaraj (Muralidharan)

89 A Modified CAR Routing Method For Delay Tolerant Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  

Divya. T. V, T.Sivakumara

90 OCR For Telugu Script Using Back-Propagation Based Classifier

 Rinki Singh, Mandeep Kaur

91 Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Character Recognition using Improved BP Neural Network

 Amit Choudhary,  Rahul Rishi, Savita Ahlawat, Vijaypal Dhaka

92 Database Intrusion Prevention cum Detection System with appropriate Response 

Alka Jaiswal, Sweta Jain

93 Recent Advances in Checkpointing techniques in Mobile Computing Systems 

Prachi  Maheshwari, Kamal Kant, Prof. Lalit K. Awasthi

94 A  Comparative Study of Cluster-based Data Replication Techniques for MANETs 

Pooja Sharma, Kamal Kant, Naveen Chauhan

95 Software Engineering Issues from the Cloud Application Perspective

Bharat Chhabra, Dinesh Verma, Bhawna Taneja

96 Detection of Malicious Transactions in DBMS          

Ayushi, Anisha Sharma, Reena Bansal

97 Evaluate the optimum size of Railway Retention Tank by Simulation

Manu Raj Moudgil, Rajpreet Kaur

98 Novel Approach of Accurate Iris Localization form High Resolution Eye Images suitable for  Fake Iris Detection

 Rajesh Bodade, Dr Sanjay Talbar

99 Automating the process of finding the Electron Configuration of an atom usingFinite State Machine 

Parul Kharub, Vinay Mathur, Yatin Malhotra

100 Comparative Study of Speech Recognition System Using Various Feature Extraction Techniques 

Kapil Sharma, Dr. H.P.Sinha, R.K. Aggarwal

101 Extreme Programming: Newly Acclaimed Agile System Development Process

 Rohini Mahajan, Pawanpreet Kaur

102 Static Analysis and Run-Time Coupling Metrics

 Mandeep Kaur, Parul Batra, Akhil Khare

103 A Novel Method for Enhanced Quasi-Orthogonal Space Time Block Codes in Wireless Communication

 N.S.Murthy, Dr.S.Sri Gowri, V.Praveena

104 Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management

 Sk Samim Ferdows, Somnath Das

105 Security and Password Management Issues for Remote-User Authentication using Smart Cards

 Ajay jangra, Vedpal singh, Priyanka, Chander diwakar

106 Simulation Aspect of an Artificial Pacemaker

 Biswarup Neogi, Rimi Ghosh, Udayan Tarafdar, Achintya Das

107 An Entrenched Information Organization in Web-Base Edification

Mohd. Husain, Raj Gaurang Tiwari, Bineet Gupta