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IJEE Volume-10 Issue-2 June-Dec 2018

SN Paper
1 An Improved Downlink Scheduling Scheme in LTE-Advanced Networks Using Carrier Aggregation

Ravi kumar, Sumiran,Sumit Dalal

2 To Correlate RAW EEG Signals and Attention Levels of BCI using KNN Technique

Priya Garg, R.P.Singh, Monika Mehra

3 SIC-Based Hybrid Pre-Coding For MM-Wave MIMO Systems

Abdul Wase Mohammed, Mohammed Abdul Muqeet, Mohd Sayeeduddin Habeeb

4 Adaptive Thresholding to Robust Image Binarization for Degraded Document Images

Prashant Devidas Ingle, Ms. Parminder Kaur

5 Advanced Real Time Objects Detection and Tracking with Compressed Surveillance Video

Varun Kumar Singhal

6 Multiple Feature Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition in video

Varun Kumar Singhal

7 Implementation of Vehicle Authorization at the Toll Collection Using Raspberry Pi

Nageswara Rao Regulagadda, P. Sumana

9 Performance Enhancement and IoT Based Monitoring for Smart Home

Shaeque Afroz Kazmi

10 RS-IBE: An Advanced Mechanism for Secure Data Sharing In Cloud

Malavika.J, RAVI.G

11 An Efficient Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication System Using Face, Iris and Finger Knuckle Print

Vijender Singh, Dr. Chander Kant

12 Dependence of Temperature of CdTe/CdS Based Solar Cell Performance

Sudipta Banerjee

13 Modelling of Dynamic RCS of Radar Targets for Discrimination

S Anuradha, Jyothi Balakrishnan

14 Slot-Fed Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Multi-Frequency Operation

R G Madhuri, S L Mallikarjun

15 Optimized 3-Bit Even Parity Checker on 90nm Techonology

Yadevendra Kamal, Rajesh Mehra, Vandana

16 A Survey on Automatic Detection of Fake Profiles in Online Social Networks


17 Virtualization: Concepts and Mechanism

Deepti Sangwan, Mukesh Yadav, Kapil

18 Performance Analysis of Different Available Virtualization Platforms using Mixed Methodology

Deepti Sangwan, Mukesh Yadav, Kapil

19 Detecting Malicious Behavior Of Network Through Automated Discovery Of Fuzzy Decision Rules

Janki Arora, Mukesh Yadav

20 A survey on Application of Image Processing Techniques in Object Shape Recognition

Pooja Yadav, Mr. Bhupender Yadav

21 Gender and Emotion Recognition Using Voice

Poonam Rani, Ms.Geeta

22 Review on Data Mining Classification Rules For Identifying Malicious Behavior in Network

Janki Arora, Mukesh Yadav

23 Multimodal Systems: Fusion Strategies and Template Security

Mukesh Rani, Chander Kant

24 A Survey of Face Recognition and Its Techniques

Pawanjit Kaur, Anita Suman, Parveen Kumar

25 Multi-focus Image Fusion using Modified Gaussian filter and Discrete Lifting Wavelet Transform

Tarlok Singh, Prof. Pammy Manchanda

26 Review On: Digital Watermarking

Supiksha Jain

27 Secure Mechanism for Voice Watermarking

Supiksha Jain, Er. Sanjeev Indora

28 Monitoring Change in Vegetation Cover and LST due to Forest Fires Occurred at the Regional Level Using Satellite Imagery

D. Jeevalakshmi, S. Narayana Reddy, B. Manikiam

29 FPGA Implementation of Integral Image generator in SURF detector

Y. Mamillu, Y. Sri Chakrapani , Dr. M. Kamaraju

30 FPGA-Based Low-power Emotion Recognition with Recurrent Neural Networks

D. Naga Prasad, B. Raja shekar

31 Generative Poisoning Attack on Face Biometric System

Barjinder Kaur, Manvjeet Kaur

32 Universal Steganalysis towards Higher Detection Accuracy

Vemulapalli.muralikrishna, t.s.r. Krishna prasad

33 Particle swarm optimization based hierarchical clustering and compressed forwarding based protocol for WSN

Jagroop kaur, Parveen kumar, Anita suman

34 Identification of Poth Holes, Humps On Roads and Alert System to Drivers

Uma Wattamwar, Amol Patange

35 A User Friendly Traffic Route Guidance System Employing Enhanced Keyword Tool

Syed Riyaz Danish, MdAteeq Ur Rahman

36 Event Logs Mining Based Process Scheduling Technique for Clouds

Abdul Jabbar, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman

37 Linear Secret Sharing Scheme for Attribute Encryption

Farheen Akhter, MdAteeq Ur Rahman

38 TrapMode: A Social Networks Based Search Engine Virus Propagation Approach

Syeda Shadia, MdAteeq Ur Rahman

39 A Survey on Fault Detection Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks

Vidyashree K N,  Dr.Anitha V

40 Efficiency Enhancement of Graphene based flexible Organic light emitting diodes

Rita Rana, Rajesh Mehra

41 Dual Band Tunable Circular Microstrip Antenn For Gps And Radar Applications

Biradar Rajendra, Dr. S. N. Mulgi

42 Performance Enhancement of Tandem Light Emitting Diode Using Organic Interconnector

Akanksha Jetly, Rajesh Mehra

43 Improved Grid based Clustering and Combinational Routing for Wireless Sensor Network

Monika Chauhan, Kanika Sharma

44 An Improved Pulse Based Localization Algorithm for Wireless Nanosensor Network

Pooja Kataria, Dr. Kanika Sharma

45 Algorithm for QRS Complex Detection using Discrete Wavelet Transformed

Chow Malapan Khamhoo, Jagdeep Rahul, Marpe Sora

46 Survey on Early Detection of Coronary Heart Disease in Hypertensive Patients

Sristi Jha, Raghuvendra Pratap Tripathi, Dinesh Bhatia

47 Interference Mitigation Technique for Two-Tier Macro-Femto Network using Grey Wolf Optimization

Jyoti Bala, Garima Saini

48 Vertical Handover Technique for LTE-A Heterogeneous Network by using Expectation Maximization Algorithm

Konika Mahajan, Garima Saini

49 Efficient Clustering Algorithm Based on Gradient Descent Approach for Wireless Sensor Network

Shilpa Mohindra, Kanika Sharma

50 Performance Analysis of Fractional Frequency Reuse Schemes

Girisha Kumar, Garima Saini

51 Survey paper on MDRZ-OTDM Using MZM Cascaded Receiver

Parminder Singh, Harjinder Singh

52 Simulation &Comparative Analysis of Booth Multiplier

Ekta Gupta, Aniket Kumar, R.K. Jain

53 A Review on Design of Sub Threshold Inverter

Sindhu R, Shilpa Mehta

54 Design & Implementation of 16-bit Parity Preserving Ripple Carry Adder

Shweta Thakur, Er. Amandeep Singh Bhandari

55 IoT Based Appliance Automation using Raspberry Pi

Caje Francis Pinto, Vinay Prabhu, Sujata Bagli, Ashish Gaonkar, Clifford Vaz

56 An Enhanced Decision Support System through Mining of Teachers Online Chat Data

Najam Fatima, MD Ateequr  Rahman

57 An Enhanced DDOS Attack Estimation and Protection Approach Employing Statistical Data Packets Movement

Aswath Muntaha, MD Ateeq Ur Rahman

58 An Efficient Scheme for Social Recommendation Systems with Individual Connection Networks

Syed Mustafa Mohiuddin, MD Ateeq Ur Rahman


Gulam Hamed Rizwani, MD Ateeq Ur Rahman

60 A New Privacy-Aware Public Auditing Scheme for Cloud Data Sharing With Group Users

Raheela Begum, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman

61 A Privacy Preserving Based Data Centric Networks Employing Caching Technique

Khaja Fareeduddin Umair, MD Ateeq Ur Rahman

62 Improved Accuracy pH meter: A Circuit Designers Approach

Suchita P.Bhangale, Pravin K. Bhadane

63 Time Optimization model with defuzzification for the task allocation in distributed computing system

Abhilasha Sharma

64 Smart Floor Cleaning Robot Using Android

Puneet Kaushik, Mohit Jain, Gayatri Patidar, Paradayil Rhea Eapen, ChandraPrabha Sharma

65 Comparative Study on Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring and Alerting System

Aswathi A.R, S. R Umamageswari

66 A Low Power SRAM Cell for High Speed Applications Using 90nm Technology

Puneet Kaushik, Mohit Jain

67 New Evaluation Approach Using a Case Study on Comparison of Libre/Open Office Vs MS-Office

Sushil Kumar, Dr. Rajiv Mahajan, Dr. Sumesh Sood

68 Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Ziehl Neelsen Stains: An approach of Digital Image Processing

Sandeep Musale, Vikram Ghiye

69 Structural Model of Awareness Level about EMV Chip Cards

Dr. P. Praveen kumar, Gowtham. B

70 Biometrics: Increasing Patients Certainty in Doctors

Dr. Garima Yadav, Dr. Nikita yadav, Dr. Aruna Jain

71 A Survey on the Open Issues, Limitations and Challenges in the Convergenceof WSN and IoT

Girija Vani G, Raj Kumar L Biradar

72 De-Noising of Color Image by Removing Random Impulse Noise Using MATLAB

Umang Anand, Dr. Vivek Kumar

73 Circular Shaped Quad band Fractal Slot Antenna with Co-axial Feed line for Wireless Communication

Binod Kumar Soni, Rakesh Singhai

74 An Advanced Clumping Leach Protocol for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Madhu, Manoj Kumar

75 Sleep-Distance Based Sleep-Awake Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Network

Sanjeev Indora, Dinesh Singh

76 Survey on latest FinFET Technology and Its Challenges in Digital Circuits and IC’s

Sujata A.A, Dr.Lalitha Y.S.

77 Test Case Generation Tools-A Review

Rajvir Singh, Anita Singhrova, Rajesh Bhatia

78 ASIC Design Analysis of FIR Filter Using DistributedArithmeticAlgorithm

Rashmi Bawankar, Rajesh Mehra

79 Different Perspectives of Low Power Design for CMOS VLSI Circuits

Vikram Singh, Sandeep K. Arya, Manoj Kumar

80 A Novel Crossover Design Based on Parallel Coupled Lines Structure

Diksha Thakur, Vishakha Thakur,Salman Raju Talluri

81 Modeling and Analysis of Smart Grid for Energy Balance

Gaurav Kumar, Dr. Monish Gupta

82 A Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter Topology Utilizing a Capacitive Divide

Rabiya Rasheed, Dr. Saju K.K

83 Design and Analysis of Ultra-Low Power Boost Converter using FinFET

Sandeep Thakur, Rajesh Mehra

84 Performance Parameters Trade-Off in Digital Communication Applications

Pankaj Preet Singh Dhaliwal, Mahendra Kumar

85 Modeling and Simulation of Hilbert Transform Phase Detector Based on All Digital Phaselock Loop

Alpana A. Deshmukh, R. S. Gamad, D. K. Mishra

86 Analysis of Quantization schemes in Secure Key Generation for Internet of Things

U.R. Bhatt, R. Sharma, A. Soni, R. Upadhyay

87 Comparisonof Electrical Performance andStability of Flexible CarbonNanotube Thin Film Transistorsof Different Gate Structures

Chandrashekhar M C, K C Narasimhamurthy

88 Design of Textile Microstrip Patch Antenna for Aeronautical &X-Band Applications

M.Meena Kumari, B.Ramesh, Lal Babu Prasad, Dr. K.P.Vinay

89 Multiband Reconfigurable Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna

Tanu Agrawa, Anurag Garg

90 An IDEA-HMAC Cryptography Based Secure AODV Routing Protocol for Routing Attack Prevention in MANET

T.Kamaleshwar, Dr.K.Venkatachalapathy

91 A Secure IDEA Based AODV routing protocol with an ASACK Scheme for Cluster based Intrusion detection system

Dr.K.Venkatachalapathy, U.Parameshwari, T.Kamaleshwar

92 Data Mining Techniques

Ranjandeep Kaur Khera

93 Study of Metal CNTs by TGA, DTA & DTG at Different Temperature

Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Dr. R.K. Paliwal, B. Tiwari

94 Single Phase Cascaded Half Bridge Inverter Based on Photovoltaic Applications

A.Abirami, B.Muthuselvi

95 Newly Configured High Step-Up Chopper with Coupled Inductor And Voltage Doubler Circuits

B.Muthuselvi, Abirami.A

96 Proximity-fed Rectangular Microstrip Antenna With different substrate thickness

Dinesh B Ganure, S L Mallikarjun, P M Hadalgi, P.V. Hunagund

97 PAPR Reduction in OFDM system by Modified DFT spreading technique with Pulse shaping

Sahil Malik, Malik Mubashar Hassan

98 Critical Evaluation of Classification Algorithms for Performance Prediction in Higher Education Setup

Tripti Mishra, Dr. C.D. Kumawat

99 Reduction in Blocking Probability for Prioritized Connection Requests in WDM Optical Networks

Uma Rathore Bhatt, Suruchi Dode, Tapesh Sarsodia

100 Performance Analysis of Optimized Robotic Arm

Dr. Darshankumar C. Dalwadi, Shubh Majumdarr, Niyut Shah

101 A Low Offset Low Power Dynamic Latch Comparator for SAR ADC using 45nm CMOS Technology

V.SilpaKesav, Dr. K.S.Nayanathara, Dr.B.K. Madhavi

102 Wavelet-PCA Denoising for LIDAR Signals

Dileep Kumar P, T.Ramashri

103 Optimization and Modal Wave Propagation Analysis of Dielectric Tube Waveguide Loaded with Plasma- TLBO

R R Hirani, S N Shah, S K Pathak

104 A study of microwave attenuation in Co-Gd substituted Ba-Sr M-type hexagonal ferrite

Rajat Joshi, Charanjeet Singh, Dalveer Kaur

105 Prediction of Thyroid Disease Using Machine Learning Techniques

Sunila Godara, Sanjeev Kumar

106 Primary Tumor Disease Detection Using Ensemble

Sanjeev Kumar, Sunila Godara

107 Performance Analysis of Tasks Scheduling Algorithms in Homogeneous Cloud Environment

Jai Bhagwan, Sanjeev Kumar

108 XOR Cipher Based Cryptography and Authentication with Hardware Chip

Nitin Gupta, Prof. Sarvottam Dixit

109 Data Deduplication Testing Tool: Destor

Naresh Kumar

110 Security in Cloud Computing: A Review

Nirmal, Sanjeev Kumar

111 Performance Modeling of Information Retrieval System based on Relevancy of  Retrieved Documents

Jyoti, Jaswinder Singh

112 Structural, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of ZnO nanoparticals and its application in liquid crystal based patch antenna

S.K. Yadav, A.V. Singh, Harsh Yadav, Nidhi Tyagi

113 Wireless Body Area Networks in Health Management: Trends and Technologies

Narinder singh, Rekha Rani