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IJITKM Volume-1 Issue-1 Jan-Jun 2008

SN Paper
1 Integration of mobile ad-hoc networks for wireless systems

Anil kumar, Parveen Kumar, Rakesh Sharma

2 Vendor Managed Inventory in SMEs.  

Atul B. Borade, Satish V.Bansod


 Web 2.0: Shifting from Publishing to Participation 

Atul Sharma , Kailash Chander

4 Minimum Process Error Recovery Algorithms for Mobile Distributed System using Global Checkpoint 

Surender Kumar, R K Chauhan, Parveen Kumar


Decision Trees Methodology in Power Systems 



IDS in MANET and its Routing Protocol 

Anil kumar, Arun Jain, Rakesh Sharma

7 Data Mining Techniques for Identifying the Customer Behavior of Investment in Life Insurance Sector in India

Kanwal Garg, Dr. Dharminder Kumar, Dr. M. C. Garg

8 Secure Information Flow in Mobile Ad Hoc Network: A Challenge

Rajender Nath, Pankaj Kumar Sehgal

9 Knowledge Management with the skills of Business Intelligence

Punam Bajaj, Punit Soni, Sunil Chawla

10 Reengineering Cost for YK Challenge

Rajesh Verma, Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Chauhan

11 Intrusion detection using Neural Network Techniques

Aarti Singh, Girish Sharma

12 Fuzzy Logic Based Systems for Performance Analysis and Decision MakingManoj Sharma, Rajeshwar Singh
13 Fault Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques

Deepali Gupta

14 Eye Clicked Mouse

Sushil Sharma, Vishal Verma, Neeti Daryal

15 Design for Smart Guns Using VLSI & MEMS

Mahesh K. Yadav, Chander Kant, Vijay Pal Singh

16 Fuzzy Logic Design of Continuous Intravenous Infusion Control

Vijay Pal Singh, Mahesh K. Yadav

17 Present Research Scenario of Software Reuse

Anil Kumar

18 Fractional Fourier and Cosine Transforms in Image Compression

Parvinder Bhalla, Shakti Kumar & Amarpartap Singh

19 Global Optimization in Practice TodayDeepak Sharma , Parveen Sharma , Pankaj Sharma
20 Biometrics for Identification and AuthenticationSukhdev Singh, Arun Jain, Jaipal
21 Efficient Data Mining

Dr.R.K.Chauhan , Abhishek Taneja

22 A Review of Approaches to Software Reuse

Dr. Rajender Nath, Harish Kumar

23 Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Image Based Innovative Data Hiding Algorithm Implementation in the Digital Information Era

S. Makbul Hussain, Dr. S. A. Mohammad Gazni, Dr. S. Thajoddin

24 A Modified Redundancy Optimization of k-out-of-n: G System

Dr. S. A .M.Gazni, S. Makbul Hussain, Dr. S. Thajoddin

25 Hypolipidemic and antioxidant Potential of Zingiber officinal (Ginger) in Cholesterol Fed Rats

S.M. Ali, G. C. Jain

26 Post-Recession Performance Evaluation of Non-Banking Finance Companies

Manjeet Singh, Dr. R.K.Godha