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Volume-4 Issue-2 Sept. 2013

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1 Features Extraction in Second Derivative of Finger PPG Signal: A Review

Mandeep Singh, ShivangiNagpal

2 Pitta Detection Using ANN Based Classifier

Mandeep Singh, ShivangiNagpal

3 Analysis of Second Derivate of Finger PPG Signal for Pitta Detection

Mandeep Singh, ShivangiNagpal

4 QOS Estimation of IEEE 802.3 under the Influence of Intra-Domain Routing Protocols

Mandeep Ghuman, Shammi Bahel

5 Analysis and Implementation of Improved - LEACH protocol for Wireless Sensor Network (I-LEACH)

Dr. Deepak Dembla, Shivam H. Mehta

6 An Enhanced Approach in Data Mining for Outlier Detection Based on Local Outlier Factor (LOF)

Dr. Deepak Dembla, Aditya Dixit, Sanjay Tiwari

7 KNN and SVM

Aarti kaushik, Gurdev Singh

8 The Facial expression detection from Human Facial Image by using neural network

Surbhi, Vishal Arora

9 Biometric Security: A Grand Challenge

Garima Yadav, Chander Kant

10 Risk Management in Software Engineering

K.D. Reddy, P.Govardhan, A.Bhanu Prakash

11 Routing Schemes and Clustering Algorithms in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network-A Review

Heena Khan, Rakesh Sharma

12 A Novel Bayesian Approach against Phishing Attacks based on Textual and Visual Content

S.Venkatalakshmi, D.Kusumalatha, P. S. Hemalatha

13 Study of Different Clustering Approaches for Outlier Detection

Deepak Sinwar, Dr. Sudesh Kumar

14 Improvement of Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks using Modified on Demand Routing Algorithm

Anil Patil, Dr P.M.Hadalgi

15 Restoring Degraded Images and Edge Detection Using Optimal Adaptive Thresholding and Filters

M Siddappa, Pooja Shashi

16 Ant Colony Optimization Based Medical Image De-Noising Using Sub Block Scanning Method

Sukhmeet Singh, Monika Aggarwal

17 A Stable Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Using Genetic Algorithm

Veena Garg, Rakesh Sharma

18 A High-Speed SAR A/D Conversion Technique

Gururaj Balikatti, R.M Vani, P.V. Hunagund

19 Analyzing Applications of Radio over Fiber (ROF) for Mobile Network

R. Karthikeyan, Dr. S. Prakasam

20 Improving the performance of IDS using Genetic Algorithm

Kuldeep Kumar, Ramkala Punia

21 Fruit Recognition with Multiple Features using Fuzzy Logic

Monika Sharma, Vibhuti P N Jaiswal, Amit Goyal

22 An Overview of Distributed Data Base Security issues in Cloud Computing Environment

Ambika Gupta, Arun Kumar Yadav

23 Wavelet Based Fingerprint Authentication System

Bhuvnesh Kumar, Matish Garg

24 Notch Filter Designing With SRR Materials for Wireless Applications

Deepika, Matish Garg

25 Super-Directive Microstrip Patch Antenna Array with Metamaterial

Deepika, Matish Garg

26 Implementation of Sampling Inspection Plan Algorithm Using Spread Sheet Functions

Srikanth.K, K.V.S.Sarma

27 Long Term Evolution Protocol: An Overview

Kamal Kr Sharma, Chandan Kumar, Deepak Kumar

28 Design and Implementation of (N X N) Folded Torus Architecture for Network on Chip with E-Cube Routing

Phuntsog Toldan, Manish Kumar

29 Agile Software Development

Rashmi Popli, Dr. Naresh Chauhan

30 Crack Detection in Concrete Surfaces Using Genetic Algorithm

Kumari.T M.E, Uma maheswari.D M.E

31 Determining Effectiveness of Multithreading for Solving Problems with Low Computational Complexity

Rupsa Saha, Shwetha Rai, Srikanth Prabhu, Geetha M.

32 Authenticity of Fingerprint as Biometric Traits

Chander Kant, Archana Toky

33 Major Developments in Grid Computing to Improve the Throughput

Ritu Baniwal

34 Applications of Cloud Computing in Different Areas

Ritu Baniwal

35 Visibility optimization for data visualization: A Survey of Issues and Techniques

Ch Harika, Supreethi K.P

36 A Framework to Evaluate Search Engines

Deepak Rathee, Jaideep Atri, Jagdeep Rathee, Rajender Nath

37 Effect of changing alpha in arithmetic crossover of GA for solving optimization functions

Girdhar Gopa, Deepak Rathee, Jagdeep Rathee

38 The Prospects of Human Resource Development in India

Manjeet Kumari, Ritu Baniwal

39 An Approach of Recommendation System for Online Users

Ravi Bhushan, Mohit Vats

40 A Proposed Work on Node Clustering & Object Tracking Processes of BFOA in WSN

Rajender kumar, Dr. Ravinder Khanna, Dr. Pankaj kumar, Dr. Surender

41 Analysis and study of data security issues in cloud computing

Pawan kumar, Dr. Sawtantar Singh, Dr. Surender

42 Optimal Routing Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks

Shant Kaushik

43 Use of Computer in Sport: A Study

Dr Rajeev Rana

44 An Approach to Secure Database Templates in Multimodal Biometric Systems

Dr. Sheetal Chaudhary