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IJEE Volume-9 Issue-2 June-Dec 2017

SN Paper
1 Load Frequency Control of Two-Area Power with Electrical Vehicles Using Soft Computing Technique

Jagdeep singh, Jasvir singh, Rakesh Kumar, R.K Bansal

2 Fuzzy Proportional–Integral Derivative Controller Optimised By Particle Swarm Optimisation Interconnected With Renewable Source for Automatic Generation Control

Jagdeep Mittal, Prince Jindal, Rakesh Kumar, R.K Bansal

3 Particle Swarm Optimization with Mutation for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Dr. Meenu Dave, Kirti Choudhary

4 A  Finger Vein Recognition Technique for Authentication

Ruby Yadav, Prachi Chaudhary

5 Design & Development of Smart Wearable System to Recognize Transition of Sleeping Postures during Night Using Bend Sensors

Amisha Beniwal, Naveen Yadav, Vikrant Verma, Dr. Vivek Kumar

6 Design & Development of a Microcontroller Based Model of an Automated Bottle Filling System for Student Demonstration in Lab

Anil, Naveen Yadav, Vivek Kumar, Vikrant Verma

7 A Highly Versatile & Multi-Sensory Design of an Intelligent E-Cane for the Blinds

Krishna Kumar Saini, Priyajit Dash, Dr. Vivek Kumar, Vikrant Verma

8 Performance Analysis of Various Techniques Used in Wireless Home Automation

Prateek Masta, Priyajit Dash, Dr. Vivek Kumar, Vikrant Verma

9 Power Management Strategy for Academic Block of BRCM-CET to Reduce Energy Cost Using Energy Audit

Sandeep Jakhar, Dr. Vivek Kumar, Vikrant Verma, Naveen Yadav

10 Exploring Energy Savings Potentials in a Building through Energy Audit & Implementing Occupancy Based Lighting Control Techniques

Saurabh, Dr. Vivek Kumar, Vikrant Verma

11 Implementation of a Low Cost Pedagogical Virtual Simulation Tool for Project Based Learning

Naresh Kumar, Manoj Kumar

12 Sensor Based Lighting Control System for Energy Efficient Building Environment Using Real-Time Occupancy Measurements

Rahul Mishra, Dr. Shelej Khera, Manoj Kumar, Vikrant Verma

13 A Survey on Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

Sharda Rani

14 Design and Implementation of Object Detection Technology Using ABPD Algorithm

Nivedita, Dr. A B Kalpana

15 Essential Features of Components for Smart RF Communication

Rahul Rishi

16 Fractal Image Compression-State of the Art

Suvidha Kumari1, Priyanka Anand2, Rohtash Dhiman

17 A Dynamic Programming Approach for Route Formation in Unstable Underwater Sensor Network

Annu Bala, Priyanka Anand

18 A Study on Different Communication Approaches for Underwater Sensor Network

Annu Bala, Priyanka Anand

19 An Evolutionary Approach to Optimize the Sensor Network Architecture

Manisha Vashisth, Krishan Kumar

20 Design and Sizing of RES Based Hybrid System for Rural Applications of Haryana State in India

Priyanka Anand, Sarbjeet Kaur Bath, Mohammad Rizwan

21 Analysis of variousparameters which affect voice transmission in Wireless Mesh Network

Amit Chhabra, Dr. Amit Verma, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

22 Look-Up Table based Scaling Accumulator in MAC using VHDL

Priyanka Nain, Dr. G.S. Virdi

23 A Fuzzy based Textural Adaptation for effective Invisible Watermarking in images

Shaloo Bansal, V.R. Singh

24 TM & SW Techniques of Malicious User Detection in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing

Kamaldeep kaur, Deepak Kedia

25 Performance Analysis of a Time Domain-PTS Technique in STBC Encoded SC-FDMA Systems in the Fading Channel

Rajni Raghuvanshi, Dr. J.S. Sohal, Dr. Ravinder Khanna

26 Analysis of Power Aware Task Scheduling on Homogeneous Multi-Core Processor Environment

G. Prasad Acharya, M. Asha Rani

27 Development of Hybrid Model with Feasibility Analysis for Un-electrified Households in Developing Countries

Priyanka Anand, Sarbjeet Kaur Bath, Mohammad Rizwan

28 Modelling and Simulation of Heartbeat Detectionof Human Being Buried under Debris using CST MWS

Kedar Nath Sahu, C Dhanunjaya Naidu and K Jaya Sankar

29 Microwave attenuation of Co-V substituted M-type Ba-Sr hexagonal ferrite

Rajat Joshia, Charanjeet Singh , Dalveer Kaur

30 Design and Development of Charge Controller for PV Applications

Syed Nazar Askari, Mohammad Shahid

31 Bradycardia & Tachycardia Disease Classification Using ECG Signal Based On GA & ANN Classification

Amanjtot Kaur,Anita Suman, Parveen kumar,Gurpadam Singh

32 Design of Sensor Data based Control on Pulse Detonation Engine for Aerospace

Tejinder Kumar Jindal

33 Analytical Study on Structural, Electronic and Elastic Property of ZnS Nanotube

Manoj Kumar, Vijay Kumar Lamba

35 State-of-the-art Modeling Techniques in Speaker Recognition

Atul Sharma, Sunil Kumar Singla

36 Dual U-Slot Back fed Two-Element Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna 

Nagraj Kulkarni

37 Anti-symetric Semi H -Slot Proximity Coupled Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for WideBand Operation

Nagraj Kulkarni

38 A Triple frequency Anti-Symmetric C-Slot Rectangular Microstrip Antenna

Nagraj Kulkarni

39 Four Element H-Slot Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna

Nagraj Kulkarni

40 Two Element Slit loaded Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna

Nagraj Kulkarni

41 A novel notch loaded Square Microstrip Antenna for Quad band operation

Nagraj Kulkarni

42 A novel inverted U-Slot Two-Element Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna for Dual Band operation

Nagraj Kulkarni

43 Two-Element U-Slot Back fed Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna for  WLAN and Wimax Applications

Nagraj Kulkarni

44 Impact of Neo-liberal Policies on Higher Education in India

Pratibha Duhan

45 Modeling of Road Accident in Rajasthan

Amit Kumar

46 A Review of Single Electron Device Physics and Simulation

Rishi Pal, Vijay K. Lamba, Tarun Singhal

47 Single Electron Device Modelling and Design

Rishi Pal, Vijay K. Lamba, Tarun Singhal

48 A Review on Nano-Electronics & Nano-Computing


49 Hand Control Signals based on Electromyography


50 Comparison of Smart Antenna Parameters using Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic


51 Optically Controlled Microstrip Stub for Ultrafast Switching

Sonia Sharma

52 Two-phased Energy Efficient Clustering Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Network

Sanjeev Indora, Dinesh Singh

53 Dynamic Simulation of Switched Reluctance Motor Using MATLAB

K.Arunkumaran, D.Jayaraj

54 Development of Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Based Control for Three Phase Seven Level Inverter

Tamilselvan R

55 Search Term Expansion using Dice Similarity Measure

Jaswinder Singh

56 Support Vector Machine Based Hybrid Approach for Brain tumor Detection

Varun Jain, Sunila Godara

57 Implementation of PSO-SVMHybrid Approach forDetection of the Brain Abnormalities from MRI Images

Varun Jain, Sunila Godara