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IJITKM Volume-8 Issue-1 Jun-Dec 2014

SN Paper
1 Effect of soft handoff on Code-division-multiple-access in cellular network

Ankur K. Meena, Dr. Sanjay Kumar

2 Literature review of worldwide interoperability of microwave access (WiMax) Technology

Harshit Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Kumar

3 Indian Mass Media, Development and Globalisation

Manvi Sharma

4 Agile Methods vs. Traditional Methods

Rajesh Popli

5 Contrastive Analysis of Software Development Methodologies

Ramesh Kumar, Dr. Rajesh Verma

6 Study of Agile Software Development

Rashmi Dhruv

7 Selection, Classification and Computation of an Optimal Set of Software Metrics for Requirement, Design and Testing Phases of SDLC

Shefali Singla, Dr. Dheerendra Singh, Yogesh Verma, Dr. R. NandaKumar

8 Task Scheduling using Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment: A Review

Sourabh Budhiraja, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

9 A Survey on Trust Based Security and Privacy Issues of Cloud Computing Framework

Usvir Kaur, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

10 Exploring Sentiment Classification Techniques in News Articles

Tirivangani BHT Magadza, Addlight Mukwazvure, K.P Supreethi

11 Growth of insurance sector with reference to ICICI prudential, HDFC standard life & L.I.C.

Poonam Sood

12 QOS Based Power Management in ZIGBEE Wireless Sensor Network

Vijayendra Sharma, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

13 Exploring Data Security Issues and Scrutinizing them in Cloud Computing Environment

Er. Amanpreet Kaur, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

14 Cloud Computing Security Challenges & Offerings with Window AZURE Plate Form

Rini Mahajan, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

15 Analysis of VoIP E-Model and Routing Protocols over 802.11 Wireless Mesh Network

Amit Chhabra, Dr.Dheerendra Singh

16 Determinants of FIIs: Evidence from India


17 Biometric Systems Security and Challenges

Shiwani Goyal

18 Remote Reference Passing Framework for Video Encryption

Darshana Hooda, Parvinder Singh

19 Use of Technologies in Sport: A Review

Dr Rajeev Rana

20 Cloud Testing: Issues, Challenges and Performance Analysis

Anish Soni