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IJCSC Volume-9 Issue-1 Sept 2017 - March 2018

1 Cloud Based ICT in Healthcare Management

Chahat Monga, Rajesh Sachdeva

2 Significance of Ad-Hoc networks: A Review

Ramesh Kumar

3 Hybrid Fuzzy-PSO Switching Median Filter For Impulse Noise Reduction

Sandip Mehta

4 A Comparative Analysis of VANET Protocols for Infrastructure Driven City Scenario

Ajit Noonia, Dr. Kavita, Dr. Banta Singh Jangra

5 An Area Efficient Implementation of Scaling Accumulator based MAC

Priyanka Nain, Dr. G.S. Virdi

6 Incremental Learning with Feature Shift Detection for Personalized E-mail Spam Filtering

Gopi Sanghani, Dr. Ketan Kotecha

7 Optimized Predictive Model using Artificial Neural Network for Market Basket Analysis

Roshan Gangurde, Dr. Binod Kumar, Dr. S. D. Gore

8 Data Mining Techniques

Sunny Sharma, Arjun Kumar

9 An efficient CPU scheduling approach for Cloud computing environment


10 Gaussian Noise Removal Using Multiple Wavelets Approach

Sandip Mehta

11 Hybrid Security Approach for Cloud using Fingerprint and Blowfish Algorithm

Manisha, Sunita Rani

12 Congestion control in Wireless Sensor Network based on prediction modeling with HMM

N. Thrimoorthy, Dr.T. Anuradha

13 An Efficient Hybrid ModeltoSolve Linear Programming Problems Using Artificial Neural Network

L.R.Aravind Babu, Dr.K.Venkatachalapathy

14 Study the Effects of Mobile Phone Radiations on ECG Signal using a Modified Elman-ANN

Abrol Ajay, S.S.Pattnaik

15 A Review on Structural Strokes in Odia Character Recognition and Classification

Anita Minz, Rajat ketan Sahu, Sagarika Mishra, C. S Panda

16 Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Based Job Scheduling for Cloud Computing Environment

Neha Sethi, Surjit Singh, and Gurvinder Singh

17 Robust Ensemble of Density Based Clustering

Sunila Godara, Rishipal Singh, Sanjeev Kumar

18 Localization Schemes for Underwater Sensor networks-A Survey

Archana Toky, Rishi Pal Singh

19 Performance Comparison of Load Balancing Techniques in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Environment

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Nutan

20 A Statistical approach to analyze the effects of Mobile Phone radiations on Human ECG

Abrol Ajaya, Pattnaik S.S.

21 Implementation of STBC-MC-CDMA Systems Employing Different Detection Techniques

Lokesh Kumar Bansal

22 PromienceRank based Event Timeline Generation in Twitter using Hashtag Clustering

Nilesh Gambhava, Dr. Ketan Kotecha

23 PCA and LDA Performance Evaluation

Sandeep S. Musale, Vikram R. Ghiye

24 A Survey on Open Issues of MapReduce in Big Data

Priyanka Singh,Deepak Sukheja, Talluri Sunil Kumar

25 Delay based scheduling techqnique in LTE Advanced Network

Neeraj Kumar, Dr. Anwar Ahmad, Dr. M.T. Beg

26 A new Model of Free Space Optical Communication using Mach Zehnder Modulator

Nitin Garg, Anwar Ahmad

27 A Novel Technique for Software Effort Estimation Based On Artificial Neural Network

Ravneet Preet Singh Bedi and Amardeep Singh

28 Cyber Attacks on Social Networking Websites

Divya Shree

29 Service Oriented Architecture of Cloud Computing

Divya Shree

30 Disquisition in Intricate Design of Cyber Security as Blend Method

Sandeep Kulkarni

31 Automatic File Management Sorting Using Lossless Data Compression Algorithm

Anna Liza A. Ramos et .all.

32 Predictive Model for Parkinson’s disease through Naïve Bayes Classification

Dr. Anupam Bhatia, Raunak Sulekh

33 Selecting TCP Techniques in Combination using Particle Swarm Optimization

Sujata, G.N. Purohit

34 Role of media in popularising a leader among the masses: Case Study of Narender modi

Pratibha Duhan

35 India’s Energy Sector: Trends, Challenges and Prospects

Pratibha Duhan

36 Power Aware and Secure AODV Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Using NS2

Anil Saini

37 Survey of Mobile Phone based Wireless Remote Home Monitoring and Security System

Sudip Chakraborty, Anil Kumar

38 Character Recognition Using Machine Learning: A Review

Sunila Godara, Sanjeev Kumar

39 Performance analysis of signaling protocol RSVP-TE in MPLS-TE

Sanjeev Kumar, Sunila Godara, Aruna Kapoor

40 Remote Sensingusing Deep Learning: A Review

Sunila Godara, Sanjeev Kumar

41 Phishing Email Filtering Techniques Using Machine Learning

Meenu, Sunila Godara

42 Music Player Based On Emotion Using Machine Learning

Sunila Godara

43 Handwritten Character Recognition using Data Mining Techniques

Sunila Godara

44 Big Data Analytics Tools

Sunila Godara

45 A Fuzzy PSO Clustering with Decision Tree based Expert System for ECG Signal Analysis and Classification

Dinesh Kumar Atal, Jaipal Saroha