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IJCSC Volume-6 Issue-1 March 2015

SN Paper
1 A System for Identifying Tuberculosis using Speech Signals

M. Sadanandam, K. Rajesh Reddy

2 Making biometric system more secure using Liveness Detection

Ramesh Kumar, Naveen Monga

3 ACO Based Approach for Discovery of Frequent ItemSets from Database

Manju, Dr. Chander Kant

4 Providing Data Security in Cloud Computing Environment using Diffie-Hellman and HMAC

Pooja, Dr.Dheerendra Singh

5 Review of Energy Aware Cloud Computing

Sikander Gilhotra, Dr. Dheerendra Singh, Prity

6 An Improved Classification Technique Using Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Model for User Behavior Modeling

M.Rekha Sundari, Prasad Reddy Pvgd, Y.Srinivas

7 Cloud Computing Data Security-Background & Benefits

Sonia Bassi, Anjali Chaudhary

8 Benefits of Venture Capital in Modern Era

Poonam Sood

9 A Parametric Weighted Approach to Perform Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Poonam, Sharda R. Panghal

10 Cloud Computing: An Emerging Application in Web-Technology

Garima Yadav

11 Comparative study of RF-MEMS capacitive switch using gold than aluminum using coventorware

Gurnimaj Singh, Jyoti Saini

12 Live Migration in Cloud and its Security Concerns: A Survey

Tanvi Pandya, Madhuri Bhavsar

13 A Review of Multiprocessor Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Scheduling Algorithms

Shivani Sachdeva, Poonam Panwar

14 Study of Perfect and Imperfect Debugging NHPP SRGMs used for Prediction of Faults in a Software

Ravneet Kaur, Poonam Panwar

15 A Framework in Cloud Computing Security of User Data using Bidirectional Authentication and Encryption

Ramandeep Kaur Bhinder, Dr. Dheerendra Singh, Er.Gurjot Singh Sodhi

16 A Review on Using Cryptography Techniques for Securing User Data in Cloud Computing Environment

Ramandeep Kaur Bhinder, Dr. Dheerendra Singh, Er.Gurjot Singh Sodhi

17 Social Business Adoption and Digital Transformation

Jitendra Maan

18 Survey of Secure Routing Protocols over MANET

Mani Goyal, Dr. Sunil Taneja, Sandeep Kumar

19 Comparative Study of Image Fusion Techniques for Medical Applications

Sejal Patel, Rupal A. Kapdi

20 Cooperation Stimulating strategy based on demand/supply curve exchange for wireless network

Manisha A. Upadhyay, D.K.Kothari

21 Stock Prediction and Automated Trading System

Vishal Parikh, Parth Shah

22 Perspective Study on Load Balancing Paradigms in Cloud Computing

Jitendra B Bhatia, Malaram K Kumhar

23 Survey on QoS Aware Routing Protocols for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Malaram Kumhar, Vijay Ukani

24 Demographic Factors of Software Piracy

Shubhnandan S. Jamwal, Nishant Gupta

25 AVL and TRIE Loading Time in DOGRI Spell Checker

Shubhnandan S. Jamwal

26 Tuning of Moses Decoder for DOGRI SMT 

Shubhnandan S Jamwal, Sunil Dutt

27 Software Quality Assurance through ‘Testing’: A Review 

Vikash Yadav

28 A Review on Code Clones Detection Techniques for Software Systems

Jai Bhagwan