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Volume-2 Issue-1 March 2011

SN Paper
1 Testing of Database Application using Agent Based Method.

Jyoti Duhan

2 Review of Training Evaluation

Sunita Dahiya, Ajeya Jha

3 Mixture Classifier for Time Series Mining

K.Vedavathi, K.Srinivasa Rao, A.Vinaya Babu

4 Performance Evaluation Of Statistical Approaches For Text-Independent Language Identification System

R. Rajeshwara Rao, A. Prasad

5 Mobility Management Protocols for Wireless Mobile Networks

Chandralekha, Praffula Kumar Behera

6 Information Security: Encryption & Decryption with Poly Alphabetic Substitution Method

Navnish Goel, Amitabh Maurya, Babloo Kumar

7 Comparision of Approaches to Implement Intrusion Detection System

Sapna S. Kaushik, Prof.P.R.Deshmukh

8 Land Area Estimation through Interpretation of Aerial Images

Swapan Debbarma, Anupam Jamatia

9 Neuro Based Approach For Speech Recognition By Using Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients

Dr.R.L.K.Venkateswarlu, Dr. R.Vasanthakumari

10 Design Issues: Duty Cycle Control in Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr.V.K.Sharma, Ravindra P. Gupta

11 A New Algorithm for call setup from a Fixed Wireline to a roaming Mobile Station in an adjacent network

Venkata S. Pachigolla, Ramesh Babu Inampudi

12 Detection Of Rouge Access Point in 802.11g using MA

S V Athawale, S B Vanjale

13 Selective Neighbouring Wavelet Coefficients Approach for Image Denoising

B.Chinna Rao, M. Madhavi Latha

14 A New ANN Method for Measuring Overall Reliability and Performance in Growing Computer Networks with Static and Variable Connections.  

Baijnath Kaushik, Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Dr. Amit Kumar Kohli

15 A Survey and Performance Analysis of Check pointing and Recovery Schemes for Mobile Computing Systems

Ruchi Tuli, Parveen Kumar

16 Using Statistical Post-Editing to Improve the Output of Rule-Based Machine Translation System

Abdol Hamid Pilevar,  Bu Ali Sina

17 CURE: Clustering on Sequential data for web Personalization: Tests and Experimental Results

K.santhisree, Dr A.Damodaram

18 Handling Ambiguous Data during Requirements Verification using Fuzzy logic

Prajakta Chandrakant, Dhote

19 Development Of CORBA Based Application For Simulation In Distributed Environments


20 An approach for optimization of Handoff Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logic System

C.G. Patil, Mahesh T. Kolte

21 Context Disambiguation in Web Search Results Using Clustering Algorithm

Ms.Jyoti Bhagwani, Prof.Kapil Hande

22 Comparison of Data Encryption Algorithms

Simar Preet Singh, Raman Maini

23 Bluetooth: Real Edge over IrDA

Dr Priyanka, Er. Pawan Kumar

24 Secure Transmissions – A Study on the Challenges Faced

V.Nandakumar, Dr.E.R.Naganathan, Dr.S.S.Dhenakaran

25 Dynamically Updating The Message-passing In Distributed Systems [Distributed Applications]

Rajeev Kr.Sharma, Rupak Sharma, Mr. Shailendra Raj

27 Component Interactions from Software Architecture Recovery

Shivani Budhkar, Dr. Arpita Gopal

28 Proper Technique Of Software Inspection Using Guarded Command Language

Neeraj Kumar

29 Impact of Human Resource Management Strategies and Business Strategies in Indian Banking Sector

Ram Phool Sharma, Dr. Seema Mehlawat

30 Texture gradient from images for segmentation

Roshni V.S, Raju .G, Ravindra Kumar

31 Need of Bandwidth Management and Formulation of Policy Framework for Effective Utilisation of Internet Services within a University Campus

Vikas Sharma, Vikram Kumar, Balvir Singh Thakur

32 Study of Conventional and Evolutionary Digital Filter Design

Ramanpreet Kaur, Simarpreet Kaur

33 Traffic and Performance Management for Biomedical Sensor Network

Dheerendra S.Gangwar

34 Grid Storage Scheduler

Ms.Sonal Jain

35 Digit Recognition System using Back propagation Neural Network

Devinder Singh, Baljit Singh Khehra

36 Cloud Computing – The Next Generation Computing

Ashish Saravag, Dr. Chander Kant

37 Bluetooth Quality Issues, Threats and Security Tips

Pawan Kumar

38 An Optimal Approach to Alleviate the Problem of Over-Segmentation

Pawanpreet Kaur, Prof. Amit Kamra

39 Mobile Cloud Computing As a Future of Mobile Multimedia Database

Amreen Khan, Kamal Kant Ahirwar

40 Multimodal Interface for Disabled Persons

Prof. S. A. Chhabria, Dr. R. V. Dharaskar

41 Image Viewer and Editor [IVE] – From Web Perspective

Rajdeep Chaudhary

42 Power Saving Strategies in Wireless Sensor Networks

Pranali D. Tembhurne

43 Comparative analysis of Robust Iris Recognition System using Log Gabor wavelet and Laplacian of Gaussian Filter

Bhawna Chouhan, Dr.Shailja Shukla

44 Wavelet Filter Bank Based Robust Speech Enhancement

L.M.Kadam, D.S.Aldar, B.B.Godbole

45 Design of Second-Order Sigma-Delta Modulator using CMOS Technology

Nitin Sachdeva

46 Cooperative Diversity and partner selection Techniques in Wireless Networks

Yuvraj Patil, Rajan chilel

47 Exploring the Hidden Web: A Review

Anuradha, A.K Sharma

48 Web Services: Composition and Integration for Easy Use

Shweta Roy, Dr Ranjit Singh

49 Web Crawler - An Overview

Dr. S.S.Dhenakaran, K.T.Sambanthan

50 Alignment Solutions for Operational Planning In E-Management System for an Educational Institution

Ashok B. Kulkarni, Valeri Pougatchev

51 Comaprison of Data Mining and Auditing Tools

Simmi Bagga, Dr. G.N. Singh

52 Second Generation Curvelet Shrinkage Model Based Image Denoising

B. Chinna Rao, Dr. M. Madhavi Latha