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IJITKM Volume-2 Issue-2 Jan-Jun 2009

SN Paper
1 A Novel Algorithm for Mining Frequent Item-Sets from Large Database

Akhilesh Tiwari, Rajendra K. Gupta, Dev Prakash Agrawal

2 Modeling and Subtraction of Scenes Exhibiting Constant Dynamic conduct in Video Sequence

Vivek Sharma , D.K. Swami, R.C. Jain

3 Performance Evaluation of MAC Protocols WLAN

Seema Nayak, Gurmeet Singh , Amrita Rai

4 Comparison of Performance Analysis of Ad-hoc Routing Protocol

Sweta Verma, Dr. Vivek Kumar

5 Efficient Image Encryption using MRF and ECC

Kamlesh Gupta, Sanjay Silakari

6 Rapid Decision Making for Post Architectural Changes in Agile Development – A Guide to Reduce Uncertainty


7 Replacement of S/W Inspection with Software Testing

Mitu Kumari ,   Archana Sharma , Vipin Kamboj

8 Combining the Classifiers and LSI Method for Efficient and Accurate Text Classification

M.Srinivas, K.P.Supreethi, E.V.Prasad

9 A Review of Knowledge Based Systems in Medical Diagnosis

Mrs. S.S.Gulavani & R.V. Kulkarni

10 Analysis and Design of Core Metrics for Modern Software Projects

K. P. Yadav, Asstt. Prof. , Dronacharya College of Engg., Gr. Noida, U.P.

11 Self Checking and Fault Tolerant Digital Design


12 Pattern Matching with External Hardware for Steganography Algorithm

Bawankar Chetan D., Hande K.N., Jaiswal A.A., Bute.A.


B.Amutha , V.Nivedha Devi

14 Combined Classifiers in Recognition of Handwritten Kannada Numerals: A Hybrid Approach

Dinesh Acharya U, N V Subbareddy And Krishnamoorthi

15 An Efficient Technique to Digitize Polygon Segments of a Map/ Image (ETDPS)

P. Halder, G. Chatterjee, J. K. Mandal,S. Mal

16 Fuzzy Echelon– A Tool for Inventory Control in Supply Chain

Dharamvir Mangal , Kiran Jhamb

17 A Refined New Model for Efficient Explicit Congestion Reduction in High Traffic High Speed Networks Through Automated Rate Controlling

K. Satyanarayan Reddy , Lokanatha C. Reddy

18 Performance Improvement of Digital Fir Filter Using Hardware/Software Co-Design Methodology

Meghana A. Hasamnis, Dr. Rajesh S. Pande, Dr. S. S. Limaye

19 Confidence Analysis for Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers

G. Uthra, R. Sattanathan

20 Investigations of the Phonemes in the Calls of Little Owls Using Vector Quantization


21 Role of Testing In Phases of SDLC and Quality

Youddha Beer Singh , Shivani Goel

22 Comparison of Domain Analysis Methods in Software Reuse

Aman Jatain, Shivani Goel

23 Bioinformatics Toolkit for Cellular Activities in Biological Systems

Jayanthi Manicassamy  and P. Dhavachelvan

24 A Case Study of Fault Tolerant Routing Mechanism for Torus Embedded Hypercube Interconnection Network for Parallel Architecture

N. GopalakrishnaKini, M. Sathish Kumar,Mruthyunjaya H.S.

25 Performance Evaluation Of Memory Mapped  Files with Data Mining Algorithms

S.N. Tirumal Rao  E.V. Prasad  And N.B. Venkateswarlu

26 Analysis of Power Dissipation in Dram Cells Design for Nano-Scale Memories

Balwant  Raj, Anita Suman and Gurmohan Singh

27 Growth of Tax Revenue in INDIA since -

Dr. Arti Gaur

28 Customer Satisfaction Regarding Home Loans- A Comparative Study of ICICI Bank and SBI Bank

Dr. Arti Gaur

29 A Modified Algorithm for Codebook Design using Vector Quantization for Image Compression

Mr. Avinash B. Lambat, Mrs. Richa R. Khandelwal

30 A Fuzzy Based Distributed Node Movement Algorithm for Maintaining Neighborhood Topology in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Jishan Mehedi , M.K.Naskar

31 Assessment of Exported Mango Quantity by Soft Computing Model

Dharmpal Singh, Amrut Ranjan Jena , J.Pal Choudhary

32 Review of VOIP Techniques

Parvinder Singh, Deepshikha Verma, Sukhbir Singh

33 An Application to find Spatial Distribution of blood donors from blood bank information system

B.G.Premasudha, Dr. Shivakumar Swamy, Dr. B.Suryanarayana Adiga 

34 A Review of Vision Based Hand Gestures Recognition

G.R.S.Murthy, R.S.Jadon

35 Next Generation Wireless Networks

Punam Bajaj  Geetanjali Babbar  Anu Chawla Monika Malhotra

36 Identifying Suitability of any Formal Language for Particular Application Area

Monika Dhariwal, Shivani Goel

37 A Novel Session Based Text Encryption & Hiding Technique Using Bit Level Cross Fold Transposition & Genetic Algorithm

Tanmay Bhattacharya , Manas Paul , Arindam Dasgupta

38 Performance Analysis Of Anti Collision Algorithms for Tracking Objects Containing Passive RFID Tags

Indrajit Bhattacharya, Uttam Kumar Roy

39 Direction of Indian Trade: An analysis of the changes in the context of global economic crisis

Dr. Shuchi Gupta, Neetu Mehndiratta

40 Effort Estimation in Component Based Software Engineering

Puneet goswami, P.K. Bhatia , Vijender Hooda

41 Simulation and Analysis of DSDV Protocol in MANETs


42 Identification of Microcalcification in Mammographic Images  Using Wavelet and Artificial Neural Networks

K.Prabhushetty and  Dr. V R. Udupi

43 Dynamic Metrics at Design Level

Payal Khurana, Puneet Jai Kaur

44 Reputation based trust model with elimination of unreliable feedbacks

P. Srivaramangai, Dr. R. Srinivasan

45 Production of goat anti-rabbit antibodies.

Manish Kalra, Abhinav Goyal, Saaraj Gupta, Ketan and Shweta Nikumb

46 Establishing association between the ordered piece and a piece selection basis for rectangle packing heuristic

Kawaljeet Singh , Leena Jain

47 Comparing the Effectiveness of Machine learning algorithms for Defect Prediction

Pradeep Singh

48 Edge Magicness of N Copies of Generalized Petersen Graphs

J.Joy Priscilla, R. Sattanathan

49 Customer Relationship Management in Indian Retail MarketManoj Kumar Jain , A. K. Dalela  and Sandeep Kumar Tiwari
50 Inventory Control through Lateral Transshipment in Multi Retailer Supply Chain

Dharamvir Mangal , Tarun Gupta

51 Web 2.0 Mapping Mashup Applications for Academic Universities–Comparative Case Study (Secure Google Maps API versus Microsoft Virtual Earth API)  Ms. B.Padmaja Rani M.Upendra Kumar
52 Method and Process Labor Resource Management System Punit Goel, Dr S.P.Singh