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IJCSC Volume-8 Issue-2 March 2017 - Sept 2017

SN Paper
1 JavaFX  Framework and Comparative Analysis

Cheshta, Dr. Deepti Sharma

2 Cryptanalysis and Study of a Modern Stream Cipher-Grain

Rishav Chatterjee

3 Comparative Study of Data Mining Classification Methods in Brain Tumor Disease Detection

Varun Jain, Sunila Godara

4 Observing Hybrid Authentication System in Cloud Computing

Dr. Sarita Kadian, Dr. Aruna Jain, Dr. Garima Yadav

5 Various Classifiers with Optimal Feature Selection for Email Spam Filtering

Vrinda Sharma, Monika Poriye, Vinod Kumar

6 Minimizing Sensor Interoperability Problem in Fingerprint using Euclidean Distance

Neha Bhatia, Himani, Dr.Chander Kant

7 Enhancing the Security of Biometric System Using DWT Watermarking

Komal, Dr.Chander Kant

8 Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 in Smart Grid Environment

Priya Sharma, Gitanjali Pandove

9 Analysis of Brain MRI Tumor Detection and Classification using Hybrid Approach

Varun Jain, Sunila Godara

10 Factors Affecting Talent Acquisition among Employees: A Data Mining Approach

Dr. Anupam Bhatia, Ashok

11 A Multimodal Approach to Raise the Security of Biometric System

Mamta Devi, Dr. Chander Kant

12 Minimizing Sensor Interoperability Problem using Euclidean Distance

Himani, Parikshit, Dr.Chander Kant

13 A Novel Approach to Improve the Biometric Security using Liveness Detection

Gurmeet Kaur, Parikshit, Dr. Chander Kant

14 An Effective Product Recommendation System for E-Commerce Website Using Hybrid Recommendation Systems

S. Shruthi, Dr. J. Viji Gripsy

15 Brain Tumor Segmentation of MRI Images Using SVM Classifier

Vidya Kalpavriksha, R. H. Goudar, V. T. Desai, VinayakaMurthy

16 A Predictive Model for Classification of Opinion Mining

Jayanti, Dr. Anupam Bhatia

17 Design and Implementation of Radix-4 FFT Using Retiming Approach

Jalaja S,  Sunita kulkarni

18 Linear spaces, subspaces and Hamel bases

Prabhjot kaur

19 Challenges and Prospectus for Research in E-Learning

Sharda Rani

20 Cloud Computing based Load Balancing Architecture: A Study

Rajat, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

21 UWB: The Free Wireless Technology

Rahul Rishi

22 Preceding Knowledge Based an Efficient Hybrid Routing Framework for VANET

Ajay Jangra, Gaurav

23 A Evaluation of Black hole Detection and Prevention Techniques

Ajay Jangra, Rajesh

24 Uses of Li-Fi and Wi-Fi Technology in Wireless Communication

Anil Kumar

25 Google Drive Forensics

Dr. Digvijaysinh Rathod

26 SLA Based an Efficient and Reliable Resource Provisioning in Private Cloud

Lata Gadhavi,Darpan Korat, Madhuri Bhavsar

27 Image clustering for the features characteristics recognition and detection in stationary and moving sequence

Shilpi Singh, Dr.Tapas Kumar

28 Open Online University Platform Powered By Cloud Computing Architecture

Shrayansh Sharma, Yash Shah, Dr. Narayan A. Joshi

29 Experimental Evaluation of Quality of Service Parameters over VoIP Network

Amit Chhabra, Dr. Amit Verma, Dr. Dheerendra Singh

30 A Review on Various Load balancing Algorithm for Cloud Computing

Nutan, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

31 A Comparative Study on Artificial Neural Network Classifiers

K. G. Nandha Kumar, Dr. T. Christopher

32 Overview of Fingerprint Based Biometric System

Pooja Chaudhary

33 Different Protection Schemes for Biometric Templates

Balwan Singh

34 Performance Comparison of Load Balancing Architectures in Cloud Computing Environment

Rajat, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

35 Performance Analysis of Result Merging Techniques in Meta Search System

Sarita Yadav, Jaswinder Singh