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1 Improvement of Performance in Cryptography

Parneet Kaur, Jagmohan Singh, Kamaljit Singh

2 Review of Measures of Computing Page Importance in Web Crawling

Harjeet kaur, Kanwal Garg

3 Software Risk Management

Rajesh Garg, Nitika Bansal, Pallavi Sharma

4 Simulation of Software Modules-Using PERT

Shweta Sharma, Rajesh Garg, Richa Grover

5 Neural Networks in Data Mining From Past to the Future

Mohit Kumar Vats, Misba Hashmi

6 A Review on Cloud Computing and Data Management in Cloud

Ajay Jangra, Vandana Bhatia

7 A Review Paper on Web Usage Mining and future request prediction

Priyanka Bhart, Sona Malhotra

8 A Survey on Wireless Sensor Networks Routing Algorithms

Priyank Garg, Reena Rani

9 HADOOP:A Brief Review

Kanwal Garg, Disha Kangar

10 Metrics Used In Component Based Software Engineering

Chander Diwaker, Sonam Rani, Pradeep Tomar

11 Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Ajay Jangra,Pinki Chhoker

12 A Review of Routing Protocols in MANETS-Security Analysis

Princy Tyagi

13 Review Paper on Fake Fingerprint Detection Methods

Tanisha Aggarwal, Chander Kant Verma

14 HADOOP: A Framework for Distributed Computing

Sneha Singh

15 A Review Paper on Cloud Computing

Umesh Kumar , Ajay Jangra

16 Hierarchical Routing Scope &Limitations in WSN

Ravinder Kumar, Ajay Jangra

17 Scale Base Classification of various Biometric Traits

Renu Chahal, Ajay Jangra

18 Survey on Various Routing Protocols WSN

Pretty Singla, Sandeep Kumar, Gurbaj Singh

19 Security Enhancement Technique In Peer to Peer Network: A Review

Varun Chanana, Sandeep Kumar, Ravikat Jaiswal

20 Leash Network With Zero Clients

Pardeep Bhardwaj, Col.Tara Chand, Saurabh Mittal

21 Memory leaks in Web 2.0 Applications

Bhanwar Gupta, Puneet Goswami

22 Analysis of social network with web data mining

Sanjeev Dhawan, Kulvinder Singh, Vandana Devi

23 Analysis The Surface Reconstruction System From Scattered Cloud Points

Indu Bala, Lalit Himra

24 An Advance Incentive System(AIS) for Peer to Peer Network

Varun Chanana, Sandeep Kumar, Gurbaj Singh

25 A Survey on Resource Management in Distributed System Using Ant Colony Optimization

Ankush Goel, Sandeep Kumar

26 Impact of Routing Overhead On Performance of ZRP & TORA Under Varying Transmission Range

Puneet Bansal

27 A Survey on Crop Prediction using Back Propagation Neural Network

Nidhi Gupta, Nalini Mittal, Aditi Gulati, Kamal Chhabra

28 Fabrication and Testing of SNO2 Thin Films as Gas Sensor

Vikas Kalas, Vijay Kumar Anand, S.C.Sood

29 CPU Scheduling –A Review

Rajesh Garg, Lucky, Anil Raman

30 Challenges in implementation Power Distribution System for Smart Grid

Raman kumar Bhamboria, Ram Avtar Jaswal

31 An Ancient Indian Mathematics Based Multiplier: SADHNA (Systematically Acting Device Helping in Numerical Analysis)

Kuldeep Rana, Gurbir Singh, Ankita Dwivedi

32 Analysis Fuzzy Self Tuning of PID Controller for DC Motor Drive

Neeraj kumar, Himanshu Gupta, Rajesh Choudhary

33 Optimization frequency response of saw filter using Particle swarm optimization

Kuldeep Singh, Arvind Grewal

34 Image Quality Assessment Techniques

V. K. Bhola, T. Sharma, J. Bhatnagar

35 Study of Different Parameters of Transient Stability of a General Power System under different Faults Condition

V. K. Bhola, T. Sharma, D. Dhiman

36 Detailed Study of Transient Stability of a General Power System

V. K. Bhola, T. Sharma, M. Sethi

37 Improvement of Dynamic Performance of Two-Area Thermal System using Proportional Integral&Fuzzy Logic Controller by considering AC Tie line Parallel with HVDC link

Pooja Devi, Ram Avtar

38 Torque Control of Induction Motor Using Simulink/Matlab

V. K. Bhola, T. Sharma, P. Saini

39 Comparative Analysis of Low-Power OTA Operating In Weak Inversion Region

Reetu Rani, Kuldeep Singh

40 Motivational Management Challenges for Managers of Tomorrow

Charu Singla, Raman Singh

41 A Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction in Private and Public Sector

Pankaj Arora, Shevya Rawal, Dolly Sethi

42 Green Manufacturing: Need of The Hour

Vishal Garg, Khushbu Gaur

43 Guerilla Marketing : Its Happening

Mansi Gupta, Kamaljeet kaur, Ashish Kamboj

44 The changing role of women in workplace and home with the Development of Economy

Ekta Anand, Aradhana Malhotra

45 Design and Performance Analysis of OBS Network Using Hybrid Contention Resolution Technique

Manoj Kumar Dutta

46 Radon Exhalation Rates from Some Soil Samples of Nangal, Punjab

Vimal Mehta, R P Chauhan, G S Mudahar

47 Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Doped Zinc Ferrite Nanoparticles

Ashok Kumar, Parmod Kumar, Manoj Kumar

48 Optimization of Material Removal Rate in CNC Turning of Mild Steel 1018 using Taguchi method

Arvind Kumar

49 Enrichment of Flux by Nickel to Improve Impact Strength in Submerged Arc Welding

Kuldeep Sharma

50 Improvement in Techno-Economic parameters by Roll Lubrication in Structural Steel Rolling

S K Jha, K Prakash, S Kumar, B Roy, D K Jain, R Topno, A.P Singh

51 Parametric Evaluation of Spark Ignition Engine with Ethanol Blended Gasoline Fuel

Sachin Sharma, R.S.Bharj

52 Decrease in Energy Consumption and Increase in Productivity & Quality of Wheels at Wheel And Axle Plant Of Durgapur Steel Plant, Durgapur

D.K Jain, S.K Jha, Bimlendra Roy, P.P Sengupta, A.P Singh

53 Effect and optimization of Process Parameters on surface roughness in Abrasive Flow Machining Process

Ravi Gupta, Rahul Wandra

54 Optimization of process parameter for surface finishing in abrasive flow finishing process

Ravi Gupta

55 An On-Line Portal for Prediction of Roll Force During Hot Strip Rolling Process

R.K. Roshan, S.Rath, A.K. Marik, P.P. Sen Gupta, I.Snigdh, A.P. Singh

56 Optimization of Wire Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameters Using Titanium Alloys –A Review

Anu Anand, Arvind Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Garg

57 M.R.R. Optimization for Aisi 202 in Turning Using Taguchi Criteria and Productivity Enhancement Using Kaizen Approach

Ankush aggarwal, Kapil Sharma, Hitesh