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IJITKM Volume-8 Issue-2 Jan-Jun 2015

SN Paper
1 Analyze the performance of Divide and Conquer scheme for Wireless Sensor Network

Upasana Narula, Vimmi Malhotra, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

2 Security in MANET Using ECBDS on Resource Consumption Attack and Byzantine Attack

Manjeet Singh, Apurva Sharma

3 Use of HTML Tags in Web Search

Manjit Singh, Dr.Dheerendra Singh, Dr.Surender Singh

4 A Review of Security Techniques in Public Cloud Database

Pooja, Dr.Dheerendra Singh

5 Enhanced Routing Using BBO to Improve Energy Efficiency in WSN

Nisha Saini, Aashima Singla

6 Localization Enhancement of Wireless Sensor Networks By Using Membrane Computing

Shagun Nasrani, Aashima Singla

7 Efficient Query Optimization in Distributed Database using Decision Tree Algorithm

Kamaljit Singh, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

8 Overview on GPS-GSM Technologies used in Vehicle Tracking

Sharanpreet Kaur, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

9 Optimization in GPS-GSM Technologies used in Vehicle Tracking

Sharanpreet Kaur, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

10 Security Protocol Based Algorithm in Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Shivani, Dr. Dheerendra singh

11 “LIC in its Modern Form” – for the benefits of Indian Citizen


12 Optimising Sentiment Classification using Preprocessing Techniques

Ms. Kranti Vithal Ghag, Dr. Ketan Shah

13 An Overview of Data Replication and Load Balancing Issues in Cloud Computing Environment

Sagar Verma, Arun Kumar Yadav, Deepak Motwani

14 Anticipation of Winning Probability in Poker Using Data Mining

Gaurav Ambekar, Shiben Sheth, Abhilasha Sable, Tushar Chikane, Kranti Ghag

15 Importance of Testing Maturity Model

Sukhdev Singh, Gurmeet Kaur, Parminder Kaur

16 A Prototype for a Multimodal Biometric Security System Based on Face and Audio Signatures

Garima Yadav

17 Leveraging Knowledge through Crowd-Sourcing for Enabling Business Solutions

Ray Titus

18 Novel Approach to Ensure Data Security in Cloud Computing

Sonia Bassi, Anjali Chaudhary

19 Effective Usage of Rebroadcast Delay to Minimize Routing Overhead in MANET

Neha S. Brahmankar, Dr.Hitendra D.Patil

20 Android Application Development and its Security


21 Accuracy Improvement in Signature Verification in Addition with Encryption Mechanism

Shefali Singla, Deepinder Kaur

22 Linguistic and Precise Fuzzy Modeling Classification System for Lung Nodule Detection on Computed Tomography Scans

Nishtha Marya, Deepinder Kaur

23 Selection of attribute combinations of ERP’s for classification of emotions along arousal axis

Mandeep Singh, Mooninder Singh, Money Goyal

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.801

24 Emotion classification using EEG Entropy

Mandeep Singh, Mooninder Singh, Money Goyal

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.802

25 Comparison of ERP & Entropy based Emotion Classification using EEG signals

Mandeep Singh, Mooninder Singh, Money Goyal

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.803

26 Secure and Private Identification through Biometric Systems

Keshav Rawat, Dr. Chandra Kant

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.804

27 Correlation between attention assessment tasks

Mandeep Singh, Akanksha Sharma

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.805

28 Attention Enhancement using Meditation as an Intervention

Mandeep Singh, Akanksha Sharma

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.806

29 Correlational Study of Attention Task Performance and EEG Alpha Power

Mandeep Singh, Akanksha Sharma

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.807

30 Correlation between Various Memory Assessment Tasks

Mandeep Singh, PuneetArya

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.808

31 CorrelationalStudy of Memory Task Performance and EEG Alpha Band Power

Mandeep Singh, PuneetArya

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.809

32 Memory Enhancement Using Meditationas an Intervention

Mandeep Singh, PuneetArya

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.810

33 Efficient Encryption and Password Protected Multi-Neuron Approach For Data Hiding In Image Steganography

Hafsa Zargar, Er. Harpreet Kaur, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.811

34 Performance Comparison of Proactive based Routing Protocols in MANET’s

Anil Kumar

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.812

35 Garbage Collection Time for Minor Collection

Shubhnandan S Jamwal, Nitan Singh

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.813

36 Server-Side Algorithms for WHLK Framework

Shubhnandan S. Jamwal, Nishant Gupta

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.814

37 Protest against socioeconomic in Arundhati Roy’s “The God of small things”

Sushil Mor

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.815

38 Psychological Assessment of Depressive Patient: A Case Study

Suman Kumari

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.816

39 Effect of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on Depression: A Case Study

Parvesh Kumar

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.817

40 Refection Coeffcient of Water Waves striking with Verticle Barrier

Naveen Kumar

DOI: 10.141079/IJITKM.2015.819