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IJITKM Volume-1 Issue-2 Jun-Dec 2008

SN Paper
1 A Hybrid of Artificial   Neural Networks and SARIMA Models for Load Forecasting

Norizan Mohamed, Maizah Hura Ahmad, Zuhaimy Ismail, Khairil Anuar  Arshad

2 Mining Fuzzy Generalized Association Rules for ER Models

Praveen Arora, R.K. Chauhan, Ashwani Kush

3 An Intelligent Fuzzy Controlled Handoff for Cellular Systems

Partha Pratim Bhattacharya

4 Designing some Imperceptible Data Hiding Methodologies Using Steganographic Techniques

R. K. Tiwari , G. Sahoo

5 A Comparative Study Of The Spectral Response Curves And The Assessment Of  Different Land Use And Land Cover Features In  A Part Of SUNDERBAN Area, West Bengal, Using Geo-informatics

Parmita Bose, S.N. Mohapatra, M.D.Behera,Padmini Pani

6 A Face Identification System Using Neural Network

Sourabh Gupta , Sunil Kumar Singla

7 Semi-Automatic Image Registration

G. P. Saroha, R. K. Chauhan, B. S. Chaudhary

8 Roadmap through cob web of challenges for Computing in MANET

P.K.Suri   Kavita Taneja

9 Modeling of Fault Prediction in Software Systems

Deepali Gupta

10 Faster Generation of Association Rules

B. Nath, D K Bhattacharyya, AGhosh

11 Security Challenges In The Stream Control Transmission Protocol: An Overview

Dinesh Kumar, Lecturer

12 An Image Restoration Application: Pixel-Digital Watermarking of User Created Images

Milindkumar v. Sarode, Dr. S. A. Ladhake, dr. Prashant r. Deshmukh

13 A Noise Removal Algorithm for the Restoration of Video Sequences

Milindkumar v. Sarode, Dr. S. A. Ladhake, dr. Prashant r. Deshmukh

14 A Framework to Predict Suitable Period for Mustard Plant Considering Effect of Weather Parameters Using Factor and Principal Component Analysis

Satyendra Nath Mandal1, J.Pal Choudhury , S.R. Bhadra Chaudhuri, Dilip De

15 License Plate Recognition System for Indian Vehicles

Shishir Kumar, Shashank Agarwal, Kumar Saurabh

16 Performance Analysis of Scalability and Mobility on Routing Protocols in MANETs

Yogesh Chaba ,Yudhvir Singh,Aarti

17 Qualifying Fibre Optic Temperature Sensor Using Speckle Metrology

Bhasker Gupta , H N Bhargaw , H K Sardana

18 Tutor Generator for Intelligent Tutoring System

M.Siddappa, Dr. A.S.Manjunath, Dr.H.V.Ramakrishna

19 Implementation of a Topology Control Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Surendra s. Dalu, M. K. Naskar, C. K. Sarkar

20 Trained Software

Parvinder Singh, Darshana Hooda

21 Graph Theory Applications to Software and Assembly Language Programming

Dr. Manoj Duhan, Dr. Parvinder Singh

22 Strategic Management Model, Organizing High Value Opportunities with Important Steps Of Research

Manjeet Kaur , Dr. M. K. Jindal

23 IT Initiatives in the Indian Services Sector

Y Madhuri Srinivas

24 Prediction of Reliability of Multistage Interconnection Networks by Multi-decomposition method

R. K. Dash , N. K.Barpanda  C. R.Tripathy

25 Design Issues on Tree Based Aggregation Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks

A. Sivagami , K. Pavai , D. Sridharan , S.A.V. Satya murty

26 Designing a Model Driven Decision Support System for Primary Health Care Managers

Rajan Vohra,  Nripendra Narayan Das, Meghna Sharma

27 Comparative Study of Relational Database Model and Multi-value Database Model

Meghna Sharma, Assistant Professor , Ruchi Sehrawat, Senior Lecturer

28 Information Theory Tests based Performance Evaluation of Cryptographic Techniques

Yudhvir Singh & Yogesh Chaba

29 Web Based CSM Methodology for Object Oriented Software System

M.ZKurian, A.S.Manjunath

30 Enhanced Chaos Based Spread Spectrum Information Security

A. kumar, M. K. Ghose

31 Store Loyalty Proneness of Apparel Shopper Segments: A Data Mining Approach

Anil Kapil, Ruchi Mittal, Amit Mittal

32 investigative survey of application of knowledge based system in legal domain

N. B. Bilgi, R. V. Kulkarni

33 The Analytical Study of K-Center Problem Solving Techniques

Rattan Rana, Dr. Deepak Garg

34 Choosing the Best Heuristic for a NP-problem

Narendhar Maaroju, Deepak Garg

35 Mining Gene Expression Data for Association Rules using Mutual Information Based on Entropy

M.Anandhavalli  M.K.Ghose  K.Gauthaman


Dr. S. Thajoddin, S. Makbul Hussian, Dr. SAM Gazni


Dr. S. Thajoddin, S. Makbul Hussian, Dr. SAM Gazni


S. Makbul Hussian, Dr. S. Thajoddin, Dr. SAM Gazni

39 Performance Evaluation of Stocks of Indian Banks-An Analysis

Manjeet Singh

40 Approach to Modern Network Security: Modern Data Encryption

Chhattar Singh Lamba

41 Communication Cryptography for Wireless Network

Chhattar Singh Lamba