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Volume-1 Issue-2 Dec 2009

SN Paper
1 Utilizing UART Method for Realizing the TII of IEEE 1451

Jih-Fu Tu

2 On Line Visual Inspection System for Calibration of Fuel Gauges

Ashwani Kumar Dubey, Dr. Yaduvir Singh & Dr. R. P. Singh

3 Decision Tree Based Control of Shunt DC Motor

R.S.Bhatia, B.P.Singh, J.S.Lather

4 Design and Implementation of a Robust Watermarking Algorithm for Image Protection

Deepti Prit Kaur , Jaspreet Kaur , Vivek Singla ,  Mahesh K. Yadav

5 Radiation Characteristic Of Waves Propagation In Weakly Coupled Dusty Plasma Medium

Sunil Kumar Jha & Y. Tiwari

6 PAPR Reduction with Palindromic Codes Using Biasing Vector Technique in OFDM

MVS Sairam, Dr.B.Prabhakara Rao

7 A Novel Algorithm Based Design Scheme for Embedding Secret Message onto a Steganographic Channel      

Vishal Bharti, Harish Bedi

8 An Optimized Algorithms for Compression and Transformation

Vibhav Krashan Chaurasiya, Manvjeet Kaur

9 A Novel Construction Technique for Design of Generalized Orthogonal Codes to Wireless Communication

K. Murali,Dr.S.Sri Gowri, N.S.Murthy

10 Effect of Consonant Duration Modifications on Speech Perception in Noise

NH Shobha , TG Thomas , K Subbarao

11 Analysis of wave propagation in cold plasma medium

Sunil Kumar Jha,  Y Tiwari

12 Application of the ofdm modulation to power line communications

Archana Agarwal

13 Multi-carrier CDMA for Next Generation Broadband Wireless Mobile Communication

Deepak Kedia1, Manoj Duhan1, and S.L. Maskara2

14 Genetic Approach to detect Bridging faults, Transitional Delay faults and Stuck at faults in LSI Circuits

Dhiraj Sangwan ,Rajesh Kumar  Member, IEEE, Mukesh Kumar

15 Hardware and Software Co-Synthesis Environment for Embedded Systems

Rashmi priyadarshini , b.s. Chawla

16 Modified Architectural Support for predicate execution of Instruction level parallelism

Sweta , Dr. Ranjit Biswas , Prof. J.B.Singh

17 Performance Analysis of the Hopfield Neural Network for Storage and Recalling of the Pattern of a Finger Print Image

Rinku sharma , dr. Manu pratap singh

18 Dynamic Frequency Allocation Scheme of Mobile Networks Using Priority Assignment Technique

Mridul Chawla,  Naveen Goel ,  Neha Raheja

19 Simulation Study and Comparative Analysis of Different Control Techniques used for Three Phase Three Wire Shunt Active Filters

Naimish Zaveri1, A.R.Chudasama2

20 System Identification Using Output Error Method In The Presence Of Uncertainties

Dalvinder Kaur,  Lillie Dewan

21 A Fuzzy Model for Early Software Fault Prediction Using Process Maturity and Software Metrics

Ajeet Kumar Pandey , N. K.Goyal

22 Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing-A Boon to Wireless Networks

Neelam Srivastava

23 Design and Development of Microstrip Array Antenna with Broader Bandwidth and Beam

P M Hadalgi and S L Mallikarjun

24 VLSI Floorplan Optimization Using Simulated Annealing

Gaurav Kumar, Anu Suneja

25 Analyzing Flexible Processing Platform for XML Data

Neha Gupta, Pooja Grover

26 A Fault Synchronized Impedance Measurement Design For Digital Distance Protection

Niranjan kumar , Dr. M. M. Chaudhary

27 Design and Implementation of Frequency Analyzer Using VHDL

Anant. G. Kulkarni , Sudha Nair

28 Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna for X-Band Applications

P. M.Hadalgi, R. G.Madhuri and S. L. Mallikarjun

29 Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using Fourier Filtering Technique

Pooja Gupta , Jaspreet Kaur

30 Secure and Efficient Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Mukesh Chawla , Kamlesh Dutta


Dalvinder Mangal, Shelly Singla

32 Initial Partitioning Algorithm for ISPD98 Benchmark

S. Supreet Singh , Prof. S.S. Gill ,Er. Jaspreet Kaur