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IJITKM Volume-2 Issue-1 Jun-Dec 2009

SN Paper
1 A Novel Method for Boundary Detection Based On Edge Flow Technique

C. Nagaraju,Dr.L.S.S. Reddy,D.Ramesh Babu

2 Automatic Extraction of Linear Features Using Morphological Operations and Markov Random Fields

C. Nagaraju,Dr.L.S.S. Reddy,D.Ramesh Babu

3 A Two Stage Dynamic Trilateral Filter Removing Impluse plus GaussianMs. Neha Jain, Prof. Mrs. A.R.Mahajan
4 Survey of Hash Function: Resistance to Finding Attacks

A.Arul Lawrence selvakumar, C.Suresh Ganadhas

5 Pattern Recognition System for E-Nose

Tapsi Garg

6 Object-Oriented Metrics Suites & Complexity: A Survey

Jitender Kumar Chhabra, Ravinder Singh Bhatia, VP Singh

7 Validation of Overall Program Weakness Measure

Jitender Kumar Chhabra, Ravinder Singh Bhatia, VP Singh

8 Fuzzy Total Coloring Of Fuzzy Gra Phs

S.Lavanya  ,Dr. R.Sattanathan

9 Performance Evaluation of wireless IPSec VPN

Supriya Pruthi, Gagan Pruthi

10 Security Challenges for Swarm Robotics

Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Ashish Bagla

11 New Control Algorithm Based on Artificial Intelligence

Anil Kumar, R. K. Singh & N. K. Yadav

12 Windows Mobile OS Pocket PC based Hands Free Interaction through Bluetooth for Telematics Services in Automobiles

N. Abid ali khan , G. Pavithra ,N. Karthikeyani

13 Speech Perception & Analysis of Fluent Digits’ Strings Using Level-By-Level Time Alignment

Rohit Anand, Balwinder Singh, Nidhi Sindhwani

14 Principle Component Analysis for Image Compression

Sonal, Vikas Beniwal, Sandeep Kharb

15 Multiple Sonographic Features based IUGR Diagnosis using Artificial Neural Networks

Dr. Shreedhara K S , Veena

16 Information Technology with Management and Responsibility

Sanjay Kumar Jha

17 Role of Information Technology in Business Environment

Mrinal Manjari

18 Design and Comparison of Torus Embedded Hypercube with Mesh Embedded Hypercube Interconnection Network

N. Gopalakrishna Kini , M. Sathish Kumar , Mruthyunjaya H.S.

19 Analysis of Multi-Tier Overlay-based Next Generation Wireless Networks

Asish k. Mukhopadhyay ,  Sajal Saha , Subhasree Choudhury , Sartha P. Bhattacharya , Sarit pal , Sibaram khara

20 Hierarchical Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

Dinesh Anand, Sanjay Kumar

21 Operations Research in Service Delivery

Nisha Agarwal & Anuj Srivastva

22 A Software Metric for the Activeness of a Class

Sachin Lakra, Deepak Kumar Sharma, Jugnesh Kumar, Rakesh Chandra Verma, T V Prasad

23 Still Image Compression Using Embedded Zero Tree Wavelet Encoding.V.S.Shingate, Dr.T.R.Sontakke,   Prof. Dr. S.N. Talbar
24 Cyber Warfare – A Global Threat

Gaurav Kumar

25 Effective Mechanisms Considering Load Imbalance of Service Replication for Distributed Mobile AgentSystems

Jinho Ahn

26 Metrics-Based Evaluation of Quality of Non-Functional Specifications

Simrandeep Singh Thapar­, Hardeep Singh, Karanjeet Singh Kahlon

27 An Approach to Explore the Hidden Web Having Multiple Fields Form Using Mobile Crawlers

Satinder Bal,  Rajender Nath

28 E-Governance and Data Mining: A Methodology for E-Voting

Sushil Kumar, Himanshu Aggarwal,Upinder Kaur , Sumati

29 Testing Technology in Industry: A Review

Mrs. Lekha Bhambhu , Mr. D. K. Srivastava

30 Impact of Mobility Models on Performance of DSR

Rashmi Popli

31 Implementation of Shortest Path for Networks Topology using MATLAB

Amit Kamboj , R.S.Chauhan

32 Extracting & Representing Concepts as M-Information

Prof. Rajan vohra , Gunjan Pahuja

33 Implementing A Decision Support Model In Primary Health Care

Rajan Vohra, Nripendra Narayan Das,Gunjan Pahuja

34 Effectiveness of Testing Processes For Modern Software Development

Rajender Bathla, Shallu Miglani, Vivek, Sukhdev Singh

35 A Novel Method to Provide Three Levels Security for the Credit Card System

Pavani.T  , O.Rama Devi  , C.Naga Raju

36 Novel Watershed Segmentation Method for Stumpy Boundary Detection for Image Classification

O.Rama Devi , C.Naga Raju , T.Pavani

37 Wireless Network Security Threats

Dr.Umesh Sehgal (A.P) and Mr. Dinesh Kumar (Sr.L)

38 Security and Reputation Schemes in Ad-Hoc Networks Routing

Ashwani Kush

39 A Comparative Analysis of Steganographic Techniques

Jasvinder Kaur , Inderjeet , Manoj Duhan

40 Review of Digital Watermarks

Jasvinder Kaur, Manoj Duhan, Ashok Kumar

41 A Framework for Achieving Better Load Balancing and Job Scheduling in Grid Environment

K. Mukherjee G. Sahoo

42 Evaluation of Orthogonal Directional Gradients on Hand-printed Datasets

Dr. Satish Kumar

43 A Hybrid Model in Prediction of ADHD Using Artificial Neural Networks

K. Arthi & A. Tamilarasi

44 Mutation testing in Database Systems

Rakesh Kumar,Surjeet Singh,Priyanka Gupta