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IJCSC Volume-4 Issue-1 March 2013

SN Paper
1 Effect of Mobility and Node Density on the Performance of Routing Protocols in VANETs using Intelligent Driver Model

Rajinder Sanwal, Vishal Kumar

2 Performance of Flow Based Intrusion Detection System over Traditional Intrusion Detection in High Speed Network

Deepti Sharad Nirwal, Pankaj Kr. Saini, Tarun Kaushik

3 Control of Speed variation of BLDC motor using AIFLC.

Bharathi. Y. H, A. B. Kulkarni

4 A Three Comparator Scheme for EnhancingSpeed of SAR ADC

Gururaj Balikatti, R.M Vani , P.V. Hunagund

5 A Survey on Security Challenges of Cloud Computing

Monika Gogna

6 A Novel Approach for Web Usage Mining Using Neural Network Learning Technique

Seema Narvare, Sushil Chaturvedi

7 Impact of Computer Based Information Systems on Organisation Performance in ONIDA Ltd.

Dr. Dinesh Gupta

8 Improvement Of Power System Operation Using Simulink Model Of UPFC

Vinay Kakkar, Narendra Kumar, Nirmal Kr. Agarwal

9 Popularity Tree, Data Structure

Kiran Jain, Priyanka Sehra

10 Acceptability of Fingerprint as Biometric Traits

Ramesh Kumar

11 S-Patch Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Navigation

Anil Mehla, Kuldip Pahwa

12 Handwritten Kurdish Character Recognition Using Geometric Discertization feature

Bayan O. Mohammed

13 Augmenting Mobility Model Algorithms

Nishant, Vijay P. Agrawal

14 Spoof Attack Detection in Fingerprint Authentication using Hybrid fusion

Dr. Chander Kant, Raksha

15 Fake Face Recognition using Fusion of Thermal Imaging and Skin Elasticity

Dr. Chander Kant, Nitin Sharma

16 Enhanced Inter-Cloud System Architecture

Dr. Chander Kant, Yogesh Sharma

17 Simulating supply chain activities in multi-agent based supply chain management system with plasma simulator

Surjeet Dalal, Kamal Kr Sharma

18 A Taxonomy of Network Layer Attacks against Wireless Sensor Networks

Punit Sharma, Dr. Deepak Dembla

19 Analysis of Decision Tree Technique of Data Mining

Sukhdev Singh, Arun Jain, Anish Soni

20 Forward Node Selection Technique for Hierarchical Group Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Kamaljit Singh Saini, Dr. Chander Kant

21 Digital Literacy and its Impact-A Review

Dr. Abhishek Taneja

21 Optimized Multi-casting routing mechanism for energy efficient transmission in MANET

Sunil Kumar, Dr.Vinay Kumar Singh