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Volume-1 Issue-2 Sept. 2010

SN Paper
1 Design of Low Power FIR Filter Coefficients Using Genetic Algorithm (Optimization)

Shaveta Goyal, Prof. J.P.S. Raina

2 Integration of E-Business with ERP Systems

Prof. Pramod Kumar, Dr.M.P.Thapliyal

3 An Information Modeling Using EHR

Kulvinder Singh Mann, Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, Ravikant Verma, Ekta Gupta

4 Trusted Resource allocation in Grid computing by Using Reputation


5 Algorithm to Improve the Performance of OFDM based WLAN Systems

D. Sreenivasa Rao, M. Kanti Kiran, Dr K. Sri Ramakrishna

6 Local Repair with Handoff Approach for On Demand Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Networks

 Meenu Chawla, Jyoti Singhai, J L Rana

7 Performance Evaluation of MLP for Speech Recognition In Noisy Environments Using MFCC & Wavelets

P Phani Kumar, K S N Vardhan, Dr K Sri Rama Krishna

8 Object Oriented Vs Procedural Programming in Embedded Systems

Sunil Dutt, Dr. Shubhnandan S. Jamwal, Dr. Devanand

9 Two-Stage Algorithm for Subcarrier, Bit and Power Allocation in OFDMA Systems

G. Hema Kumar, P. Hema KrishnaRao, Dr. K. Sri Rama Krishna

10 Rough Data Set Based Applications in Framing Decision Rules

 Renu Vashist, Dr. M.L Garg

11 Design and implementation of a Dynamic CORDIC Processor

Prof.J.M.Rudagi, Basavaraj G. Chougula, Dr.S.Subharaman

12 Enhancing the performance of a nodes in Ad-hoc Networks using Mobile Relay

Yuvaraju B. N, Niranjan N Chilunkar

13 Restoration of still images using Inpainting Techniques

 Dr. Gunamani Jena

14 Wireless Sensor Network for Coastal Erosion: A National Perspective

Arabinda Nanda, Amiya Kumar Rath, Saroj Kumar Rout

15 Designing Robust Test Case using Mutation Testing

Ajay jangra, Ruchi Pahuja, Chander diwakar, Priyanka

16 A Comparative Study of Application Portability with Virtualization Softwares

Gurjit Singh Bhathal, Dr. G N Singh

17 B+ tree based indexing scheme for FLOWR queries on XML Databases

Nagha Vaidya, Dr. Arpita Gopal

18 Rule Based Age Detection System

Er. Gurpinder Kaur, Er. Arjan Singh

19 Performance Comparison of Image Compression Using Wavelets

Preeti Aggarwal, Babita Rani

20 Effective Realization of QoS , Network Scalability in term of Network Security using Symmetric Algorithm

Sharad Patil, Dr.Ajay Kumar

21 A Survey on Improving the Web Search Ranking by User Behavior Information

Dr. Mohd. Husain, Amarjeet Singh, Manoj Kumar, Rakesh Ranjan

22 Process Mining: Process Management with Data Mining

Dr. G.N.Singh, Sandeep Aggarwal

23 Steganography-Concealing Messages In Images Using LSB Replacement Technique With Pre-Determined Random Pixel And Segmentation of Image.

Rita Rana, Er. Dheerendra Singh

24 High Speed WAN- Approaches towards Augmented Performance

Ruchira Bhargava, Madhulika Arora

25 Determination Of Problem Frames Based On Role Activity Diagrams Leading To Function Points : A Case Study

Kavita Agrawal, Dr. S. K. Bajpai, Dr. S. P. Tripathi

26 Automated Mosiacing of Torn Paper Documents

Robin, Sandeep Agarwal, Sameer, Poonam Tanwar

27 Sierpinski Gasket Fractal Array Antenna

Ankush Kansal, Jaspreet Kaur


E.R.Naganathan, S. Narayanan, K.Ramesh kumar

29 Handwritten English character Recognition Using Neural Network

Anita Pal, Dayashankar Singh

30 Improved Tabu Search Algorithm to Economic Emission Dispatch with Transmission Line Constraint

K. Senthil, K. Manikandan

31 Design, Implementation & Evaluation of Grid Environment for DV to MPEG4 Video Conversion

Jagpreet Sidhu, Sarbjeet Singh

32 Miniaturization of antenna using Fractals

Preeti Gupta, Prof. J.P.S Raina

33 Various Controller Design And Tuning Methods For A First Order Plus Dead Time Process

Pradeep Kumar Juneja, A K Ray, R Mitra

34 Deadtime Modeling For First Order Plus Dead Time Process In A Process Industry

Pradeep Kumar Juneja, A K Ray, R Mitra

35 Image Segmentation by Improved Watershed Transformation in Programming Environment MATLAB

Manisha Bhagwat, R.K.Krishna, V.E.Pise

36 A Novel Architecture of “Mixed Number System MAC Unit” For Digital Signal Processors

Aniruddha Ghosh, Satrughna Singha, Amitabha Sinha

37 An Expert System for Tourist Information Management

Ritu Chauhan

38 A Study on Mobile Internet Protocol and Mobile Adhoc Network Routing Protocols

B.V. Manikyala Rao, D.Kavitha

39 Photon Sources : Quantum Cryptography Challenge

Anand Sharma, Vibha Ojha

40 Business Information Processing Through Electronic Commerce: Opportunities and Emerging Trends

Sanjeev Bansal, Mahesh Kumar, Birmohan Singh, Manpreet Kaur


Dr. Debadutta Mohanty,

42 New Scheme of Adaptive Zone Routing Protocol

Amit Kumar Jaiswal, Pardeep singh

43 Proposed Hybrid Data Warehouse Architecture Based on Data Model

Rajdeep Chowdhury, Bikramjit Pal

44 Analysis of Technical and Managerial Issues Involved in Designing a Conceptual Framework for University Campus-Wide Network System

Dr. Vikas Sharma, Vikram Kumar, Balvir Thakur

45 Distributed Database & SD-SQL Server Architecture

Prof.S.B.Rathod, Prof S.R.Deshmukh, Prof.H.R.Vyawahare

46 Modularization of Enterprise Application Security Through Spring AOP

Kotrappa Sirbi, Prakash J. Kulkarni

47 Design Patterns Vs Aspect Oriented Programming – A Qualitative and a Quantitative Assessment

Kotrappa Sirbi, Prakash J. Kulkarni

48 Analysis of Botnet Behavior Using Queuing Theory

Shruti Singh, Manasi Gyanchandani

49 A Novel Document Representation Model for Clustering

Supreethi.K.P, Dr.E.V.Prasad

50 Machine Learning Approach for Attack Prediction and Classification using Supervised Learning Algorithms


51 Bionic Eye, Restores Sight to the Blind

Prof.Ms.V.P.Vaidya, Prof.Ms.S.A.Ingole, Prof.Mrs.L.K.Gautam, Prof.Ms.R.N.Gadbail, Prof.V.S.Gulhane

52 Vehicle Detection Using Image Processing and Fuzzy Logic

Isha Jain, Babita Rani

53 Grid-Bank for Distributed Systems Sharing & Integration: A Case Study

Tarun Kumar Ghosh, Parna Chatterjee

54 Automatic Segmentation of Wave File

Nishi Sharma, Parminder Singh

55 String Searching Algorithm Implementation-Performance Study with Two Cluster Configuration

Prasad J.C., Dr.K.S.M.Panicker

56 Centralized integrated spectrum sensing for cognitive radios

Dilip S. Aldar

57 ECG as Biometric In the Automated World

Sunil Kumar Singla, Ankit Sharma

58 Sequence Forecast Algorithm Based On Nonlinear Regression Technique for Stream Data

Sonali Tiwari

59 Task Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Nodes with Multiple Sensing Units: Survey

Soni Chaurasia, Siddhartha Chauhan

60 Multi Agent Based Knowledge Management: Issues and Challenges

Snehlata Bhat, Dr. Abdul Wahid

61 A Priority Based Protocol for Mitigating Different Attacks in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Himadri Nath Saha, Prof. Debika Bhattacharyya, Dr. P. K. Banerjee

62 3G Networking

Vijay Kumar, Satish

63 Web forensics System on the basis of Evidence Gathering with Code Injection Attack

Deepak Singh Tomar, Dr. J.L.Rana, Dr.S.C. Shrivastava

64 An Efficient Framework for Requirement Engineering

Chander Diwaker, Kavita, Ajay Jangra, Shikha

65 Metric based Efficient Traffic Management in Intranets using Incremental Advanced DST Approach

J. Amudhavel, M.S. Saleem Basha, T. Vengattaraman, P. Dhavachelvan, R. Baskaran

66 Improved Data Cache Scheme Using Distributed Spanning Tree in Mobile Adhoc Network

P. Victer Paul, T. Vengattaraman, P. Dhavachelvan, R. Baskaran

67 Text Independent Speaker Identification Model Using Finite Doubly Truncated Gaussian distribution and Hierarchical Clustering

V Sailaja, K Srinivasa Rao, K V V S Reddy

68 Ranking Web-services based on QoS for best-fit search

Netra Patil, Dr. Arpita Gopal

69 Image Watermarking with Biorthogonal and Coiflet Wavelets at Different Levels

Kirti Arora Jasuja, Baljit Singh Khehra

70 An Association Rule Based Algorithmic Approach to Mine Frequent Pattern in Spatial Database System

Animesh Tripathy, Subhalaxmi Das, Prashanta Kumar Patra

71 ERP a boon for contemporary industries

Sandeep Singhal, Dr. S.K. Sharma

72 Pseudo Random Binary Sequences Analysis for the Modeling of Optical DPSK Transmission Systems

Hadjia Badaoui, Yann Frignac, Mohammed Feham

73 A Perception of Statistical Inference in Data Mining

Mr. Sanjay Gaur, Dr. M. S. Dulawat

74 Implementation of Biological Sequence Analysis and Data Management Operations using Database Cartridge

Ateet Mehta, Dr. Bankim Patel

75 Simulation base analysis of TCP Reno and TCP Westwood over IEEE 802.11 Wireless ad hoc networks

Dinesh C. Dobha,l Rakesh Sharma

76 Fuzzy Edge Filter- Edge Detection and Feature Extraction Technique for Any JPEG Image

Neha Agrawal, Rishabh Agrawal, Sushil Kumar

77 A Fuzzy Approach for Successful Reuse Metrics

Jyoti Mahajan, Dr. V. Mansotra, Prof. Devanand

78 Recent Trends in Vector Architecture: Survey

Ritu Baniwal, Kumar Sambhav Pandey

79 Data Scheduling in VANETs: A Review

Vishal Kumar, Narottam Chand

80 The Factors Affecting in Software Development Using Factor Analysis Model

Dr.Seetharam.K, Chandrakanth G Pujari

81 Mitigation of Non- Linear Impairments of W-CDMA Power Amplifier

Amandeep S. Sappal, Dr. Manjit Singh, Dr. Sanjay Sharma

82 Moving From Grid to Cloud Computing: The Challenges in an Existing Computational Grid Setup

M.L.Jayalal, R.Jehadeesan, S.Rajeswari, S.A.V.Satya Murty

83 Effort Estimation Based on Complexity and Size of Relational Database System

Samaresh Mishra, Krushna C.Tripathy, Manoj Kumar Mishra

84 An EOQ model with temporary Stock Dependent Demand with random lag

Dr.P.S.R.K.Prasad, K.V.S.Sarma

85 Improvement of Personalized Recommendation Algorithm based on Hybrid Collaborative Filtering

Boddu Raja, Sarath Kumar, Barre John Ratnam, Maddali Surendra , Prasad Babu

86 Discovering Association Rules from Incremental Datasets

B. Nath, D K Bhattacharyya, A Ghosh

87 Various Issues in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks: A Survey

Mrs. Shinde S. S., Dr. Patil S. P.

88 Rank Neutrosophic Armstrong Axioms and Functional Dependencies

Meena Arora, Ranjit Biswas

89 Method and Process to Motivate the Employee at Performance Appraisal System

Punit Goel, Dr. S.P.Singh