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IJITKM Volume-11 Issue-2 Jan-June 2018

1 Forecasting Trendiness Weight of a Term in microblogs using Trendiness Distance & Poisson Distribution

Pradyumansinh Jadeja, Dr. Ketan Kotecha

2 Window azure Active Directory Services for Maintaining Security & Access Control

Rini Mahajan, Dr. Manish Mahajan, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

3 Understanding software development productivity and its enhancing way with ‘Software development efficiency calculation system’

Kardile Vilas Vasantrao, Dr, ManishaPatil

4 Software Effort Estimation Analysis Using Data Mining TechniquesRavneetPreet Singh Bedi and Amardeep Singh
5 Availability and Use of Tools and Technology for Knowledge Transfer: An exploratory study Dr.Pradeepika
6 Cashless INDIA: A Daydream or Pragmatic Parveen Kumar
7 Significance of TCP/IP Model Divya Shree
8 Urban development- Problems and Future Prospects PratibhaDuhan
9 Domestic violence: A Sociological Study of Married Females Students of M.D.U. Rohtak Neetu, Rakesh Kumar
10 GST in India and its Impact on IT Sector Sunil Taneja, Pratibha Bhardwaj
11 MACTC: Secure Multilevel Access Control Scheme in Transparent Computing Security Levels & Valid Identity AuthenticationAbdul Quader, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
12 Fine-Grained Data Access Control with Aspect of Time and Attribute for Time-Sensitive Cloud DataShaik Mohammed Zakir, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
13 Knowledge-Based & Corpus-Based Methods for Evaluation of Semantic Relatedness of Concepts in Knowledge GraphsMohd Yousuf Ali, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
14 A Strong TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud TEESAbdul Mannan Shahid, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
15 Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process for the Selection of the Requirements of Institute Examination SystemNadiya Afzal, Mohd. Sadim
16 A Recent Survey of Different Video Compression Methods Rajwant Kaur, Anshu Bhasin
17 Knowledge Management System for Academic Institutions Priyanka Singh, Bharat Mishra
18 A Spatial Pattern of Female Work Force participation in Rajasthan (A Geographical Analysis): 2011 Nachita Kumari
19 Child Health Care in Rajasthan: A Spatial Analysis(2015-16) Nachita Kumari