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Volume-8 Issue-1 June 2016

SN Paper
1 Design of Event Data Recorder for Vehicle Monitoring and Crash Analysis System 

Pankaj H. Chandankhede, Dr. M.M. Khanapurkar

2 Real Time Processing of GPS data using DSP Techniques

Barindervir Kaur, Sangeeta Kamboj

3 Analysis of LTE Wireless Network Using Joint Subcarrier and Power Allocation Optimization Algorithm

Kamaljit Kaur, Er. Sonia

4 A Kinematics Update State Hypotheses Information Surveillance Model for a Moving Train 

Tanuja.P.Patgar, Dr. Shankaraiah

5 Real Time Support and Power Effectivity in Wireless Sensor Network

Akansha Nagpal, Anil Vadhwa

6 Developing Amalgamation Theory of Data Mining In Web

Lalita, Anil Vadhwa

7 Implementation of a Virtual Simulation Package for Project Based Learning as a Pedagogical Tool for Embedded System Education

Ms. Avisha, Mr. Vivek Kumar, Mr. Vikrant Verma

8 Design and Development of a Wearable System using MEMS Sensors and Flex Sensors to Detect and Track Asymmetries in Sleeping Postures

Mr. Ritwik, Mr. Kapil Gulati, Mr. Vikrant Verma

9 Design & Implementation of a Low Cost Solution for Security Breach using Passive Infrared Sensor

Mr. Sunil Kumar, Mr. Vivek Kumar, Mr. Vikrant Verma

10 Comparative Analysis of OFDM and UWB System on the Basis of Bit Error Rate

Sunandita Singh, Maninder Singh

11 Fuzzy Logic Control of SRM

Kiran Srivastava, B.K.Singh

12 Enumeration of Global path for evaluating Global Reliability of Computer Communucation Network

Dr. Mohd Ashraf

13 Performance Evaluation of DV Hop Localization  Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. Mohd Ashraf, Dr. Sandeep Sharma

14 Controlling Light and Speed of Fan based on Programming Logic Controller

Karambir, Kalyan Singh, Rajiv Saini

15 Analysis of Effect of Lead Time and Item Cost on Inventory Using Fuzzy Logic

Vijay Pal Singh