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Volume-5 Issue-2 Sept. 2014

SN Paper
1 Automatic Feature Extraction in Acceleration Plethysmography

Mandeep Singh, Sakshi Bansal

2 APG Feature Selection for Pre-Lunch Pitta Enhancement Detection

Mandeep Singh, Sakshi Bansal

3 APG Feature Selection for Post-Lunch Pitta Enhancement Detection

Mandeep Singh, Sakshi Bansal

4 Comparative Analysis of Ant-Based Technique with Primitive Approaches for Improvising End-To-End Delay Utilization Factor

T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair, Kavitha Sooda, Shruthi A P

5 Self Determining Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Meera A R, Jismy K Jose

6 Modelling of Low Voltage Power Line for Long Distance Applications

Archana Agarwal, Neelofer Afzal, Dr R.P. Singh

7 Intelligent routing approaches using Bacteria Foraging Algorithm and Artificial Bee Colony

T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair, Kavitha Sooda, Bharat Alva K

8 Microcontroller Based Geo-Boundary Scanning System for Vehicle Security Using GPS-GSM Technology

Rishbha, Kapil Gulati

9 IA Practical Model based Approach for Vehicle Security Using Global Positioning System and GSM Technology

Rishbha, Kapil Gulati

10 A Prime Number based framework for Frequent Pattern Mining

Sanjay Patel, K. Kotecha

11 Study of Wireless Communication Technologies: Bluetooth, WI-FI, Cellular and WiMAX

Omendri kumara, Dr. Sanjay Kumar

12 Study and Review of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

Vijay Nunia, Dr. Sanjay kumar

13 Agile Software Development Life Cycle in IT Industry

Rajesh Popli

14 Multiobjective Optimization for Classifying Samples of Large Gene Expression Datasets Using Improved Ant Colony Optimization and Competitive Sample Selection

Mahesh Panchal, Sanjay Garg

15 A Comparative Study of Palm Print Recognition Systems

Akash Patel, Chinmayi Tidke, Chirag Dhamecha, Kavisha Shah

16 DCT Based Palm Recognition System

Akash Patel, Chinmayi Tidke, Chirag Dhamecha, Kavisha Shah

17 Adaptive Round Robin Scheduling using Shortest Burst Approach

Rashmi Dhruv

18 Classification of Software Metrics and Open Source Tools for Software Development Phase

Shefali Singla, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

19 An Efficient Approach for Task Scheduling Based on Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment

Sourabh Budhiraja, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

20 Performance Comparison of Various Clustering Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

Gaurang Raval, Madhuri Bhavsar, Nitin Patel

21 Preliminary Simulation results on Optimisation of flow of mixed gas in Resistive Plate Chamber

S.D.Kalmani, P.Verma, P.V.Hunagund

22 Finger Knuckle Feature Extraction using Radon like Features

Dr. Kamal Mehta, Shubhangi Neware, Dr. A. S. Zadgaonkar

23 Towards more security in biometric system using Liveness Detection

Shiwani Goyal

24 Table Driven Routing Algorithms- DVR, Modified DVR

Karmjit Kaur

25 Object Prediction Using Naive Bayes Classifier