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Volume-1 Issue-1 June 2009

SN Paper
1 Optimum Compensation and Stability of Potentiostat

P.M. Nawghare

2 Hybrid Clustering Protocol for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

J. Vidhya, P. Dananjayan

3 A Novel Image Processing Based Approach for Determining Size of Breast Tumors

Syed Abdaheer.M. , Ekram Khan

4 Features Preserved Medical Image De-Noising Using Steered Complex Shrinkage Algorithm

M.Venu Gopala Rao, S.Vathsal

5 Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Modulation of Data Spread OFDM with Power Control

Rakesh Sharma, Suresh Rani, Sachin Dahiya

6 Analysis of Effect of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop on Thermo hydraulic Performance of Solar Air Heater 

Thakur Sanjay Kumar , N.S. Thakur , Varun  , Anoop Kumar

7 DFT based implementation of spatial-to-frequency domain transformation of image using VHDL

Chandan Kumar Jha , Trupti Ranjan Lenka

8 Application of a Finite Element Method to find the Efficiency of Linear Induction Motor with Constant voltagefeeding

Manpreet S Manna , Sanjay Marwaha  & H M Rai

9 Fuzzy Logic for Design of Air Quality Analyzer 

Manjeet , Vijay Pal Singh

10 FKBC based Intelligent Liquid Level Regulator 

Ashwani Kumar Dubey and Dr. R. P. Singh

11 Design of CMOS Comparators for FLASH ADC

Dr.M.Madhavilatha  ,G.L.Madhumati, K.Rama Koteswara Rao

12 Local Adaptive Bivariate Shrinkage Function for Medical Image De-Noising

M.Venu Gopala Rao, S.Vathsal

13 Analytical BER Computation for MC CDMA System with Iterative HIC Receiver 

 Nithyanandan , P. Dananjayan

14 An Approach for Synchronization in Carrier Signal with Noise Distortion Using Complex Binary Phase lockedloop Method

Krishna Chandra Roy , Manoj Kumar , Ashok Kumar

15 A Robust Decoupling Strategy for WLS State Estimation for Power Systems 

P. Aravindhababu  R. Neela

16 A Novel Capacitor Placement Algorithm for Voltage Stability Enhancement in Distribution Systems

G. Mohan  P. Aravindhababu

17 CAMDADF Technique for Prevention & Detection of Spoofed Attack 

Sweta Verma

18 Digital Image Watermarking: Challenges and Approach For A Robust Algorithm

Deepti Prit Kaur , Jaspreet Kaur , Kamal Deep

19 Computation of Mutual Coupling for Gap-Coupled Circular Patch Antennas Loaded With Shorting Post

Pradeep Kumar, G. Singh

20 VLSI Implementation & Design of Complex Multiplier for FFT Using ASIC-VLSI

Amrita Rai , Manjeet singh  Dr. S.V.A.V. Prasad

21 Analysis of two Routing Protocols of MANET: AODV and DSR

Mahesh Kumar Yadav , DR. C. Ram Singla , Deepak Dembla

22 A Genetic Implementation of Stuck-at-fault & Delay fault Identification in Digital Circuits

Dhiraj Sangwan ,Rajesh Kumar  Mukesh Kumar

23 HCEE: Hierarchical clustered energy efficient protocol for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks

Dilip Kumar , R.B Patel

24 Reduction of Peak to Average Power Ratio in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Using Pulse Shaping Techniques 

V. Vijayarangan, DR. (MRS) R. Sukanesh