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IJITKM Volume-12 Issue-2 Jan-June 2019

1 Urban development- Problems and Future Prospects PratibhaDuhan
2 Domestic violence: A Sociological Study of Married Females Students of M.D.U. Rohtak Neetu, Rakesh Kumar
3 GST in India and its Impact on IT Sector Sunil Taneja, Pratibha Bhardwaj
4 MACTC: Secure Multilevel Access Control Scheme in Transparent Computing Security Levels & Valid Identity AuthenticationAbdul Quader, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
5 Fine-Grained Data Access Control with Aspect of Time and Attribute for Time-Sensitive Cloud DataShaik Mohammed Zakir, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
6 Knowledge-Based & Corpus-Based Methods for Evaluation of Semantic Relatedness of Concepts in Knowledge GraphsMohd Yousuf Ali, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
7 A Strong TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud TEESAbdul Mannan Shahid, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
8 Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process for the Selection of the Requirements of Institute Examination SystemNadiya Afzal, Mohd. Sadim
9 A Recent Survey of Different Video Compression MethodsRajwant Kaur, Anshu Bhasin
10 Knowledge Management System for Academic InstitutionsPriyanka Singh, Bharat Mishra
11 A Spatial Pattern of Female Work Force participation in Rajasthan (A Geographical Analysis): 2011Nachita Kumari
12 Child Health Care in Rajasthan: A Spatial Analysis(2015-16)Nachita Kumari
13 Integrated Knowledge Management Model For Poultry Network of Rural IndiaNarendra.S.Katikar
14 Queuing Theory Applications: A Review Dr. Upasana
15 Role of ICT in Teaching and Learning Dr. Upasana