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IJEE Volume-11 Issue-2 June-Dec 2019

SN Paper
1 Automated Man-Power Data Analysis for Corporates

Abhishek Kumar, Aditya Kaushik, Akanksha

2 Performance Comparison of Adder Architectures

D A Madhura, Rakesh M B

3 Smart Home Security System using Wireless Communication

Ekta Singh, Shreya Singh , Faraz Ahmad, Harshit Srivastava, Manisha Sharma

4 Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset for Temporary Fault and Trip for Permanent Fault

Abhishek Kumar Srivatava, Abhay Krishna , AnujKhare, GauravTrivedi , Abhijeet Kumar Anand

5 All optical implementation of  full adder using PFAG gate based on high speed 2x2 MRR

Rohit Chauhan, Dr. Jyoti Kedia

6 Multipolarized Near Field RFID Antenna for Mobile Devices

Gaurav Gupta, Garima Saini

7 Managing Risk and Calculating Cost of Risk

Jyoti Sandhu, Dr. S.C Gupta, Prof. K.K Paliwal

8 Potential Learning Methods of FLANN for Stock Index Prediction

Partha Sarathi Mishra

9 Nonlinear Signal Analysis Using Eigen Value Decomposition of Hankel Matrix and Wavelet Transform

Sudipta Majumdar, Charul Arora

10 Classification of Heart Variability through Machine Learning

Pooja Bhor, Gurjot Singh Sodhi, Dilbag Singh

11 Medical Image Segmentation using Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm

Dr. S. Muni Rathnam

12 A Brief Overview of Reversible Logic Gates and Reversible Circuits

Snigdha Singh, Abhinay Choudhary, Manoj Kumar Jain

13 Solving a long-tail keywords problem in web-service on internet- A Review

Meenakshi Sharma, Dr. Satpal

14 Comparative Analysis of Different Classification Methods for Data Mining

Niharika, Naresh Kumar

15 A Review on Insurance Fraud Prediction Approach in Data Mining

Bhavna Batra, Sheetal Kundra

16 Robot Navigation and Path Planning Techniques Challenges: A Review

Fazina Kosser, Neerendra Kumar

17 Performance Analysis of Band Pass BPSK in the Presence of Broadband Jammer

M. Dileep Reddy, G. Yateesh