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Volume-3 Issue-2 September 2012

SN Paper
1 A Novel Approach of Simulation Tools for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Sujata V. Mallapur, Dr. Siddarama R. Patil

2 An Analysis of Developing Turbulent Flow  

Sabah Tamimi

3 Implementation of Digital Watermarking using VHDL

Mohammad I.Khan, Samiksha Soni, Bibhudendra Acharya, Shrish Verma

4 Performance Improvement of OFDM System Using PAPR Reduction

Mohit Pant, Dr.Dhiiraj Nitnawwre

5 Information Retrieval using Page Relevancy

Jaswinder singh, Jyoti godara

6 Optimizing Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Hop Distance

Anshul Shrotriya, Dr. Dhiiraj Nitnawwre

7 Object tracking by adaptive mean shift with kernel based centroid method

Rahul Mishra, Mahesh K. Chouhan, Dr.Dhiiraj Nitnawwre

8 Electromyography Based Hand Control Signals: A Review

Ruchika, Aarti Malik

9 A Novel Approach for Congestion Control in Healthcare Wireless Sensor Networks

Padmashree T, Dr.N.K.Cauvery

10 New Features for Language Identification Using GMM

A.Nagesh, Dr V.Kamakshi Prasad, M. Sadanadam

11 Comparative Analysis of Various Image Edge Detection Techniques for Two Dimensional CT Scan Neck Disc Image

J. Preetha, S. Selvarajan, P. Suresh

12 Detecting and Preventing assaults on Network & Transport Layers for Linux Systems

Prof.G.R.Koteswara Rao

13 Classification: A holistic view

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Bharti Chauhan

14 High Pitta Detection using Finger Photoplethysmograph based Features: A Feasibility Study

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Bharti Chauhan

15 Proposal for exploring possibilities for Finger Photoplethysmography as a substitute for Pulse Diagnosis in Ayurveda

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Tanushree Sharma

16 Feature Extraction from Finger Pulse Photoplethysmograph for determining pitta level in human body

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Tanushree Sharma

17 Finger Pulse Plethysmograph Feature Selection for Pitta Detection in Human Body

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Tanushree Sharma

18 The Impact of Knowledge Based Conceptual Model in Evaluating Software Architecture

P.Shanmugapriya, R.M.Suresh

19 A Dynamic Approach to Detection and Mis-configuration in Firewall Policy Rules

Omid Mahdi Ebadati E., Harleen Kaur, M. Afshar Alam

20 Routing in MANETS using ACO with Mobility Assistance

Praveen Biradar, Sowmya K.S

21 A Compact Microstrip Antenna for WiMAX Applications

Barun Mazumdar

22 Effect on Range of Bluetooth Class 1 Adapter using External Omni Antenna

Kapil Kumar, Prateek Sharma, Ajay Kumar Singh

23 An Efficient Identity Based Self Proxy Signature Scheme with Warrant

Vandani Verma

24 Handover In IPv6 & In Its Optimization Techniques: A Survey

Ritu Sehgal Makhija, Neha Gupta, Mitu Sehgal

25 Design and Implementation of Adaptive Public Transport system with low cost wireless link and specialized protocol

Ranjana D. Raut, Vineet Kumar Goyal, Nikhil Arora

26 Embedding A Software Watermark Using Poisson Distribution

D.Seetha Mahalaxmi, Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju, Dr. A. Vinay Babu

27 An Analysis of Hand Gesture Recognition Technique Using Finger Movement Detection Based on Color Marker

Nancy, Gianetan Singh Sekhon

28 Effect of iterative multilevel thresholding on Wavelet decomposed Bio-image for its restoration

Harkirat Singh Brar, Kulvir Singh

29 Creating 3D WRL Object By using 2D data

Isha, Gianetan Singh Sekhon

30 Lambda tuning technique based controller design for an industrial blending process

Manik, P.K.Juneja, Dr.A K Ray, Sandeep Sunori

31 Image Segmentation And Object Extraction Using Binary Partition Tree

Uvika, Sumeet Kaur

32 A Four Level Speech Signal Encryption Algorithm

Harjinder Kaur, Gianetan Singh Sekhon

33 Hash Based Approach for Secure Image Steganography using Canny Edge Detection Method

Kritika Singla, Sumeet Kaur

34 Echo Cancellation Using LMS Filter

Pankush Singla, Gianetan Singh Sekhon

35 A Study Report on Finger Print Image Enhancement Methods

Dinesh Kumar Misra, Dr. S.P Tripathi

36 Critical Patient Movement Monitoring and Data Logging in Real Time Using Consecutive Frames Analysis Method

Mukesh, Gianetan Singh Sekhon

37 Text Fusion in Medical Images at Noisy Positions

Naveen Kumar, Sukhwinder Singh

38 Relative analysis of different edge operators

Hardeep Saini, Danveer Mandal

39 Acoustic Noise Cancellation Using Block LMS Filter In MATLAB Simulink

Sukhpreet Singh, Sukhwinder Singh Sran

40 Four Level Image Encryption Using Scrambling and Key Based Methods

Sandeep Kaur, Sumeet Kaur

41 Extracting proverb from hindi Sentence and translating it into Equivalent punjabi meaning

Jagatjit Singh Sekhon

42 Natural Language Processing and Its Main Areas: Introduction

Jimmy single, Rishideep singh Jagatjit singh sekhon

43 Token Based Security in MIPv6, HMIPv6 and in Dynamic MAP Management HMIPv6

Prof. M. N. Doja, Ravish Saggar

44 Consecutive Frame Scanning Algorithm For Multi Vehicle Velocity Detection

Karishma Malhotra, G.S. Sekhon

45 Multi-input IFLC for motion control of BLDC motors

Bharathi. Y. H, Prof. A. B. Kulkarni

46 Browser Prevention Against Phishing Website Security Risk

Aanchal Malhotra, Navdeep Kaur

47 Visual Cryptography Using Color Images

G.R.S.Murthy, D.T.V.Dharmajee Rao

48 Challenges in Securing Ad hoc Networks

Budesh Kanwer

49 Identification of the Most Adaptable Quality Meta-Model

Mandeep Singh, Rishma Chawla

50 Scheduling Of Precedence Constrained Task Graphs on Multiprocessor Systems

Shailza Kamal, Sukhwinder Sharma

51 Risk Management in Networked Information System

Puja Gupta

52 Mobile ad-hoc networks for wireless systems

Niki Devi

53 Analysis on Checkpointing Scheme Paradigms for Mobile Ad-hoc Network: A Review

Anup Patnaik, Lalit Kumar Awasthi, Kamlesh Dutta

54 Retrieval of better results by using shape techniques for content based retrieval

Pooja Verma, Manish Mahajan

55 A Genetic Approach to improve the Performance Index by Using Artificial Neural Networks

Kanaka Durga R., Dr. Radhika Y.

56 Ethics and Applications of Web Mining

Davinder Singh, G.N. Singh

57 Classification using Association Rule Mining

Sheela Singhal, Dr. G.N. Singh

58 Comprehensive Procedure for Knowledge Refinement

Asheem Datta

59 Cartography Using Data Warehousing and Mining

Narinderjit Kaur, Dr. Vivek Chandra

60 Handoff Process In Mobile WiMAX Networks

Anurag Kumar, Vishal Kumar, Jaydeep Kishore

61 Watermark Embedding In an Image and Authentication Based On DCT

Vijaya kumar K.L.S., Sri.r.srinivas

62 Cost Function Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks

Parveen Sharma, Akhilesh Kr Bhardwaj

63 Usability Requirements Along The Structure Of Pages Dimension

Mandeep Josan, Dr. G.N. Singh

64 Optimized Multi-Casting Routing Mechanism for Network Performance Enhancement in MANET

Sunil Kumar, Dr.Vinay Kumar Singh