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IJEE Volume-11 Issue-1 Jan-June 2019

SN Paper
1 Mechanical and Electromagnetic Properties of Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Materials

Preeti, Vikas Chawla

2 Constraints Based Approach of Floorplanning for ASIC Development

Rajendra Patel, Sachin Pandya

3 Emotional Intelligence for Cognitive Internet of Things

Mehamed Ahmed Abdurahman, Chirag Patel

4 Cognitive IoT for Smart Environment: A survey on Enabling Technologies, Architectures, Approaches and Research Challenges

Mehamed Ahmed Abdurahman, Chirag Patel

5 Biological Effects of Radiations

Dr Monish Gupta

6 An Efficient Fault Detection of FPGA Using Low Transition - Random Test Pattern Generation With Light Weighted Code and EX-OR GATE

Dr. D. Mahesh Kumar

7 Security aware Intelligent Automation Using Internet of Things (IOT)

Gian Devi

8 Smart Grid Implementation Using Internet of Things

Dr Monish Gupta

9 Applications, Challenges, System Design and Scope of Internet of Things: A Review

Dr Monish Gupta

10 Uninterrupted Electricity Generation from Hybrid Solar Power System

Dr Monish Gupta

11 A Multi-Biometric System for Secure Fingerprint Recognition

Dr. Anoop Sharma, Rahul kaushal

12 Novel Approach for Raising Security using Feature level Fusion

Dr. Anoop Sharma, Rahul kaushal

13 An Intelligent System Design to Evaluate Productivity of Sorghum and Sesame in Gadarif State & it's Relation with Climate Variability

Dr. Mohammed Osman Abdelhadi, Dr. Murtada El-mukashfi, Dr. Alameen Eltoum Mohamed

14 A Review on Hiding an Image and Data Using Video Steganography

Manju Kumari Gupta, Ms. Vipra Bohara

15 Enhancement of Bandwidth Using Rectangular Shaped Dielectric Resonator Antenna

Shailashree S., Dinesh B. Ganure, S.L. Mallikarjun, P.M. Hadalgi

16 An IoT based Real Time Health Monitoring System with Secure Communication Using Cryptographic Algorithms

Anil Wamanrao Patil, and R. L. Raibagkar

17 IOT Enabled Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Ujjwal Singh, Anirudh Sharad, Rahul Goel, Parveen Kumar

18 IoT Based Online Police First Information Report (FIR) Record System

Manali R. Bhosale, K.P. Paradeshi

19 Performance Evaluation of Digital Image Watermarking Using Level 3 DWT

Laxminarayan Gahalod, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta

20 Design of Wireless Capacitive Sensor to Measure the Dielectric Constant of Hematite Doped Soil

Nilofar A. Shekh,Jayesh P. Pabari

21 Power System Dynamic Stability Analysis using Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC)

Harish Kumar, Dr. Ravindra Pratap Singh

22 Investigations and Enhancement of Aperture Solid Dielectric Pyramidal and Cone Horn Antenna in X band Applications

Pritam Singha Roy, Moumita Guha and Md. Asifuzzaman

23 A Star Shaped Dielectric Resonator Antenna for ISM band Applications

Renuka Makwana, Prarthan Mehta

24 Digital Image Watermarking Mechanism for Image Authentication, Image Forgery and Self Recovery

Hiral A. Patel, Dr. Dipti B. Shah

25 Low Cost Mobile Phone based Remote Home Monitoring and Security System

Sudip Chakraborty, Anil Kumar

26 Implementation of Automated Fuel and Oil Stock Digital Monitors for Vehicles

S.Vijay Murugan, S.Jayashree and S.Swathi

27 Implementation of High-Tech Hard Hat & Intelligent Ideal of Motorbike

S.Vijay Murugan, R.Deepthi Muthulakshmi, N.Udhayavalli

28 Brain Tumor Detection and Classification from T2-weighted MRI Images using Cuckoo Search Optimization and SVM Classifier

T. Lakshmi Narayana, T. Sreenivasulu Reddy

29 Architecture for Gujarati Search Engine

Hemang Desai, Dr. Birajkumar V. Patel

30 A Combined Approach for Secure Biometric System by Fusing Face and Fingerprint Traits

Surender Kumar , Dr. Rajan Manro

31 Illumination Normalized based Transformation Techniques for Texture Classification

Sonali Dash, P. Jhanavi, P. Kartik Kumar, G. S. S. R. C. Varma, K. Sai

32 Air Quality Monitoring Based on IOT

Vulavabeti Raghunath Reddy, Shaik Anusha, Tangella Pujitha, Mallireddy Renuka

33 A Novel Approach of Multi Label Semantic Categorization of Dynamic Items without Labeled Data

Shikha Agarwal, Archana Singhal

34 Miniaturized Highly Directive Patch Antenna Array Using CSRR Metamaterial

Dr. Monish Gupta

35 Specific Absorption Rate and Temperature Change Evaluation of Human Body Due to Electromagnetic Waves

Dr. Monish Gupta

36 Patch Antenna Array Designed using Microstrip Lines

Dr. Monish Gupta

37 Performance Comparison of Various Spectral Estimation Algorithms on MST Radar Signal Processing

G. Chandraiah, T. Sreenivasulu Reddy, and V. Komala Devi

38 An Overview of Image Processing and its Techniques

Vandana Akshath Raj

39 A Detailed Study on Cloud Computing Challenges and Cloud Vendors: Azure and AWS

Ramesh R.K.

40 Rectangular Patch Microstrip Antenna with Multi-band and enhanced Bandwidth

Jagadevi Gudda, Dinesh B. Ganure, P. M. Hadalgi

41 Data Encoding Techniques to Reduce the Switching Activity, Crosstalk Delay Classes and Crosstalk Delay

M. Chennakesavulu, T. Jayachandra Prasad, V. Sumalatha

42 Colorization-Based Image Compression using L1 Minimization

M. Dileep Reddy, G. Praveen Kumar

43 Image Boundary Detection for Smart Identification of Books

M. Dileep Reddy , P.Sudeshna