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Volume 2 Issue-2 Sept. 2011

SN Paper
1 Biometric Technology: A Review.

Mohmad Kashif Qureshi

2 How to Secure Information Flow in Web based Mobile Ad Hoc Network. 

Dheerendra Singh

3 An analysis on the Impact of Multi Agent Based E-learning System.


4 An Approximate mining of clustered patterns for retrieving user interesting sequential patterns using constraints

Prof. S. Machchhar, Prof. Madhuri Vaghasia, Prof. Priyanka Buch

5 Location Update Strategies in Mobile Computing

Mr. Kalpesh A. Popat

6 Next Generation Software Security through Testing Stage of SDLC

Vidyabhushan A. Upadhye, Prof. Shashank D. Joshi

7 Thread Based Cache Consistency Model for Mobile Environment

G.shanmugarathinam, Dr.K.ViveKanandan

8 Adaptive Round Robin Scheduling using Shortest Burst Approach Based on Smart Time Slice

Saroj Hiranwal, Dr. K.C. Roy

9 Neural Network Based Brain Tumor Detection using MR Images

Kadam D B, Gade S S, M D Uplane, R K Prasad

10 Design and implementation of probe fed equilateral triangular patch microstrip antenna for Wireless communications

Prasanna L. Zade, Dr. N. K. Choudhary

11 Efficient Knowledge Discovery using Data Clustering for Transportation Planning

Sai Hanuman A, Anand Sesham, Dr Vinaya Babu, Dr Govardhan, Dr Padmanabham

12 Overview of approaches to semantic web search

Meena Unni, Dr. K.Baskaran

13 An Enhanced Bi-orthogonal Wavelet Filter For Image Compression

Rattan Deep Aneja, Sorabh Gupta, Vishal Batra

14 Security issues in wireless sensor network  

Manju Gupta, Dr. C. Ram Gupta

15 A Novel Approach Noise filtration for MRI Image Sample in Medical Image Processing

Lalitha Y. S, Mrityunjaya V. Latte

16 Topology in Medical Image Segmentation

M.C.Jobin Christ, Dr.R.M.S.Parvathi

17 An approach to analyze subparts of a 2D Image

Ravi Saharan, Raviraj Choudhary

18 Correlation studies of finger pulse profiles for detecting Ayurvedic doshas

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Spiti Gupta

19 PPG profile investigations for different fingers in a subject

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Spiti Gupta

20 A Predication Weather Parallel with Filter Model Based on Extract Event: Case Study Is Malaysian Weather for Short-Term  

Wa’el Jum’ah Al_Zyadat, Rodziah Binti Atan, Hamidah Ibrahim, Masrah A. Azmi Murad

21 Connection and handover management in ATM networks using queuing model for QOS enhancement

G.Vijaya Lakshmi, C. Shoba Bindu

22 Consistency Analysis for determination of Ayurvedic doshas using prevalent questionnaires

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Anil Anand

23 Principal Component Analysis of combined questionnaire for determining Human Constituents

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Anil Anand

24 Optimization of questionnaire for determining Ayurvedic Imbalances

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Anil Anand

25 Analyzing Quick-Shot method for Ayurvedic Diagnosis

Dr. Mandeep Singh, Anil Anand

26 Two-Stage Authentication For Wireless Networks Using Dual Signature And Symmetric Key Protocol

Sushma Yalamanchili, K.V.Sambasiva Rao

27 An Improvement of AODV protocol Based on Threaded Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Yogendra Kumar Jain, Nilesh Vani

28 Online Indexing For Databases Using Query Workloads

Ms. Shanta Rangaswamy, Dr. Shobha G.

29 Service Oriented Architecture Adoption in E-Education System

Jaspreet kaur

30 Parametric Maximum Flow Problem: Techniques and Algorithms 

Deepika Sareen, Dr. Deepak Garg

31 A New Shortest Path Finding Algorithm for a Maze Solving Robot with Simulator

Amanpreet Singh, Gianetan Singh Sekhon

32 Web change monitoring and tracking tools

K.Thirugnana Sambanthan, Dr. S.S.Dhenakaran

33 An Alternative Method for Obtaining Initial Feasible Solution to a Transportation Problem and Test for Optimality

Shiv Kant Kumar, Indu Bhushan Lal, S.P.Varma

34 Enhancing Fingerprint Authentication System using Fragile Image Watermarking Technique

Jitendra K. Gothwal, Shyam Sunder Yadav, Dr. Ram Singh

35 Analysis of Facial Gesture Recognition using Eigen Faces

Rahul Kumar Tyagi, Neha Singh, Piyush Chaudhary

36 Fuzzy Based Congestion Control in Wireless Network

Smitha.k, Anand H U, J. D. Mallapur

37 Demographic Trends in Software Piracy among Students

Shubhnandan S. Jamwal

38 State of the art algorithms for frequent item mining in data Streams

J. Chandrika, Dr. K.R. Ananda Kumar

39 Domain-specific Modeling and Synthesis of Distributed Networked Systems

K.Ramesh, T.Ramesh

40 Conceiving a Intrusion Detection System in the Network by Mobile Agents

Aditya Vidyarthi, A.S. Saxena

41 Infant Monitoring System

P.Sushma chowdary, S.Aruna

42 Power management in mobile devices by various protocol 

Kirtika Goyal

43 Efficient and Reliable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

Sunar Arif Hussain, Dr K.E.Sreenivasa Murthy

44 Resource Discovery for Job Submission using Dispute Solving in Grid Environment

Prakash M, Ravichandran T

45 Development of a Punjabi to English transliteration system

Kamal Deep, Dr. Vishal Goyal

46 Retailing Prospects in Rural Market

Poonam Talwar, Sunita Sangwan, Kuldeep Sharma

47 A Review on Computer Aided Mammography for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Classification using image mining methodology

Aswini Kr. Mohanty, Pratap Kr. Champati, Sukanta kr. Swain, Saroj Kr. Lenka

48 Analysis of x – ray dental imaging with special reference to past and present scenario

S. Venkatakrishnan, Dr. V. Ramalingam

49 Speckle noise reduction in medical ultrasound images using particle swarm optimization with artificial neural networks: comparative approach

Manpreet kaur, Danvir mandal

50 A new pattern generator approach using built in self test for circuit under test

P.Rambabu, T.Kalpana

51 New Features for Automatic Text Independent Language Identification

A.Nagesh, V.Kamakshi Prasad

52 Investigation on Throughput of a Multi Hop Network with Identical Station for Random Failure

Manish Shrivastava, Ravi Sahu

53 Performance Evaluation and Simulation Based Modeling of Energy Aware Variable Range DSR (VRDSR) protocol

Radhika D. Joshi, Priti P. Rege

54 Performance Analysis of Multicast Protocols: ODMRP, PUMA and OBAMP

J. Rangarajan, Dr. K. Baskaran

55 Generalized on lattice of Boolean graph

M.Vijaya Kumar, P.Srinivas, Naga Maruthi Kumari

56 Wi-Fi (802.11) security issues and its solution

D.M. Gharge, S.V. Halse

57 Indian vehicle license plate extraction and segmentation

Chetan Sharma, Amandeep Kaur

58 Generalised Substitution Language: Proper Technique for Software Inspection

Neeraj Kumar

59 Software Reliability Growth Model with Logistic Testing-Effort Function Considering Log-logistic Testing-Effort and Imperfect Debugging

O.Naga Raju, Ch.Satyanaraya

60 Extracting Proverbs in Machine Translation from Hindi to Punjabi using Relational Data Approach

Monika Sharma, Dr. Vishal Goyal

61 Competitive advantage in mobile phone industry (Focus on value chain and core competency)

V V Vara Prasad, Dr P K Sahoo

62 Clustering in Knowledge Penetration Process

Lalita Narang, Dr. Vivek Chandra

63 Telemedicine using computer communication network

S.Saravanan, Dr. M.AnbuRajan., Dr. A. Venkatraman., Dr. N.Sriraam, Dr. P.Thirusakthi Murugan

64 Biometric Recognition System: An Introduction

Darshan Lal

65 Performance comparison between filters and wavelet transform in image denoising for different noises

Bobby, Manish Mahajan

66 Content based image retrieval by comparing color and shape features

Pooja Verma, Manish Mahajan

67 Investigate the performance of software defect prediction for Decision Tree Algorithm using Quantative and Qualatative Factors

Dr.R.P.S Bedi, Priyanka Anand, Sunil Khullar, Dr. P..S.Sandhu

68 To Generate Rule for Software Defect Prediction on Quantitative and Qualitative Factors using Artificial Neural Network

Harish Kundra, Neha Gautam, Sunil Khullar, Dr. P.S.Sandhu

69 Impact of Relay Nodes on Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network

Anand Mulasavalgi, Anand Unnibhavi

70 Study on Mobile Adhoc Network Routing Protocols


71 Research Scenario of Software Reuse

Ajay Kumar