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IJEE Volume-13 Issue-2 June-Dec 2021

SN Paper
1 Change Detection of Forest Areas Using Object-Based Image Analysis

Ms. Dipeeka Arvind Khatavkar, Prof. A.S.Mali, Prof. D.G. Chougule

2 Ubiquitous Computing

Dr. Alstyne Victor. Kuraty

3 Iot Based Smart Energy Meter System Using Arduino

Gavade Ashwini S., Chougule D. G, Mali A. S.

4 The Role of E-Commerce to Reduce Costs-Impact on Small & Medium-Sized Companies in India

Prof. Maglina Cruz, Prof. Roshani Adhoni

5 An Advanced Deep Learning Based Approach for Judicial Decision Support Process

Varun Kumar Singhal

6 The Influence of Information Technology on Commerce

Dr. Soumya Sajjan